Daniel Milner continued his AORC domination at Rounds 5 & 6 in Miva, QLD

It was once again Daniel Milner who put on an astounding performance at AORC Rounds 5 and 6, with great weather in Miva, Queensland ensuring a cracker event as the many classes fought it out over the two day event, with Round 5 Saturday, and Round 6 Sunday.

AORC Round 5

The first day of the Miva Sprint Races got underway, for Round 5 of the Yamaha Australian Off-Road Championship (AORC). The premier classes for Yamaha AORC are extremely competitive and E3, E2, E1 and EJ class contenders put it all on the line for victory.

Daniel Milner
Daniel Milner

The pace and weather at Miva was hot, with the tracks being in peak condition when senior riders left the YZ450FX test gate. A number of riders managed to turn the tables on their rivals from Rawson to make the situation intriguing.

The Juniors excelled on the tight terrain on the bLU cRU test track, as part of the 2017 Yamaha Australian Off-Road Championship (AORC). The young riders showed off their incredible riding ability and skillset to tough out the gullies and rocky terrain that they encountered. 

The Womens, Vets and Masters took off from the WR450F Test Gate for today’s sprint race at Miva QLD for Round 5. Coming out on top was Jemma Wilson, Kirk Hutton and Derek Grundy for their respective classes.

Australian Off Road Championships Outright Rd.5 Results
  1. Milner DANIEL 1:16:30.614 KTM
  2. Josh GREEN 1:17:04.746 YAMAHA
  3. Jack Simpson 1:17:38.732 KTM
  4. Lachlan STANFORD 1:18:02.179 HUSQVARNA
  5. Graham RILEY 1:18:18.408 YAMAHA
  6. Snodgrass LYNDON 1:18:25.829 KTM
  7. Fraser HIGLETT 1:18:42.069 HUSQVARNA
  8. Driscoll MICHAEL 1:18:44.980 YAMAHA
  9. Grabham BROC 1:18:53.649 HUSQVARNA
  10. Scott KEEGAN 1:19:39.670 YAMAHA


Last year’s E1 Champion and KTM rider, Jack Simpson achieved his objective of taking out the E1 class victory. Simpson was very impressive with his overall time of 1:17:38.732. Up next was Scott Keegan of the Snap Fitness Yamaha Team, he finished with his time of 1:19:39.670.

After dominating Rawson, Wil Ruprecht of the Active8 Yamaha Yamalube Racing Team finished third after having a fall which comprised his overall lap time. Ruprecht finished with a time of 1:20:41.223.

E1 Provisional Results – Round 5
  1. Jack Simpson – 1:17:38.732
  2. Scott Keegan 1:19:39.670
  3. Wil Ruprecht (Active8 Yamaha Yamalube Racing Team) – 1:20:41.223
  4. Brad Hardaker – 1:22:17.962
  5. Baylee Davies – 1:22:32.978
  6. Justin Parker – 1:23:56.019
  7. Kristian Sprenger – 1:24:17.951
  8. Andrew Janke – 1:25:03.237
  9. Simon Boyd – 1:27:15.018
  10. Brady Pascoe – 1:29:58.957


All eyes were on the highly competitive E2 class to see who would come out on top. Once again Daniel Milner of the KTM Enduro Team led from the front to take another victory. He was imperious in the sixth test with the fastest lap time of 9:23.960. 

Daniel Milner

“I’m feeling on top of my game at the moment. Today was a great day in which I won every test; although Greeny really put it to me in a couple of them. All that matters is coming out on top and hopefully we can repeat the result tomorrow. The track was unbelievably good today, its great to see the effort that has gone into the track, there is a very nice quarry section that’s technical, as well as rocky terrain and nice flowing clay surface.” 

Daniel Milner
Daniel Milner

The KTM rider has looked just as impressive as he did back at Rawson. Active8 Yamaha Yamalube Racing Team’s, Josh Green came in second place after Milner. Green is far and away Milner’s greatest challenger and it will be fascinating to see whether the Yamaha rider can up his pace a notch to take to claim the top step of the podium tomorrow.

