Milner continues AORC domination at Kyogle
Rounds 9 & 10 at Kyogle see Enduro format re-introduced

With the Yamaha Australian Off-Road Championship (AORC) now passed the halfway mark of the season, plenty of interest was fixated on the Senior classes to see who would perform in the first Enduro for the year.

2017 AORC – Round 9 – Kyogle

For Round 9, in the premier E1, E2, E3 and Transmoto EJ classes the victors would be Wil Ruprecht, Daniel Milner, Lachy Stanford and Fraser Higlett. There was plenty of excitement to see the return of the Enduro format to AORC after a two-year hiatus.

Daniel Milner
Daniel Milner

Enduro is an extended cross-country, with Sprints/Special tests inside of it. It is a time-card event whereby a number of stages are raced in a time trial against the clock.

The rider in each class with the least total elapsed time is declared winner for each of the classes. The senior riders adapted to the technical grass track extremely well. Despite the frosty morning, the temperatures soon increased to over 23 degrees celsius.

The Womens, Vets and Masters classes put on an epic display around the technical Kyogle tracks. These three classes joined the seniors on track for the Enduro format. The three standouts for these classes were Jemma Wilson, Kirk Hutton and Derek Grundy, who all recorded wins.

The talented Junior competitors competed in their first Enduro for the AORC in 2017. There was plenty of anticipation to see which riders would come out on top in front of the cheering crowd in a sea of team colours. The Juniors began their day out from the bLU cRU loop.

Despite the technical nature of the Kyogle track, the Juniors adapted phenomenally well. Juniors that excelled and won for their respective J4, J3 and J2 classes were Joshua Brierley, Korey McMahon and Kyron Bacon.


Wil Ruprecht of the Active8 Yamaha Yamalube Team, had a phenomenal start to his weekend, delivering the Round 9 victory in devastating fashion. Ruprecht managed to complete the seven tests in an elapsed time of 59:46.196.

Finishing approximately 65 seconds behind was Jack Simpson on his KTM, in a impressive return after missing Round 7 & 8 at Renmark. Simpson’s total time was a 1:00:51.240.

Completing the podium trifecta was Brad Hardaker on his Yamaha machine, finishing just under a minute behind Simpson. His total Enduro time was a 1:01:42.568.

E1 Provisional Results
  1. Wil Ruprecht (Active8 Yamaha Yamalube Racing Team) – 59:46.196
  2. Jack Simpson – 1:00:51.240
  3. Brad Hardaker – 1:01:42.568
  4. Geoff Braico – 1:03:16.087
  5. Baylee Davies – 1:03:58.149
  6. Andrew Janke – 1:05:33.194
  7. Krisian Sprenger – 1:06:54.614
  8. Mackenzie Bowser – 1:07:39.001
  9. Dan Gordon – 1:08:25.484
  10. Nathan Watson – 1:08:35.568


The talent stacked E2 class could not stop KTM Enduro Racing Team rider Daniel Milner from continuing his impeccable unbeaten run in the AORC, as he marched towards another victory. His accumulated Enduro time was a 57:48.113.

Milner managed to take a commanding victory, a further 89 seconds in front of his nearest challenger in Active8 Yamaha Yamalube Racing Team’s Josh Green. Green managed an accumulated overall lap time of 59:17.513.

Finishing the top three in class was Riley Graham with a time of 1:00:57.355. Graham finished a further 99 seconds behind Green.

Andy Wilksch
Andy Wilksch
E2 Provisional Results
  1. Daniel Milner (KTM Enduro Team) – 57:48.113
  2. Josh Green (Active8 Yamaha Yamalube Racing Team) – 59:17.513
  3. Riley Graham – 1:00:57.355
  4. Stefan Granquist – 1:01:42.625
  5. Andrew Wilksch (DSR Motul Pirelli Sherco Off-Road Team) 1:02:49.563
  6. Kane Hall – 1:03:04.333
  7. Kaleb Treasure – 1:03:52.685
  8. Matt Murry – 1:04:49.469
  9. Cameron Binstead – 1:07:10.659
  10. Brodie Crane – 1:07:40.341


With Husqvarna Enduro Team’s Lachlan Stanford and KTM Enduro Team’s Lyndon Snodgrass tied on points before the start of the Enduro race, there was plenty of interest to see who would come out on top.

