Go Time – MX Nationals Round One Preview with Todd Jarratt

Coming into round one of the 2015 MX Nationals this weekend, I can guarantee you that 90 per cent of the competing field have “had their best pre season to date”, “feel amazing with the development of the bike” and “feel like this is my year to win”.

C’mon give us something exciting to read about… I’ll give you three options –You’ve still got work to do on the bike to get it where you want it, your fitness is below par, or you’ve just got out of the local jail for letting loose on some random that said one of your competitors is going to win this year and not you. Which one is it boys?

At this stage, 2015 is looking to be a straight out dog fight in all classes, and this is an exciting concept.

Prior to now, each year has seemed like the MX1 title has been decided before the season has even begun. I don’t think it’s going to be anything like that in 2015. Matt Moss is returning from injury, Jake Moss is confirmed to miss the first few rounds of the series, Luke Styke is back, Dan Reardon has re-emerged from retirement (check out my interview with Reardon here), and Cheyne Boyd is another rider returning to the series full time.

Then we have Cody Cooper who recently wrapped up the NZ MX1 Title, Ford Dale who as far as I know is entering round one free from any serious injury, Lawson Bopping is back competing in the whole series and Kale Makeham has stepped up to the MX1 class aboard his new factory ride.

Kirk Gibbs, Kade Mosig and Jesse Dobson have all logged some solid results recently, and Adam Monea has overcome his US injury seems to be in good stead to fight for the title.

That’s 13 riders all worthy of championship contention status. On top of these headliners, we have young gun riders Aaron Tanti and Dylan Long entering the championship, as well as a late entering fill in rider John Phillips who will be out to turn some heads with a huge opportunity to pilot factory equipment early on in the season. I think consistency will quickly sort these names into two groups: potential race winners and those a level above, as potential championship winners.

In the MX2 class, it is a story much the same but with a little more ego. We have defending champion Luke Clout entering with the target on his back, and a long list of riders that are going to be ready and willing to take the title from his hands. Names that jump out at you are previous podium riders like Luke Arbon, Hamish Harwood, Jay Wilson and Caleb Ward.

Then we have those classified as the “dark horses” who didn’t perform or even compete last year but have all shown in the past that they have enough speed to win races. These guys include Geran Stapleton, Wade Hunter, Rhys Carter, Alex Morris, Dylan Leary and Takeshi Katsuya.

The final additions to the MX2 class and arguably some of the biggest title threats are 2014’s MXD graduates Jed Beaton, Nathan Crawford, Jack Simpson, Dylan Wills and Kyle Webster, who are all hungry and ready to make a dent in the points chase.

In the MXD class Wilson Todd comes in as title favourite as the highest placed returning competitor to the field. Many tout Jayden Rykers and first time senior national rider, Mitchell Evans to be his closest competitors as both have been able to match Todd’s speed in previous years.

On top of this trio we have the addition of returners Wayde Carter, Dee Wilson, Zak Small, Luke Abela and Bailey Coxon to the field. Finally, we have a big group of last year’s speedy juniors that alike 2014 will no doubt show immense speed throughout the year. These riders include Connor Tierney, Kaleb Barham, and Jordan Hill.

The countdown is nearly over and all of the questions we’ve been asking over the last seven months will begin to be answered this weekend.  Remember if you’re around this weekend or at any rounds of the MX Nationals this year make sure you say hi – I’ll be running around with a mic in my hand!

Until next time guys, stay safe and…

Horsham, let’s go racing!

Todd Jarratt

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MX Nationals 2015 Team Video Previews

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[youtube id=”HEGROmaoVgQ” width=”560″ height=”315″]

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Cody Cooper - MX Nationals 2015
Cody Cooper – MX Nationals 2015
KTM Motocross Racing Team - Kirk Gibbs (left) and Luke Styke (right) - MX Nationals 2015
KTM Motocross Racing Team – Kirk Gibbs (left) and Luke Styke (right) – MX Nationals 2015
Dan Reardon YZ450F - MX Nationals 2015
Dan Reardon YZ450F – MX Nationals 2015
Kade Mosig YZ450F - MX Nationals 2015
Kade Mosig YZ450F – MX Nationals 2015
Jacob Wright is sidelined through injury
Jacob Wright is sidelined through injury
Jed Beaton - MX Nationals 2015
Jed Beaton – MX Nationals 2015
Luke Clout - MX Nationals 2015
Luke Clout – MX Nationals 2015
Mitch Evans - MX Nationals 2015
Mitch Evans – MX Nationals 2015
Wilson Todd - MX Nationals 2015
Wilson Todd – MX Nationals 2015
Daniel Reardon - MX Nationals 2015
Daniel Reardon is making a shock comeback to MX Nationals competition. Click for an extensive interview with the previous Australian Champ
Matt Moss - MX Nationals 2015
Matt Moss – MX Nationals 2015
Kale Makeham - MX Nationals 2015
Kale Makeham – MX Nationals 2015


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MX Nationals 2015 – Round One – Sunday March 29th – Horsham VIC
  • MX1 – 450 Pro Championship
  • MX2 – 250 Pro Championship
  • MXD – Under 19’s Championship
  • RSR – Yamaha Rising Star Rookies
  • Horsham Motorcycle Club – Henty Highway – Dooen Vic 3401 Click here for map
  • Gates Open 7:30am
  • Tickets at the gate Adults $30.00 – Kids 5 to 15 $20.00 – Family 2 Adults and 2 kids (5-15) years $70.00