Green noted he was confident he could find the pace and make the adjustments to challenge Milner for victory tomorrow. Riley Graham from South Australia achieved another top three result with his time of 1:18:18.408.

E2 Provisional Results – Round 5
  1. Daniel Milner (KTM Enduro Team) – 1:16:30.614
  2. Josh Green (Active8 Yamaha Yamalube Racing Team) – 1:17:04.746
  3. Riley Graham – 1:18:18.408
  4. Broc Grabham (Husqvarna Enduro Team) – 1:18:53.649
  5. Stefan Granquist – 1:20:52.883
  6. Seth Muller – 1:23:32.793
  7. Matt Murry – 1:24:02.912
  8. Kaleb Treasure – 1:24:09.227
  9. Daniel Collins– 1:26:39.099
  10. Brodie Crane – 1:27:26.271


Lachie Stanford of the Husqvarna Enduro Racing Team landed to first blow of the weekend for in class, with a total time of 1:18:02.179. It’s a great start to the weekend for the rider from Byron Bay as he looks to take out the round overall.

Lachy Stanford
Lachy Stanford

Despite not getting into the flow straight away, Stanford noted that a setup change from the opening rounds allowed for strong pace in the last four tests.

Lyndon Snodgrass of the KTM Enduro Team was his closest challenger and the two appear to be on course to battle for the rest of the year for E3 spoils. Snodgrass had a total sprint time of 1:18:25.829.

Tom Mason showed what it takes to fight with the Championship’s elite by rounding up the top three in third position on his KTM. He finished with a total elapsed time of 1:20:49.488.

E3 Provisional Results – Round 5
  1. Lachlan Stanford (Husqvarna Enduro Team) – 1:18:02.179
  2. Lyndon Snodgrass (KTM Enduro Team) – 1:18:25.829
  3. Tom Mason – 1:20:49.488
  4. Kane Hall – 1:21:37.491
  5. Jesse Lawton – 1:24:11.495
  6. Hayden Conroy – 1:27:17.936
  7. Mackenzie Bowser – 1:27:47.724

Transmoto EJ

Fraser Higlett would come to the fore for Under 19’s on his Husqvarna but it wouldn’t be without a hard fought battle with Michael Driscoll on his Yamaha. In the early tests, Higlett was showing excellent pace and looked to be pulling away.

Michael Driscoll
Michael Driscoll

However Driscoll was strong in the later stages of the day and almost caught Husqvarna rider. It wouldn’t be enough to claim the first place. Higlett posted a total time of 1:18:42.069 with Driscoll a 1:18:44.980. In third place would be Reynders Jonte on his Yamaha, his total time would be 1:20:26.025.

Transmoto EJ Provisional Results – Round 5
  1. Fraser Higlett – 1:18:42.069
  2. Michael Driscoll – 1:18:44.980
  3. Reynders Jonte – 1:20:26.025
  4. Nic Tomlinson (DSR Motul/Perelli Sherco Off Road Racing Team) – 1:21:20.950
  5. Dalton Johnson – 1:21:39.824
  6. Lachlan Allan – 2:23:45.202
  7. Seton Broomhall – 1:23:46.379
  8. Ruben Chadwick – 1:24:44.692
  9. Harry Teed – 1:24:44.692
  10. Jacob Peacook – 1:25:28.463


Kyron Bacon on his Honda just came out ahead of Will Riordan on the KTM after a tight tussle at the top. Bacon with his time of 1:00:29.866 managed to overcome Riordan’s time of 1:00:33.594.

Husqvarna mounted Jasper Franklin finished third with his time of 1:05:21.229.