Lachlan Stanford
Lachlan Stanford

Hometown hero Lachy Stanford was exceptional on track to take a commanding victory. Stanford has plenty of experience at Kyogle and the Husky rider used that knowledge to his advantage.

His accumulated Enduro time was a 59:15.472. Snodgrass finished in second position behind Stanford, a further 88 seconds behind with his total time of 1:00:43.621. Rounding out the podium places would be KTM mounted rider Tom Mason. Mason finished with a time of 1:02:40.324

E3 Provisional Results
  1. Lachlan Stanford (Husqvarna Enduro Team) – 59:15.472
  2. Lyndon Snodgrass (KTM Enduro Team) – 1:00:43.621
  3. Tom Mason – 1:02:40.324
  4. Jesse Lawton – 1:03:28.422
  5. Hayden Conroy – 1:05:43.329
  6. Steven Braico – 1:13:25.577
  7. Bill Everingham – 1:14:09.542
  8. Matthew Adcock – 1:19:01.884
  9. Sam Quin – 1:21:21.690
  10. Kaleb Drake – 3:20:04.552

Transmoto EJ

In the EJ class (19 and under) that is designed as a development ground for senior riders, it would be Fraser Higlett on his Husqvarna to take class victory. Higlett was as an absolute force to be reckoned with!

Higlett posted an impressive 1:00:49.100. Up next in second was title rival Michael Driscoll on a Yamaha. Driscoll’s time of 1:01:18.769 putting him a further 30 seconds behind. Nic Tomlinson on a Yamaha was the final podium place getter.

Tomlinson managed a 1:03:09:870, a significant gap to the other podium placers.

Transmoto EJ Provisional Results
  1. Fraser Higlett – 1:00:49.100
  2. Michael Driscoll – 1:01:18.769
  3. Nic Tomlinson – 1:03:09:870
  4. Dalton Johnson – 1:03:49.059
  5. Harry Teed – 1:04:00.424
  6. Wes Keeley – 1:04:04.007
  7. Lachlan Allan – 1:04:52.606
  8. Hayden Keeley – 1:04:56.402
  9. Jaiden Treasure – 1:05:06.692
  10. Kade Dorrington – 1:05:10.773


Saturday’s racing provided mixed results for the Womens class, when Yamaha mounted rider Jemma Wilson managed to take a well deserving win. The victory greatly assists Wilson in solidifying her championship lead. Her total time was a 1:07:29.878. Sophie Coldicutt finished more than four minutes behind Wilson.

Coldicutt on a Yamaha recorded a time of 1:12:12.876. Tegan Hall rose to the challenge snagging a third place finish on her KTM, a further half a minute behind.

Kate Norman
Kate Norman
Provisional Results Womens
  1. Jemma Wilson – 1:07:29.878
  2. Sophie Coldicutt – 1:12:12.876
  3. Tegan Hall – 1:12:41.463
  4. Emelie Karlsson – 1:17:28.958
  5. Courtney Rubie – 1:19:23.716
  6. Kate Norman – 3:20:19.885
  7. Tamara Gray – 2:40:08.698


The Veterans class is packed with Australian Enduro royalty and champions, as it exclusively exists of 35-45 year-olds. Veteran King Kirk Hutton on his Yamaha picked up where he left off by taking a win.

The AORC statesman Hutton had an accumulated time of 1:03:41.610. Damian Smith can be extremely proud of his time of 1:04:05.289, a further 24 seconds behind Hutton.

Brad Wilkinson has put himself in a solid position for the remainder of the weekend with a third place finish. Wilkinson’s total time was a 1:10:01.513, close to six minutes behind Smith.

Provisional Results Vets
  1. Kirk Hutton – 1:03:41.610
  2. Damian Smith – 1:04:05.289
  3. Brad Wilkinson – 1:10:01.513
  4. Jason Pearce – 1:10:41.809
  5. Sean Smith – 1:13:22.866
  6. Luke Vanderdrift – 1:14:21.054
  7. Hugh Howarth – 1:14:59.280
  8. Russell French – 1:15:03.096
  9. Dave Jongebloed – 1:16:56.057
  10. Kyronne Treasure – 1:17:06.288


In the Masters class (45 years and over), the competitors provided some of the most invigorating racing in AORC. Class leader Derek Grundy of the DSR Motul Pirelli Sherco Off-Road Team took the win. It only took Grundy a total time of 1:06:45.455 to traverse the Enduro course.

