2019 Isle of Man TT

Peter Hickman Interview

Peter Hickman had a stellar 2019 IoM TT, claiming a Supersport win, Superbike win and just when it looked as though he would complete a trifecta in the Senior TT, mechanical gremlins struck the Smiths BMW and forced him to relinquish his lead to Dean Harrison. Hickman masterfully nursed the bike home to second place and MCNews.com.au was there to hear him reflect on TT 2019 immediately after the Senior race on Friday.

IOMTT Senior Peter Hickman
Peter Hickman

Peter, what could have been…

Peter Hickman: “It is what it is, can’t change it now, what is done is done. We had a really good start to the race, I think we did 134mph something on the first lap and on lap two. Slowly ticked away, bike was working really good, handling really good. Unfortunately after the second pit stop this returning issue that we keep having on the full superbike, it just keeps chucking water out, it doesn’t get hot or anything, but just starts throwing water out at anything over 11,000rpm.

“Once I left the pits and went down Grey Hill it was chucking water out, so I just had to kind of manage it, and basically use half throttle and no more than 11,000 rpm. So that’s two laps, at 50 per cent throttle, that was not very fun I can tell you.”

IOMTT Superstock Peter Hickman
Peter Hickman

That had happened on some of the practice runs didn’t it? So you got all the way through the first four laps of racing, you must have thought it was out of the way…

Peter Hickman: “Honestly, no, we all had this inkling that it was possibly going to happen, we’ve had three different engines, four different radiators, numerous caps, bottles, you name it it’s been changed, three or four times.

“For some reason on the superbike it just keeps doing it. Our hands were tied unfortunately, after the Superstock race, with the chief scrutineer we pleaded with them that he could just come and seal the engine and strip it after the Senior, but pretty much told us bollocks, so big shout out to Dave for ruining my Senior.

IOMTT Senior Harrison Hickman
Peter Hickman and Dean Harrison in Parc Ferme – Senior TT 2019

** Dean Harrison interjects to say ‘I like Dave’ to the sound of much laughter, while Hicky laughingly jokes about a conspiracy **

“It is what it is, rules are rules, but I think sometimes a little bit of common sense needs to come into it, but it is what it is. The team did a fantastic job and did everything they could to make the bike right for us. It managed four laps, just couldn’t quite manage six, we are still on the podium, we’ve had an absolute unbelievable TT, to come away with the hat trick for a start, win on the Supersport bike is something I’ve been trying to get for a while now, we’ve done that, and a podium in the Senior so it’s not all bad.”

IOMTT Supersport TT Peter Hickman
Peter Hickman – Trooper Triumph 675 Supersport – Image Pacemaker Press

And you’ll take away the fastest lap of the meeting, the opening lap in 16m51.495s, 143.28mph.

Peter Hickman: “Yea it’s fast isn’t it, especially for the lack of practice it’s quick. But honestly the new S 1000 RR is just so, so good, it’s only just come out of the box. It’s still a new bike, so to do that with no practice really at all…  yeah next year is going to be good.”

You’ve been strong in every class.

Peter Hickman: “It’s my sixth year now I’m getting used to the place now, and learning there I’m going. Looking forward to coming back next year and having another crack. BSB next weekend so not too much rest, we will concentrate back on the BSB for the rest of the year now and of course the Ulster GP in August.”

IOMTT Lightweight TT Peter Hickman Norton Twin
Peter Hickman on the Norton Lightweight TT bike – Image by Richard Sykes

2019 Senior TT Results

  1. Dean Harrison / Kawasaki
  2. Peter Hickman / BMW +53.062
  3. Conor Cummins / Honda  +58.879
  4. Michael Dunlop / BMW +1m26.709
  5. James Hillier / Kawasaki +2m30.352
  6. Davey Todd / BMW +2m32.920
  7. Michael Rutter / Honda +3m03.571
  8. Jamie Coward / Yamaha +3m13.561
  9. Brian McCormack / BMW +3m49.971
  10. Dominic Herbertson / Kawasaki +4m09.262