Provisional Results J2 – Round 5
  1. Kyron Bacon – 1:00:29.866
  2. Will Riordan – 1:00:30.640
  3. Jasper Franklin – 1:05:21.229
  4. Zac Perry – 1:06:21.003
  5. Mackenzie Johnson – 1:08:14.388
  6. Dusten O’Neil – 1:08:30.182
  7. Levii Read – 1:11:30.203
  8. Harry Newbold – 1:12:25.090
  9. Benjamin French – 1:14:24.024
  10. Yolanda Treasure – 1:14:28.859


Jayden Rudd finished in first position for the J3 class with his time of 59:53.321. The KTM rider backed up his impressive clean sweep at Rawson and looks on course the repeat that result.

Up next was Ned Chapman on a Yamaha, he finished with a total time of 1:00:33.594. Matthew Pye on a Husqvarna slotted into a top three position with a 1:01:05.523.

Jayden Rudd

“It was an excellent day today, I really enjoyed the off-camber corners and the track was in absolute prime condition. Looking forward to getting out there tomorrow!”

Jayden Rudd
Jayden Rudd
Provisional Results J3 – Round 5
  1. Jayden Rudd – 59:53.321
  2. Ned Chapman – 1:00:33.594
  3. Matthew Pye – 1:01:05.523
  4. Tully O’Neil – 1:02:03.026
  5. Benjamin Teed – 1:03:30.106
  6. Thomas Teed – 1:03:50.144
  7. Jared Watson – 1:07:29.777
  8. Bailey Nathan – 1:10:37.711


Joshua Brierley further established himself as a star of the future by winning today’s sprint race for the J4 class on his Husqvarna machine. As it stands Brierley is a class above the competition and clearly enjoys the Miva track. He finished with an overall time of 55:48.451.

Joshua Brierley

“Had a great day today in the sprints, came out in top in most of the tests and managed a significant lead by the end of the day. The track was really exciting with heaps of jumps and tight bush. The section along the river with the sand was particularly thrilling.”

Up next was Corey Hammond on a KTM, finishing close to a minute behind with his time of 56:43.568. Brother of the race winner, Mitchell Brierley rounded out the top three positions with his time 57:41.713 on a KTM machine.

Provisional Results J4 – Round 5
  1. Joshua Brierley – 55:48.451
  2. Corey Hammond – 56:43.568
  3. Mitchell Brierley – 57:41.713
  4. Nathan Howe – 59:00.231
  5. Bertinazzi Benjamin – 1:01:00.261
  6. Ryan Thompson – 1:01:02.051
  7. Riley Nancarrow – 1:01:18.890
  8. Connor Gee – 1:01:44.721
  9. Tate Plummer – 1:02:49.470
  10. Jy Howe – 1:02:51.887


Derek Grundy once again took victory for the Masters class as part of the DSR Motul/Perelli Sherco Off Road Racing Team. The Sherco rider finished well ahead of his closest challenger in Craig Treasure on his Husqvarna.

Treasure accumulated an overall lap time of 1:02:48.812. Yamaha mounted Robert Day fought his way to third place with his overall time of 1:03:17.641.

Provisional Results Masters – Round 5
  1. Derek Grundy (DSR Motul/Perelli Sherco Off Road Racing Team) – 1:00:46.751
  2. Craig Treasure – 1:02:48.812
  3. Robert Day – 1:03:17.641
  4. Ian Jenner – 1:03:22.912
  5. Steve Sherwood – 1:04:01.398
  6. Michael Murry – 1:06:01.428
  7. Mark Cram – 1:06:51.407
  8. Darrin Strauch – 1:06:54.679
  9. Brett Spence – 1:07:25.171
  10. Dave Thompson – 1:07:47.435


Victory for the Vets belonged to AORC statesman Kirk Hutton on a Yamaha with his total elapsed time of 57:26.648. Jason Pearce finished in second position, he had an accumulated time of 1:02:30.695.

Local rider Russell French on a Yamaha managed a third placing after he took a combined 1:04:40.309 to finish the tests.