Derek Grundy - John Pearson and Lynette Grundy
Derek Grundy – John Pearson and Lynette Grundy

In second place was Michael Widdison on his KTM Machine. Widdison finished just over four minutes behind the race winner with his time of 1:11:00.885.

The final podium place getter was Craig Treasure on his Husqvarna machine. Treasure finished only 35 seconds behind his rival with his time of 1:11:36.233.

Provisional Results Masters
  1. Derek Grundy (DSR Motul Pirelli Sherco Off-Road Team) – 1:06:45.455
  2. Michael Widdison – 1:11:00.885
  3. Craig Treasure – 1:11:36.233
  4. Robert Bailey – 1:13:14.010
  5. Brett Kenny – 1:15:00.448
  6. Michael Turner – 1:15:34.105
  7. Steve Sherwood – 1:19:02.336
  8. Paul Baericke – 1:19.22.451
  9. Dave Thompson – 1:19:52.157
  10. Mark Cram – 1:20:21.497


In J4 it would once again be the phenomenal Joshua Brierley on his Husqvarna bike to win an incredible Enduro race for his class. Brierley finished with a compiled time of 25:33.656. Brierley’s pace was undeniable as he finished 26 seconds ahead of his nearest challenger.

Joshua Brierley
Joshua Brierley

The first test from the bLU cRU loop gave Joshua the edge as he laid down an incredibly quick time, leaving the other competitors to play catch up. Up next was Joshua’s brother Mitchell Brierley, also Husqvarna mounted.

The two brothers have enjoyed several one-two finishes this year and this race continued that trend. Mitchell’s total Enduro time amounted to a 24:08.069. The final podium placer for J4 was Corey Hammond. The KTM rider managed to finish with a total accumulated time of 24:15.837.

Provisional Results J4
  1. Josuhua Brierley – 23:42.980
  2. Mitchell Brierley – 24:08.069
  3. Corey Hammond – 24:15.837
  4. Nathan Howe – 24:44.766
  5. Ryan Thompson – 24:47.351
  6. Riley Nancarrow – 25:54.498
  7. Connor Gee – 26:01.115
  8. Brock Brady – 28:02.540
  9. Emi Ruprecht – 28:49.620
  10. Mitch Chapman – 30:29.698


One of the most fascinating wins was achieved by Korey McMahon in the J3 class. Mcmahon who also competes in Motocross, has had a excellent Saturday Enduro to finish with a total time of 24:27.827. Finishing a further 23 seconds behind was Ben Bertinazzi on his KTM, the result marking his best place finish for his class so far this year.

Bertinazzi fought hard to register a time of 24:50.868. Rounding up the podium positions was the very consistent Ned Chapman, on his Yamaha. Chapman adapted to the Kyogle track well to attain a podium position with his time of 25:21.476 to complete the Enduro.

Championship leader and KTM rider Jayden Rudd finished off the podium for the first time this season in seventh place.

Provisional Results J3
  1. Korey McMahon – 24:27.827
  2. Ben Bertinazzi – 24:50.868
  3. Ned Chapman – 25:21.476
  4. Matthew Pye – 25:37.671
  5. Blake Hollis – 25:48.798
  6. Raife Dooley – 25:54.841
  7. Jayden Rudd – 26:03.480
  8. Tom Teed – 27:06.638
  9. Ben Teed – 27:25.632
  10. Jared Watson – 28:06.998


Honda mounted Kyron Bacon was the standout rider for J2 and finished first for his class. Young Bacon is emerging as a young rising star in the Off-Road scene and the win will be very helpful in his tight championship battle with Wil Riordan.

Bacon had an accumulated Enduro time of 25:33.656. Second position belonged to Riordan who took 25:48.431 to finish the Enduro. KTM rider Riordan finished a further 15 seconds behind Bacon. To complete the podium would be brother Gus Riordan, who is also KTM mounted. His total time was a 26:38.095.

