Ferris dominates Murray Bridge

Todd wins MX2 – Purvis wins MXD

Fox & Weinert take 60 points a-piece in Yamaha Juniors

Round 5 of the MX Nationals took place at Murray Bridge over the weekend, with Dean Ferris once again dominating the proceedings, to end the round with 67 points, while Kade Mosig claimed the second race win, and Kirk Gibbs took second overall for the round.

MX Nationals 2018 - Murray Bridge Round 5 - Thor MX1
MX Nationals 2018 – Murray Bridge Round 5 – Thor MX1 Podium

It was a hard battle, but Ferris maintained his overall record with a 1-2 result, while rivals Kirk Gibbs (KTM Motocross Racing Team) and Mosig rounded out the overall podium in the orange, loamy Murray Bridge soil.

When the gate dropped on the opening Thor MX1 moto, KTM Motocross Racing Team’s Luke Clout surged to the front of the pack and commanded the race for 25 minutes while Ferris clawed his way through the pack.

With just a handful of laps remaining, Ferris made his move for the lead, and held a desperate Clout at bay to eventually win by five seconds. A goggle-less Gibbs finished third, while local hero Brett Metcalfe (Penrite Honda Racing) and Kiwi Rhys Carter (Complete Parts Kawasaki) filled the top five.

Dean Ferris at Murray Bridge
Dean Ferris at Murray Bridge

In the second MX1 outing, Mosig led from the first turn on his way to his first race win of 2018, while fending off immense pressure from Ferris for the race’s duration. Gibbs finished a consistent third, more than 20 seconds behind the leading pair, trailed by an improved Dylan Long (CDR Yamaha Monster Energy Racing Team) and Brett Metcalfe.

Rhys Carter
Rhys Carter
Dean Ferris – P1

“How can you not be happy with a 1-2 result and a round win?” Ferris questions from the podium. “I would love to win every race I enter but sometimes things happen, sometimes other riders ride well, sometimes it just wasn’t meant to be, but I far from disappointed as I feel like my riding is good and the bike and team are working well. Kade rode a great race and I actually enjoyed being in a battle. It gives me motivation to know that I have to ride my best to win these races and I will work even harder to increase my speed and fitness during the break. The track to day was awesome and the club day a great job of preparing the track. It’s nice to get to the mid-way point with the championship with the points lead and I can’t thank everyone on the CDR Yamaha Monster Energy Team for their support.”

Dean Ferris
Dean Ferris
Kirk Gibbs – P2

“I started with Super Pole today, which was good, and in the opening race I came out of the turn in fourth or fifth, made some passes and slotted into third. I copped a lot of roost getting there and I ended up having some goggle issues, so I was forced to pull them off. I got nailed pretty hard after that and it was pretty much survival mode. Second moto we were third again, so while it was good to get back on the box with a pair of thirds, but it’s frustrating because I felt like I had great speed today and wasn’t able to capitalise on it.”

Kirk Gibbs
Kirk Gibbs
Kade Mosig – P3

“Wanting to build from round 4, I was very motivated coming into today. I really like the Murray Bridge circuit. It’s a great track and I qualified fourth, only a fraction off the lead and I was happy with my pace. Moto 1, I blew the start and I rode really loose to get through, settling with the lead pack in fifth but I got some dirt in my goggles and made a big mistake dropping a few positions and coming home in ninth. I knew I had to lay it all on the line for moto 2 if I was getting back up on that podium. Finally, a holeshot in the second race, had some fresh air, got to put down my laps and charge. Around the halfway point in the moto, I really tried to up my pace and respond to Ferris putting a charge on me. Pyney held out +3 seconds on the pit board and I had some breathing room, the lappers were heavy and I made a couple of mistakes and the race was on to the finish. I was feeling very dialled in on my Husqvarna 450 and I rode it out to my first win for the year! What a feeling! Huge thanks to all of the DPH team and sponsors that make it possible! A big thanks to Craig Anderson for his help with my riding and all of my family for always having my back!”

Kade Mosig
Kade Mosig
Luke Clout – P4

“It was a good day for me, I got third in Super Pole and I finally pulled a hole-shot in race one and rode my own race from there. I led my share of the race from the front, but unfortunately I let that one slip away toward the end. It’s good to be leading laps though, I’ll take a lot from that and learn from the experience. The second race I put it down on the start and had to work my way back up the order, so it was an up and down day. I was fourth for the round and I’m fourth in the championship, so I can’t complain and now we will keep working hard to prepare for the coming rounds.”