Provisional Results Vets – Round 5
  1. Kirk Hutton – 57:26.648
  2. Jason Pearce – 1:02:30.695
  3. Russell French – 1:04:40.309
  4. Jim Kennedy – 1:05:26.008
  5. Kyronne Treasure – 1:05:38.506
  6. Trevot Duncan – 1:09:38.466
  7. Daniel Siggs – 1:14:04.980
  8. Bobby Ervin – 1:03:45.561
  9. Jade Gartlan – 7:09.760 DNF


Three Yamaha riders took out the Women’s class top three. Jemma Wilson further established herself as the queen of the Women’s Championship by winning Saturday’s sprint race.

Jemma Wilson
Jemma Wilson

The three time Women’s AORC Champion and local rider stormed home to finish first with a total accumulated lap time of 1:00:51.601.

Up next was Sophie Coldicutt with a total lap time of 1:01:53.292 improving on her performance from Rawson. Victorian Tegan Hall rounded out the top three with a total lap time of 1:02:43.025.

Provisional Results Womens – Round 5
  1. Jemma Wilson – 1:00:51.601
  2. Sophie Coldicutt – 1:01:53.292
  3. Tamara Gray – 1:02:26.143
  4. Tegan Hall – 1:02:43.025
  5. Emelie Karlsson – 1:03:28.780
  6. Ebony Nielsen – 1:04:44.682
  7. Ainsleigh Ross – 1:07:06.893
  8. Naomi Carlson – 1:09:20.454
  9. Kate Norman – 1:11:59.793

AORC Round 6

Seniors raced from the bLU cRU and WR450F Test Tracks in Sunday’s racing for Round 6 of the Yamaha Australian Off-Road Championship (AORC) which was full of thrills and spills as the E1, E2, E3 and Transmoto EJ class competed for victory.

The track was once again in prime condition and Scott Keegan, Daniel Milner, Lachie Stanford and Fraser Higlett rode brilliantly to take the wins for their respective classes.

The Juniors also moved towards the more extensive WR450F test track. On Sunday it would be talented juniors, Brierley, Rudd and Riordan to all have sensational victories.

As the Womens, Vets and Masters competed from the YZ450FX test gate it would be Wilson, Hutton and Grundy to come out on top for their respective classes.

As Round 6 at Miva has drawn to a close, a number of riders showed significant domination to go back to back. 

Daniel Milner
Daniel Milner – Round 6 outright winner
Australian Off Road Championships Outright Rd.6 Results
  1. Milner DANIEL 1:11:26.031 KTM
  2. Josh GREEN 1:12:26.499 YAMAHA
  3. Lachlan STANFORD 1:13:36.693 HUSQVARNA
  4. Snodgrass LYNDON 1:13:51.248 KTM
  5. Graham RILEY 1:14:13.393 YAMAHA
  6. Fraser HIGLETT 1:14:28.729 HUSQVARNA
  7. Grabham BROC 1:14:51.169 HUSQVARNA
  8. Driscoll MICHAEL 1:14:52.098 YAMAHA
  9. Scott KEEGAN 1:14:55.673 YAMAHA
  10. Granquist STEFAN 1:14:57.257 YAMAHA


Scott Keegan of the Snap Fitness Yamaha team took victory for the E1 class, achieving the win after Jack Simpson was given a five-minute penalty added to his overall time by the stewards. Keegan had an overall time of 1:11:41.468.

Jack Simpson

“Yesterday started off well, the track was not wet and sloppy for once, and I liked the layout so I just went out on my merry way and didn’t change a thing all day. It started well and ended well with my fifth outright podium. Today I had my head down and arse up and in the very last sprint and there was a right hander where the bunting was down and there were six or seven lines that went through it. In an instant I thought, if it’s down, go through it, because everyone else will be – like in the past when I’ve had people randomly beat me by 18 seconds. But I did the wrong thing and I admit that. I’m not brought up to be a cheater or anything like that, I’d rather stick to my own track. But I’ll cop this on the chin and learn from it.”