Provisional Results J2
  1. Kyron Bacon – 25:33.656
  2. Wil Riordan – 25:48.431
  3. Gus Riordan – 26:38.095
  4. Mackenzie Johnson – 27:10.367
  5. Harrison Foster – 27:28.657
  6. Jasper Franklin – 27:44.231
  7. Zac Perry – 28:11.339
  8. Cooper Holroyd – 29:27.278
  9. Oscar Collins – 29:40.508
  10. Levii Read – 30:20.154

2017 AORC – Round 10 – Kyogle

It was a brilliant start to Round 10 at Kyogle of the 2017 Yamaha Australian Off-Road Championship (AORC), with a daunting challenge ahead for competitors; tensions were high to see who would end up on top. Ruprecht, Milner, Stanford and Driscoll won the Enduro races for their respective classes.

Lachlan Stanford
Lachlan Stanford

The Womens, Vets and Masters classes put on a riveting display around Kyogle for Round 10 of the Yamaha Australian Off-Road Championship (AORC). Eight tests were conducted over the course of day to determine the placings.

The three standouts for these classes were Jemma Wilson, Kirk Hutton and Derek Grundy, to demonstrate top-notch skill and commitment around the tracks. The AORC also had its first champion in 2017 crowned, after Grundy scored enough points to claim the title!

The Junior competitors showed off their abilities at Round 10, with a technical and demanding Enduro format, respective Junior class standouts included Brierley, Bacon and McMahon for the J4, J3 and J2 classes. All Juniors managed to claim a clean sweep for Rounds 9 and 10 at Kyogle.


Bringing it home for E1 was Active8 Yamaha Yamalube Team’s Wil Ruprecht to solidify another fine weekend for himself and his team. Ruprecht has come under pressure from Snap Fitness Yamaha Team’s Scott Keegan in previous rounds, however Ruprecht has risen to the pressure and delivered a clean sweep at Kyogle.

Ruprecht managed to outpace Keegan in all of the tests towards an overall time of 53:46.953. In second position was Keegan on his Yamaha machine. After suffering a retirement on Saturday, Keegan managed to score solid points for his team.

Keegan’s total elapsed time was a 54:59.367, to finish 72 seconds behind his title rival Ruprecht. The final podium position belonged to Jack ‘simmering’ Simpson on his KTM. Simpson has finished on the podium both days to mark a successful return, after missing the last two rounds at Renmark.

Simpson took 55:56:454 to complete the Enduro course, close to a minute behind behind Keegan.

Wil Ruprecht

“We started off very strong on both days and came out fighting out the blocks. There were a few mistakes here and there but I was very comfortable on the bike. The Enduro format is by far my favourite, simply due to the lengthy track time.”


E1 Provisional Results
  1. Wil Ruprecht (Active8 Yamaha Yamalube Racing Team) – 53:46.953
  2. Scott Keegan (Snap Fitness Yamaha Team) – 54:59.367
  3. Jack Simpson – 55:56:454
  4. Brad Hardaker – 56:29.806
  5. Geoff Braico – 56:55.191
  6. Baylee Davies – 57:44.637
  7. Andrew Janke – 59:32.656
  8. Kristian Sprenger – 59:55.871
  9. Mackenzie Bowser – 1:02:02.068
  10. Nathan Watson – 1:02:43.495


The Daniel Milner show continued today, as the KTM Enduro rider cleaned up within the E2 class. Milner laid down the gauntlet from the very beginning, as he was well in front after the first test. From then on it was a Milner master class with a total time of 52:46.953. Milner finished on top of the timesheets for every test.

Up next for E2 was the ‘Green Machine’ Josh Green of the Active8 Yamaha Yamalube Team. Green spent the entire duration of the day within second place. Green’s accumulated Enduro time was a 53:57.707, 71 seconds behind Milner.

Green stated that he was a huge fan of the Kyogle track and its technical nature, but Milner was simply too strong this weekend. Finishing in third place once again was Riley Graham on his Yamaha, with a combined total lap time of 54:48.036. Graham was particularly strong in the third test with a strong lap time that was only beaten by the winner Milner.