Luke Clout
Luke Clout

Thor MX1 Round 5 Results

  1. Dean Ferris (Yamaha) 67
  2. Kirk Gibbs (KTM) 60
  3. Kade Mosig (Husqvarna) 57
  4. Luke Clout (KTM) 56
  5. Brett Metcalfe (Honda) 53
  6. Dylan Long (Yamaha) 51
  7. Caleb Ward (Husqvarna) 50
  8. Mitch Evans (KTM) 48
  9. Rhys Carter (Kawasaki) 48
  10. Connor Tierney (Yamaha) 42

Thor MX1 Standings

  1. Dean Ferris – Yamaha – 285
  2. Mitch Evans – KTM – 227
  3. Kirk Gibbs – KTM – 223
  4. Luke Clout – KTM – 216
  5. Dylan Long – Yamaha – 207
  6. Kade Mosig – Husqvarna – 206
  7. Caleb Ward – Husqvarna – 197
  8. Rhys Carter – Kawasaki – 191
  9. Brett Metcalfe – Honda – 182
  10. Connor Tierney – Yamaha – 170

Pirelli MX2

Despite not winning a race, Serco Yamaha’s Pirelli MX2 championship leader Wilson Todd extended his series lead heading into the series’ mid-season break after an enthralling day of racing at Murray Bridge

Wilson Todd
Wilson Todd

After two eventful motos, just four points separated the top four positions, as Todd stood atop the podium, with Davey Motorsports KTM’s Hamish Harwood in second. A memorable day for class rookie Jy Roberts (Husqvarna) saw him close out third position.

KTM Motocross Racing Team’s defending MX2 champion Egan Mastin dominated the opening race with a wire-to-wire victory, enjoying a nine-second lead over his rival Todd, who had his hands full keeping third-placed Kyle Webster (Penrite Pirelli Honda CRF Racing) at arm’s length. 2017 round winner and fastest qualifier Hamish Harwood crossed the finishline in fourth, with Dylan Wills (DPH Motorsport Husqvarna) fifth.

Aaron Tanti
Aaron Tanti

In the Pirelli MX2’s second outing, young Jy Roberts snatched the holeshot and never looked back on his way to a break-out race win more than seven seconds ahead of the hard-charging Harwood. A consistent Todd placed third, while Webster finished fourth and Aaron Tanti (Complete Parts Kawasaki) rounded out the top five.

Wilson Todd – P1

“In the past, I have never done that well here at Murray Bridge, so my focus today wasn’t about winning but riding a little within my limits, making smart decisions and limiting my mistakes as this track can really catch you out when things go wrong. A 2-3 day on paper doesn’t look great but is better than what I have done here before and to claim a round win and gain some more points in the championship is a great outcome. The Serco Yamaha team did a great job today and we are exactly where we wanted to be after round five. There is still a lot of work to do and a lot of races to come but I will use the time in the break to work on my riding and fitness as I really want to win this championship,”

Wilson Todd
Wilson Todd
Egan Mastin – P5

“It felt awesome to get the race one win, the team and I have put in so much work, so to go out and ride like that, it’s really rewarding. It’s been a rough start to the season – and it happened last year – but I feel like I’m going to keep ticking wins off now. I’ve got the best team behind me and my KTM 250 SX-F felt great out there. Unfortunately I got caught up in the first turn during the second moto and ended up working my way back to 11th, which was disappointing, although it was still a positive round.”

Egan Mastin
Egan Mastin

Pirelli MX2 Round 5 Results

  1. Wilson Todd (Yamaha) 62
  2. Hamish Harwood (KTM) 60
  3. Jy Roberts (Husqvarna) 59
  4. Kyle Webster (Honda) 58
  5. Egan Mastin (KTM) 55
  6. Dylan Wills (Husqvarna) 50
  7. Kale Makeham (Yamaha) 48
  8. Aaron Tanti (Kawasaki) 47
  9. Kaleb Barham (Husqvarna) 42
  10. Joel Evans (Husqvarna) 41
MX Nationals 2018 - Murray Bridge Round 5 - Pirelli MX2 Podium
MX Nationals 2018 – Murray Bridge Round 5 – Pirelli MX2 Podium

Pirelli MX2 Standings

  1. Wilson Todd – Yamaha – 238
  2. Nathan Crawford – Yamaha – 222
  3. Aaron Tanti – Kawasaki – 210
  4. Jay Wilson – Yamaha – 209
  5. Hamish Harwood – KTM – 209
  6. Egan Mastin – KTM – 206
  7. Kyle Webster – Honda – 188
  8. Dylan Wills – Husqvarna – 188
  9. Kale Makeham – Yamaha – 168
  10. Jy Roberts – Husqvarna – 166

Motul MXD

After winning both rounds of the Motul MXD class at Wonthaggi last weekend, the floodgates have opened for Altherm JCR Yamaha Racing’s Maximus Purvis, as he took a perfect pair of race victories on his way to his third overall on the trot.