Jack Simpson
Jack Simpson

The next rider to complete the sprint was Wil Ruprecht of the Active8 Yamaha Yamalube Racing Team, with his compiled total test time of 1:15:46.893.

Completing the podium trifecta for the E1 Class was Brad Hardaker on his Yamaha. His accumulated lap time was 1:17:46.182.

E1 Provisional Results – Round 6
  1. Scott Keegan (Snap Fitness Yamaha Team) – 1:14:55.673
  2. Wil Ruprecht (Active8 Yamaha Yamalube Racing Team) – 1:15:46.893
  3. Jack Simpson – Relegated to third
  4. Brad Hardaker – 1:17:46.182
  5. Baylee Davies – 1:17:53.603
  6. Kristian Sprenger – 1:20:00.107
  7. Justin Parker – 1:20:05.909
  8. Andrew Janke – 1:20:22.160
  9. Simon Boyd – 1:22:31.700
  10. Brady Pascoe – 1:25:12.601


Daniel Milner put on another sensational performance for the KTM Enduro Team. With the KTM rider in such imperious form yesterday, it was always likely that Milner could achieve another clean sweep.

Milner has not lost a race since his return to Yamaha AORC this year. His overall combined time was a 1:11:26.031. Josh Green (Active8 Yamaha Yamalube Racing Team) was once again Milner’s greatest challenger.

Daniel Milner

“Today was a bit more motocross-friendly so the moto guys came out swinging. It’s the first time this year I’ve been beaten in a test. Simmo and Greeny were on my hammer all day but I pushed as hard as I could and came away with the win. I’m really hungry this year and really enjoying working with a new team. I put in a massive off season on and off the bike and I’m very excited with the start we’ve got. With the bike we had everything today; we had rooty, rocky, sandy, plenty of rocks and the rest of it. It was really technical and for my setup to swallow all of those conditions with ease, I’ve definitely got it to where I like it in a very short time.”

His total aggregated time was a 1:12:26.499. Green summed up his Sprint Race performances over the weekend;

Josh Green

“The bike was awesome and it handled everything I threw at it! There were mistakes here and there but overall it was a clean weekend. I’m still not 100 percent fit from my injuries, but in this game you’re never quite at your peak. It’s tough, as Daniel (Milner) and I are aiming for the same position. At the moment he’s doing a better job and we’ll have to improve to get ahead of him.”

Josh Green
Josh Green

It would be South Australian Riley Graham to one again arrive in third position on his Yamaha machine. He posted an overall lap time of 1:14:13.393.

E2 Provisional Results – Round 6
  1. Daniel Milner (KTM Enduro Team) – 1:11:26.031
  2. Josh Green (Active8 Yamaha Yamalube Racing Team) – 1:12:26.499
  3. Riley Graham – 1:14:13.393
  4. Broc Grabham (Husqvarna Enduro Team) – 1:14:51.169
  5. Stefan Granquist – 1:14:57.257
  6. Seth Muller – 1:18:34.617
  7. Kaleb Treasure – 1:19:33.412
  8. Matt Murry – 1:20:12.891
  9. Brayden Zillm – 1:21:43.533
  10. Brodie Crane – 1:22:02.600


Lachie Stanford of the Husqvarna Enduro Team managed to claim a clean sweep for the E1 class at Round 6 at Miva. Finishing the final test with a concluding time of 1:13:36.693. Stanford noted that a change in setup allowed for an improvement in bike performance.

Lachie Stanford

“We tried a few different alterations to the bike for Rounds 5 & 6 at Miva, which included softening the suspension. It was a great battle with Lyndon (Snodgrass) all weekend, it sure was plenty of fun!”

Lachlan Stanford
Lachlan Stanford

Following behind Stanford was once again Lyndon Snodgrass for the KTM Enduro Team with his time of 1:13:51.248. Third was Tom Mason on a KTM, who rounded out the top three with a total time of 1:16:28.913.