Daniel Milner

“It was a good weekend for us, the bike was unreal in these conditions. Yesterday we didn’t get times so I never knew how I was going so I just had to push all day. Yesterday was also a fairly long day and there was some fatigue, so today I backed it down a little bit to not take as many risks. It worked out well. I enjoyed the enduro format too. We haven’t done one all year and it was good just trail riding with the boys again. I haven’t got to do that for a long time. I had Greeny and Stanford on my minute today and it was really fun to ride with those guys – we always give each other a bit of crap so it makes it good fun. I think I’m more than 40 points up now so I’ve just got to finish well in the next round and I’ll have a championship. But it’s never over ‘til the fat lady sings so I’ll go home and keep doing my work and see what happens.”

Daniel Milner
Daniel Milner
Glenn Kearney – KTM Enduro Racing Team Manager

“A great weekend for KTM. It was our first two-day enduro, so the boys did a lot of riding; I believe 200 kilometres yesterday and probably similar today. They really enjoyed the track – it’s an awesome property here in Kyogle; really hilly, grass track style stuff and off-cambers. We’ve had the sand and the mud and now this, and Milner showed he’s good anywhere. Snodgrass had a bit of a tough one, he struggled in the off-camber stuff, but managed to make improvements each day and got better and better. Unfortunately he lost a big chunk of time this morning when he boiled the rear brake so that put him down the order, but he climbed back to sixth and second in class. Milner extended the championship lead, and it’s going to come down to the last two rounds for Lyndon, battling for that class win in E3.”

E2 Provisional Results
  1. Daniel Milner (KTM Enduro Team) – 52:45.452
  2. Josh Green (Active8 Yamaha Yamalube Racing Team) – 53:57.707
  3. Riley Graham – 54:48.036
  4. Stefan Granquist – 55:47.066
  5. Andrew Wilksch (DSR Motul Pirelli Sherco Off-Road Team) – 56:35.178
  6. Kane Hall – 57:23.167
  7. Kaleb Treasure – 58:46.739
  8. Matt Murry – 58:53.694
  9. Brodie Crane – 1:00:10.504
  10. Casey Treasure – 1:01:06.822


The E3 Enduro spoils went to Lachy Stanford of the Husqvarna Enduro Team. Stanford has raced on the Kyogle tracks on plenty of occasions as a local to the area. Stanford’s time in the first test was particularly strong and help to set him up for a commanding win. Stanford managed to snatch victory from KTM Enduro Team’s Lyndon Snodgrass. Stanford only took 53:41.862 to complete the course.

Lachlan Stanford

“It was definitely a positive weekend for me. Two second outrights and two wins is by far my best weekend in the AORC. It’s what I’ve been wanting to do all year, just be battling for wins in the tests. Milner’s exceptionally fast, there’s no doubt about that, but in one test today I got 0.9, and that’s the closest I’ve been to him all year. It’s where we wanted to be for sure, so we’re pretty stoked. It’s great to reward Christian, Lewie, Kevvie and Dave because they put so much work into me. The tracks this year have been half-motocrossy and very fast, whereas this was an enduro track. We had rocky creek sections, really steep hill climbs, off-camber. The really technical tests and that definitely worked in my favour, and the FE 501 was such an awesome bike here. Even though the tracks were pretty tight, the bike still felt really good.”

Snodgrass posted a total time of 54:49.377, the difference between the two being over a minute. Up next was Jesse Lawton, for a very popular podium position with his time of 53:41.862. Lawton battled with Tom Mason for the duration of the Enduro and managed to come out on top on this occasion.

Lyndon Snodgrass

“I started off in the first test boiling my rear brake and losing it for the last quarter of that test, so that put me back off the bat. From then on I was trying to catch back up. It was tough, but I had made improvements towards the end and that was giving me time back. It was definitely more technical than what we’ve been racing on, but it was good riding up here. Nice fun trail and flowy tests. The bike ran awesome all weekend. Lachy’s got a few points on me in this one, so we can only charge as hard as we can in Victoria and try and get it back. I’ve never been up there but it’s meant to be pretty good, I can’t wait to get into it.”

Lyndon Snodgrass
Lyndon Snodgrass
E3 Provisional Results
  1. Lachlan Stanford (Husqvarna Enduro Team) – 53:41.862
  2. Lyndon Snodgrass (KTM Enduro Team) – 54:49.377
  3. Jesse Lawton – 57:26.909
  4. Tom Mason – 57:54.100
  5. Hayden Conroy – 58:50.964
  6. Bill Everingham – 1:06:32.137
  7. Matthew Adcock – 1:11:32.892
  8. Steven Braico – 3:07:17.648
  9. Sam Quin – 2:44:26.995

Transmoto EJ

The Transmoto EJ provided the closest battle for the lead within the Senior classes. Yamaha rider and former Motocross rider Michael Driscoll managed to turn the tables on Husqvarna rider Fraser Higlett for the win.

