Penultimate YZF-R3 Cup round at Phillip Island this weekend

This weekend will prove crucial for competitors of the newly formed championship YMF R3 Cup class, as they head to the world renowned Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit for Round 4 of the YMF R3 Cup alongside the Victorian Road Racing Championship on August 26-28.

The YMF R3 Cup is a national class that was initiated at the beginning of 2016 to encourage entry levels riders to participate in a cost effective and hassle free introduction to road racing, and has taken Australia by storm producing some brilliant and tight racing this season so far.

With three rounds down, and two to go it has never been a better time than now for competitors to put their front foot forward with a Championship on the line. The winner looking to take home the first YMF R3 Cup Championship title. As well as a YZF-R6 machine, an invite to the YRD program for 2017, a full Akrapovic Racing Line Muffler system and a leased Mupo suspension system.

ASBK 2016 - Round Two - Wakefield Park - Yamaha YZF-R3 Cup Podium
Zac Levy took out round two at Wakefield Park ahead of Callum Alderson and Hunter Ford

For the top three current Championship points leaders, YZF-R3 mounted Callum Alderson, Zac Levy and Hunter Ford sitting first, second and third respectively. The pressure is on to bring their machine’s across the line in the number one position as they share below.

This weekend’s Phillip Island event is the penultimate round of the series, which will eventually conclude with a championship finale at Winton over the first weekend in October, alongside the regular Australian Superbike Championship classes.

Callum Alderson – currently on 198 points

“I can’t remember the last time I had a feeling like this! I’ve never really had a championship lead, only ever been 2nd or 3rd, so this is a whole new feeling, but I’ve come on really strong lately as these R3’s are such a great package, being able to gel with the little 300’s is so easy. Phillip Island is a circuit I’ve raced on before so I’m confident I can put in some good times and hopefully come away with the round win! With Phillip Island being such a wide open circuit, I don’t think it’s really made for the 300, but it’s definitely going to be less physical than the other tracks we’ve been to this year I’m sure.

Yamaha YZF-R3 Cup 2016 -Wakefield Park - Callum Alderson
Yamaha YZF-R3 Cup 2016 -Wakefield Park – Callum Alderson

“The set up on the Yamaha YZF-R3 is so important, the Pirelli tyres and Mupo suspension work so well together it’s hard to fault them. Being so easy to set up and maintain makes breaking lap records so much easier thanks to the great support from YRD/GASD/Pirelli and Link International for their on track support, but that doesn’t mean all my other sponsors don’t do amazing work either. Every bit helps.

Callum Alderson - Image by Keith Muir
Callum Alderson – Image by Keith Muir

“With an 18-point championship lead I’m fairly confident at the moment, but Phillip Island is a track that requires the top speed to win and if I try what I always try, to run away from all the chaos, I’ll just get slip streamed down the straight, so it’s going to be difficult that’s for sure. Hunter and Zac are both great riders and they aren’t going to give me an inch.”

ASBK 2016 - Morgan Park - Yamaha Motor Finance R3 Cup - Image by TBG
ASBK 2016 – Morgan Park – Yamaha Motor Finance R3 Cup – Image by TBG
Zac Levy – currently on 180 points

“I am feeling good leading up to the round this weekend. I am pretty confident coming in to this weekend after a good ride at Morgan Park in the last race. It’s going to be pretty cool getting back to the ‘Island’, I haven’t been there for a few years and it’s going to be pretty fun riding these little R3’s around, it going to be interesting down the front straight. Being such a big track I suppose gearing is going to play a big part in our riding this weekend. We are going to have to get that from the get go, and we will worry about the little things as the weekend progresses.

ASBK 2016 - Morgan Park - Yamaha Motor Finance R3 Cup - Callum Alderson, Zac Levy - Image by Keith Muir
ASBK 2016 – Morgan Park – Yamaha Motor Finance R3 Cup – Callum Alderson, Zac Levy – Image by Keith Muir

“Consistency is the key and Callum has been pretty consistent this year without a DNF, I need to put that behind me just keep consistent, and if I can walk away with three wins from three races this weekend it would be ideal and would see me in front in the championship. It’s going to be tough to get away from the pack so it might come down to the last lap in every race but we will have to see how it plays out.”

Yamaha YZF-R3 Cup 2016 -Wakefield Park - Zac Levy
Yamaha YZF-R3 Cup 2016 -Wakefield Park – Zac Levy
Hunter Ford – currently on 162 points

“Leading in to the fourth round of the championship I am feeling really good and I am really keen to get out on track at Phillip Island for my first time riding the circuit. I think the bike set up of the Yamaha YZF-R3 is going to be important but I think it is also going to be really good. This weekend I am just going to have to try my hardest out on track to increase my lead in the championship especially heading in to the last round at Winton in a few weeks’ time.”

Zac Levy and Hunter Ford - Image by Keith Muir
Zac Levy and Hunter Ford – Image by Keith Muir
Yamaha Motor Finance R3 Cup Championship Standings after Morgan Park
  1. Callum ALDERSON 198
  2. Zac LEVY 180
  3. Hunter FORD 162
  4. Aidan HAYES 131
  5. Ty LYNCH 131
  6. Michael KING 122
  7. Steven MASON 93
  8. Arkadiusz DEPCZYNSKI 89
  9. James BOYLE 84
  10. Daniel MOORE 69