Lyndon Snodgrass

“The tracks were awesome today so it was good to be tearing it up out there. With sixth yesterday and fourth today, it’s been the best Queensland round I’ve ever had. Me and Lachy had another big battle again but he ended up getting me in the end. It was a little bit hard at the beginning of the day picking lines on the two stroke, but once I got it sorted I was really enjoying it. In the deep ruts and in and out of the trees, it was pretty awesome.”

Lyndon Snodgrass
Lyndon Snodgrass
E3 Provisional Results – Round 6
  1. Lachlan Stanford (Husqvarna Enduro Team) – 1:13:36.693
  2. Lyndon Snodgrass (KTM Enduro Team) – 1:13:51.248
  3. Tom Mason – 1:16:28.913
  4. Kane Hall – 1:17:16.422
  5. Jesse Lawton – 1:19:44.295
  6. Hayden Conroy – 1:21:22.961
  7. Mackenzie Bowser – 1:24:03.449

Transmoto EJ

Fraser Higlett once again took victory for the Under 19’s Transmoto EJ class on his Husqvarna. As one of the stars of the future, Higlett’s pace around the Miva tracks was impressive.

Fraser Higlett
Fraser Higlett

He wasn’t without a challenger in Michael Driscoll who wasn’t far off with his overall time of 1:14:52.098, on his Yamaha. Yamaha rider Reynders Jonte completed the podium places with his 1:15:24.622 time.

Transmoto EJ Provisional Results – Round 6
  1. Fraser Higlett – 1:14:28.729
  2. Michael Driscoll – 1:14:52.098
  3. Reynders Jonte – 1:15:24.622
  4. Nic Tomlinson (DSR Motul/Perelli Sherco Off Road Racing Team) – 1:16:13.770
  5. Dalton Johnson – 1:17:25.219
  6. Lachlan Allan – 1:19:08.673
  7. Jacob Peacock – 1:19:54.748
  8. Seton Broomhall – 1:20:08.515
  9. Harry Teed – 1:20:52.428
  10. Ruben Chadwick – 1:20:53.397


Will Riordan on a KTM just came out ahead of Kyron Bacon on the Honda. Riordan with his time of 50:52:957 managed to overcome Bacon’s time of 51:08:820. Jasper Franklin on the Husqvarna finished third with his time of 54:17:243.

Provisional Results J2 – Round 6
  1. Will Riordan – 50:52:957
  2. Kyron Bacon – 51:08:820
  3. Jasper Franklin – 54:17:243
  4. Zac Perry – 54:47.167
  5. Mackenzie Johnson – 55:18.679
  6. Dusten O’Neil – 57:13.662
  7. Harry Newbold – 57:37.279
  8. Levii Read – 58:54.179
  9. Yolanda Treasure – 1:03:36.598
  10. Benjamin French – 55:59.820


Jayden Rudd ascended on top of the J3 class on his KTM machine. He posted a 49:50.517 to win the sprint race. Up next was Matthew Pye on a Husqvarna. This weekend at Miva was a significant improvement for Pye as he finished on the podium both days.

His overall combined time was a 50:40.325. Ned Chapman on a Yamaha slotted into a top three position with a 51:33.198 after he was overtaken by Pye in the time sheets on Sunday.

Provisional Results J3 – Round 6
  1. Jayden Rudd – 49:50.517
  2. Matthew Pye– 50:40.325
  3. Ned Chapman – 51:33.198
  4. Thomas Teed – 54:11.503
  5. Jared Watson – 54:40.043
  6. Benjamin Teed – 55:34.548
  7. Bailey Nathan – 58:10.174


The J4 class has once again been a Brierley dominated affair with the two brothers achieving podium positions. Husqvara rider Joshua Brierley once again dominated the J4 class.

Joshua Brierley
Joshua Brierley

The young superstar has won every J4 race so far this season. In second was Corey Hammond on the KTM with his overall time of 47:51.830. In third was Husqvara rider Mitchell Brierley with his overall time of 48:40.297.