Driscoll managed to complete the Enduro with a time of 55:26.110. Despite leading in the early tests, Higlett fell behind in the mid stages of the race. Higlett finished a further 19 seconds behind Driscoll with his time of 55:45.937. Nic Tomlinson finished in the final podium position, his time was a 56:18.174.

Michael Driscoll
Michael Driscoll

It’s been wall-to-wall, action packed rounds for the Yamaha AORC in 2017. With so many stories and triumphs so far, its sure to be a thrilling finish for the Championship at Omeo, VIC. Can’t wait to see what lies in store.

Transmoto EJ Provisional Results
  1. Michael Driscoll – 55:26.110
  2. Fraser Higlett – 55:45.937
  3. Nic Tomlinson – 56:18.174
  4. Dalton Johnson – 57:50.623
  5. Wes Keeley – 57:51.807
  6. Kade Dorrington – 58:38.480
  7. Lachlan Allan – 59:10.008
  8. Harry Teed – 59:14.843
  9. Hayden Keely – 59:30.245
  10. Neil Collard – 1:00:01.556


With Yamaha rider Jemma Wilson once again claiming a victory for Round 9, there was a significant amount of expectation to see if she could claim yet another win. Wilson managed to take the victory with a total time of 1:02:58.653.

Finishing behind Wilson was Emelie Karlsson on a Yamaha with her time of 1:04:03.203. Just over a minute would separate the two. Despite missing out on the win, Yamaha rider Sophie Coldicutt managed to salvage a podium result with her third place. Her time of 1:04:36.107 was a further 33 seconds behind Karlsson.

Provisional Results Womens
  1. Jemma Wilson – 1:02:58.653
  2. Emelie Karlsson – 1:04:03.203
  3. Sophie Coldicutt – 1:04:36.107
  4. Tegan Hall – 1:07:57.322
  5. Courney Rubie – 1:10:37.246
  6. Kate Norman – 1:32:15.894


In the Veterans, the legendary ‘King’ Kirk Hutton would be the eventual victor, with a total elapsed time of 58:12.030 and his pace in the seventh test was spectacular. Hutton on his Yamaha was well ahead of his closest challenger in Damian Smith.

Kirk Hutton
Kirk Hutton

Smith in second placed a further 41 seconds behind with his total Enduro time of 58:53.560. Brad Wilkinson was the final podium placer in third place. Wilkinson registered a total time of 1:03:01.661, over four minutes behind Smith.

Provisional Results Vets
  1. Kirk Hutton – 58:12.030
  2. Damian Smith – 58:53.560
  3. Brad Wilkinson – 1:03:01.661
  4. Jason Pearce – 1:04:29.117
  5. Sean Smith – 1:07:47.427
  6. Hugh Howarth – 1:07:57.239
  7. Russel French – 1:08:32.645
  8. Luke Vanderdrift – 1:09:56.627
  9. Kyronne Treasure – 1:12:54.606
  10. Evan Cristensen – 1:13:15.769


DSR Motul Pirelli Sherco Off-Road Team’s Derek Grundy put in a sensational ride to win the Masters class championship, with two rounds remaining! Grundy was visibly excited to finally get that well deserved championship. As an assistant team manager to the Sherco team, it certainly meant a lot for Grundy to deliver the title to his crew. Grundy took a total time of 1:03:07.284 to complete the Enduro.

Up next in second position was Craig Treasure on his Husqvarna machine. Treasure finished more than two and a half minutes behind Grundy with his time of 1:05:48.274. The final Masters competitor on the podium was Brett Kenny, approximately 66 seconds behind, with his time of 1:06:54.631.

Derek Grundy – Masters Class Championship Winner

“I’m really happy to with this Championship, I’ve been second two times in the 4-Day and second in the AORC last year. I shed a tear on the last lap on Sunday because I’ve tried so many times and opportunities at my age are limited. I wanted to get it done so I can move on and give opportunities to others in the Sherco Team. I must say the Sherco 300 SEF-R is such a great bike for me. I’m just so comfortable riding it and when I have the support of the Team back in the pits it makes it so much fun to go racing. Our Team is fantastic, we have a good vibe going and Dave Suter always has the bikes beautifully prepared. I will race the final two rounds. I want to see the season through to the end and see if I can pick up another win because this will be my last. And I want to be there to support the Team because they’ve done so much to support me.”