Maximus Purvis
Maximus Purvis

The Kiwi didn’t do it easily, though, with Davey Motorsports KTM’s new championship leader Morgan Fogarty pushing him to the line in both races. Hugh Mackay (Bulk Nutrients WBR Yamaha) rounded out the overall podium placings

After topping qualifying, Purvis stalked Fogarty for the entirety of the opening Motul MXD race before pulling the trigger on the penultimate lap, claiming a 0.6 second win. Mackay finished 12 seconds back in third, ahead of an impressive come-from-behind effort from Riley Dukes (Husqvarna) and former series leader Bailey Malkiewicz (Bulk Nutrients WBR Yamaha).

Purvis took command of the second race from the opening lap and held on for a hard-earned win, although he was again kept honest by Fogarty all race long. Mackay again finished third after clawing his way from 11th on the opening lap, while Dukes finished fourth and Rhys Budd (Honda) fifth.

MX Nationals 2018 - Murray Bridge Round 5 - MXD Podium
MX Nationals 2018 – Murray Bridge Round 5 – MXD Podium

Motul MXD Round 5 Results

  1. Maximus Purvis (Yamaha) 70
  2. Morgan Fogarty (KTM) 64
  3. Hugh Mackay (Yamaha) 60
  4. Riley Dukes (Husqvarna) 56
  5. Brodie Ellis (Yamaha) 49
  6. Jye Dickson (KTM) 47
  7. Rhys Budd (Honda) 44
  8. Bailey Malkiewicz (Yamaha) 44
  9. Jake Williams (Yamaha) 42
  10. Mason Rowe (KTM) 42

Motul MXD Standings

  1. Bailey Malkiewicz – Yamaha – 248
  2. Morgan Fogarty – KTM – 228
  3. Callum Norton – Honda – 221
  4. Hugh McKay – Yamaha – 218
  5. Maximus Purvis – Yamaha – 217
  6. Riley Dukes – Husqvarna – 212
  7. Brodie Ellis – Yamaha – 200
  8. Rhys Budd – Honda – 183
  9. Mason Rowe – KTM – 168
  10. Jye Dickson – KTM – 162

Yamaha 125cc Juniors

A roller-coaster day for the Yamaha Rising Star Rookies saw KTM-mounted Blake Fox claim a tight Murray Bridge victory from Corban Weinert (Husqvarna) at Murray Bridge.

Blake Fox
Blake Fox

The pair both finished the day on 60 points, with Yamaha’s Liam Andrews filling the final spot on the podium, just one point behind.

Andrews led all eight laps of the opening race to win from Korey McMahon (KTM) and Weinert. Fox finished fourth after running as high as second early on, with Dante Hyam (Honda) placing fifth.

In the Rookies’ second outing WA KTM racer Regan Duffy took the moto honours after passing Fox late in the race. Weinert again finished a consistent third, ahead of a hard-charging Noah Ferguson (KTM) and Levi Rogers (GYTR Yamaha Junior Racing).

MX Nationals 2018 - Murray Bridge Round 5 - Yamaha 125cc Juniors
MX Nationals 2018 – Murray Bridge Round 5 – Yamaha 125cc Juniors

Yamaha 125cc Juniors Round 5 Results

  1. Blake Fox (KTM) 60
  2. Corban Weinert (Husqvarna) 60
  3. Liam Andrews (Yamaha) 59
  4. Korey McMahon (KTM) 55
  5. Levi Rogers (Yamaha) 51
  6. Dante Hyam (Honda) 51
  7. Noah Ferguson (KTM) 49
  8. Regan Duffy (KTM) 46
  9. Kipp Adams (Honda) 42
  10. Hugh Roache (KTM) 42

The 2018 Pirelli MX Nationals now heads into its traditional mid-season break. Round six will be held at Conondale, Queensland, on Sunday, 1 July.


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