Provisional Results J4 – Round 6
  1. Joshua Brierley – 47:00.114
  2. Corey Hammond – 47:51.830
  3. Mitchell Brierley – 48:40.297
  4. Nathan Howe – 49:36.885
  5. Bertinazzi Benjamin – 50:56.906
  6. Riley Nancarrow – 51:05.829
  7. Connor Gee – 51:32.910
  8. Ryan Thompson – 51:43.041
  9. Tully O’Neil – 52:34.273
  10. Jy Howe – 52:59.363


The Masters class is reserved for riders 45 years and over and is often filled with legends of the sport. Derek Grundy once again took victory for the Masters class as part of the DSR Motul/Perelli Sherco Off Road Racing Team.

The Sherco rider finished well ahead of his closest challenger in Ian Jenner on his KTM. Jenner accumulated an overall lap time of 52:14.498. Husqvarna mounted Craig Treasure fought his way to third place with his overall time of 53:00.591.

Provisional Results Masters – Round 6
  1. Derek Grundy (DSR Motul/Perelli Sherco Off Road Racing Team) – 51:51.785
  2. Ian Jenner – 52:14.498
  3. Craig Treasure – 53:00.591
  4. Steve Sherwood – 54:33.486
  5. Dave Thompson – 55:23.665
  6. Michael Murry – 55:54.281
  7. Shane Bukovinsky – 56:00.990
  8. Mark Cram – 56:01.652
  9. Darrin Strauch – 58:35:901
  10. James Nielson – 58:53.474


The Vets are a class reserved for 35 years and over and machines may be of any capacity. Victory for the Vets belonged to long time AORC competitor Kirk Hutton on a Yamaha with his total elapsed time of 47:17.996.

Jason Pearce finished in second position, he had an accumulated time of 52:26:337. Russell French on his Yamaha had a solid result with third place and a total sprint time of 54:50:683.

Kirk Hutton
Kirk Hutton
Provisional Results Vets – Round 6
  1. Kirk Hutton – 47:17.996
  2. Jason Pearce – 52:26:337
  3. Russell French – 54:50:683
  4. Jim Kennedy – 55:02:430
  5. Kyronne Treasure – 55:16:622
  6. Bobby Ervin – 59:20:730
  7. Trevot Duncan – 1:00:26:823
  8. Daniel Siggs – 1:01:46:638


The Women’s class is one the most followed classes in Yamaha AORC with some of the greatest female motorcycling talent in the nation. Yamaha riders would once again dominate the podium.

Jemma Wilson
Jemma Wilson

Local rider of the region Jemma Wilson was successful in her mission to go back to back for the weekend. Her total time was a 49:57.035. As a local of the area, Wilson received a significant amount of support and was a popular winner.

Her closest challenger was Emelie Karlsson with a lap time of 51:08.059. Sophie Coldicutt managed a respectable third position with an overall lap time of 51:08.378.

Provisional Results Womens – Round 6
  1. Jemma Wilson – 49:57.035
  2. Emelie Karlsson – 51:08.059
  3. Sophie Coldicutt – 51:08.378
  4. Tegan Hall – 51:47.847
  5. Tamara Gray – 53:52.604
  6. Ebony Nielsen – 55:15.017
  7. Ainsleigh Ross– 56:03.984
  8. Naomi Carlson – 58:43.052
  9. Kate Norman – 1:01:44.363

The Yamaha Australian Off-Road Championship will continue on June 24-25 at Renmark, South Australia.

2017 Yamaha Australian Off-Road Championship Calendar
  • Round 7 & 8: Renmark, SA – 24–25 June, 2017
  • Round 9 & 10: Kyogle, NSW – 22–23 July, 2017
  • Round 11 & 12: Omeo, VIC – 5–6 August, 2017
  • (Round 1 & 2: Dungog, NSW – Postponed (TBA)