MX Nationals – Past, Present, Future…

by Todd Jarratt

During the week Todd Jarratt caught up with three riders at Melbourne’s Park4MX to hit them with five quick questions. Each rider’s results speak for themselves and they truly represent the different eras in modern Australian motocross.

Cheyne Boyd – former long-term factory rider and Australia’s reigning Over 30’s Vets champion.

Cheyne Boyd in action at the 2014 MX Nationals
Cheyne Boyd in action at the 2014 MX Nationals

Kade Mosig – former junior national champion, currently riding for CDR Yamaha and sitting fifth overall in the 2015 MX Nationals MX1 Class.

Liam Andrews – currently riding for Yamaha Junior Racing Team and represented Australia at the Junior World Motocross Championships in 2014.

Now into the questions!

Favourite racing memory

Cheyne Boyd: Racing at any soft surfaced track over the years really! I grew up in Rosebud, which is really sandy so any time we raced a soft track like at Wanneroo in Western Australia, Coolum in QLD or even Murray Bridge in South Australia I had a blast.

Kade Mosig: Probably taking the MX1 overall win with the team (CDR Yamaha) at round two of the MX Nationals this year at Appin.

Kade Mosig
Kade Mosig

Liam Andrews: I would have to say being undefeated at the 2011 Junior Australian Titles at Murray Bridge

Greatest career achievement

Cheyne Boyd: Definitely representing Australia at the Motocross of Nations (MXoN) in 2004 and 2006, they were pretty unbelievable events

Kade Mosig: Picking up this ride with CDR Yamaha. In my eyes it is the best team in Australian motocross, and working with Dacka (Craig Dack) and the whole team has been amazing so far

Liam Andrews: Although it didn’t really go to plan, representing Australia at the Junior World Motocross Championships last year was definitely a huge achievement, along with winning my first Junior Australian Title back in 2011

Liam Andrews
Liam Andrews

Fiercest rival

Cheyne Boyd: Definitely Jay Marmont! Oh, and Daniel Reardon at one point in time actually! I battled with those two guys down to the wire for championships a few times and it made for some good racing.

Kade Mosig: I’d be lying if I didn’t say Monz (Adam Monea). We have been racing together since the 60 days back in like 1997! It’s pretty cool that we have come up through the ranks together and are still battling today 18 years later.

Kade Mosig in 2003
Kade Mosig in 2003

Liam Andrews: I’d probably say Bailey Malkiewicz. With the way the junior classes are in age groups we move around with who we race each year, but Bailey is a good friend of mine and we’ve always had pretty close races.

Australian motocross

Cheyne Boyd: I think the Australian MX Nationals series is great. With the level Williams Event Management have been pushing it to over the years I’ve been involved, I think it has really become a professional series. Obviously the industry has struggled financially over the last few years, which has been shown in the racing, and with shops and dealers, but aside from that, the Australian series in my eyes is great.

Kade Mosig: I would say that the MX Nationals series is run well in a professional manner, but more money needs to go back into the riders. I am in no way a money hungry rider, but the way I see it manufacturers are still selling bikes and people are still riding, so where has the money gone? In comparison to overseas events, where I have seen what the riders get back, I would say that’s where Australian racing needs to improve.

Liam Andrews: I think it’s good. I would like to see some smaller capacity bikes able to race at the MX Nationals and maybe the supercross. They have the 125 and 250 classes at the MX Nationals, but I’d love to be able to race those tracks on an 85, because really it can only benefit us. Also in most Australian states, they run junior racing by age group, but back here in Victoria they run grading systems, which I’m not really a fan of so it would be cool to see that changed.

The future

Cheyne Boyd: I would still like to do national races here and there like I have this year, but my ultimate goal and main focus looking ahead is growing and expanding Park4MX. I want to make this complex the best it can be and then start working on other premises as well.

Kade Mosig: Realistically I want to win both the 2015 and 2016 MX Nationals, and I don’t think that is out of reach at all. Further down the track I want to get back overseas. I really like the MXGP series, they’re riding style is awesome, the length of the series is good and it just seems like such a tough season with all of the travel and that kind of thing. I have been to America before, but if I were to head back over there I would want to be there longer and try to get a full series under my belt with a team. So yeah, that’s what I’m looking toward at this point

Kade Mosig YZ450F - MX Nationals 2015
Kade Mosig YZ450F – MX Nationals 2015

Liam Andrews: I would like to try to win both the Junior Victorian and Junior Australian Titles next year and get back overseas to race the Junior World Championships. Then obviously stepping up to the big bike classes I’d like to continue to run up front for Yamaha and then pick up a team ride when I move into seniors at 16.

MXD - MX Nationals 2015 - Round Five - Coolum
MXD – MX Nationals 2015 – Round Five – Coolum