Derek Grundy and Dave Suter
Derek Grundy and Dave Suter
Provisional Results Masters
  1. Derek Grundy (DSR Motul Pirelli Sherco Off-Road Team) – 1:03:07.284
  2. Craig Treasure – 1:05:48.274
  3. Brett Kenny – 1:06:54.631
  4. Robert Bailey 1:07:34.710
  5. Michael Widdison – 1:08:09:908
  6. Michael Turner – 1:08:11.854
  7. Mick Collins – 1:08:24.760
  8. David Pratten – 1:09:22.610
  9. Dave Thompson – 1:11:09.363
  10. Mick Cram – 1:11:16.464


Husqvarna rider Joshua Brierley further established himself as a extremely versatile rider by winning both of the Enduro races for the J4 class. Young Brierley finished with a final time of 33:47.718 and won every test on Sunday.

In second position was once again was fellow brother Mitchell Brierley, who finished with a time of 34:20.326. The difference between the two brohers was 32 seconds. The final podium placer for J4 was Nathan Howe, a placing higher than his result on Saturday.

The KTM rider managed to finish with a total accumulated time of 34:50.432, approximately 30 seconds behind Mitchell Brierley.

Provisional Results J4
  1. Joshua Brierley – 33:47.718
  2. Mitchell Brierley – 34:20.326
  3. Nathan Howe – 34:50.432
  4. Corey Hammond – 34:59.506
  5. Connor Gee – 36:29.139
  6. Ryan Thompson – 36:31.711
  7. Riley Nancarrow – 37:26.711
  8. Emi Ruprecht – 40:27.827
  9. Brock Brady – 41:06.043
  10. Trent Brandon – 42:15.348


Korey McMahon was the eventual winner of the J3 Enduro race once again. The victory gave McMahon an impressive a clean sweep. Korey McMahon finished with a total time of 34:42:190. KTM mounted Ben Bertinazzi was McMahon’s closest challenger, his time was a 36:04.519.

The difference between McMahon and Bertinazzi was 82 seconds. Championship leader Jayden Rudd on his KTM shot up the placing’s today to finish third with a time of 36:18.772, a further 14 seconds behind Bertinazzi. After a disappointing result on Saturday, Rudd will be well pleased to have made the podium today.

Provisional Results J3
  1. Korey McMahon – 34:42:190
  2. Ben Bertinazzi – 36:04.519
  3. Jayden Rudd – 36:18.772
  4. Matthew Pye – 36:21.028
  5. Blake Hollis – 36:23.828
  6. Ned Chapman – 37:13.202
  7. Raife Dooley – 37:50.939
  8. Ben Teed – 39:11.942
  9. Tom Teed – 39:44.163


Kyron Bacon was once again the standout for J2, finishing first in class. Bacon will now close in on Championship leader Riordan after winning both races this weekend. Bacon’s total Enduro time was a 35:51.609. KTM mounted Will Riordan finished with a time of 36:41.632.

The difference between Bacon and Riordan was 50 seconds. Riordan’s brother Gus impressed onlookers to come third with his total time of 37:44.265, on a KTM. Gus finished a further minute behind his brother.

Kyron Bacon

“It was a great weekend, I was really strong at the start of the tests which helped out! The tracks were tight and technical and very enjoyable. I did one round in AORC last year and now this is my first full season in the championship. I’ve made plenty of friends here and I’m enjoying my racing!”

Kyron Bacon
Kyron Bacon
Provisional Results J2
  1. Kyron Bacon – 35:51.609
  2. Will Riordan – 36:41.632
  3. Gus Riordan – 37:44.265
  4. Harrison Foster – 38:46.431
  5. Jasper Franklin – 39:07.829
  6. Mackenzie Johnson – 39:37.919
  7. Cooper Holroyd – 40:47.079
  8. Zac Perry – 41:51.600
  9. Oscar Collins – 42.13.950
  10. Levii Read – 44:16.098