Roger Winfield Interview | Island Classic 2016
Island Classic 2016 - Qualifying - Roger Winfield, Jeremy McWilliams and John McGuinness
Island Classic 2016 – Qualifying – Roger Winfield (Left), Jeremy McWilliams and John McGuinness
Interview conducted by Trevor Hedge with Roger Winfield – Island Classic 2016

“The efforts have paid off, but I don’t obviously feel quite as elated as last year. It was obviously very special to do it after striving for so long to do it.

“Being on the receiving end of Aussie punishment for five years, previously to winning last year, it was lovely to turn it around. I suppose it’s like most things, the second times are not as special as the first. But it’s nice that we consolidated what we did.

“But there’s been one or two issues this weekend that has sort of taken the edge off it. I think that in the future of what’s going on here…I’ve strived to make this whole meeting a really great event…….I like to think that, you know, that the team that I bring here that are an absolutely great bunch of fellas, are trying to make something special of this meeting, and I think that everybody involved in this class of racing at this particular meeting, really need to sit down and look at the rule book.

“It’s really a roadbike based formula, but it’s not what’s really going on here at the moment. It’s a level playing field for most of us, but it really needs looking at. If the rules stay as they are….I’m very doubtful……..we’ll see……I’m feeling a bit bruised with the conversations I’ve had with people over the weekend. Not that I’ve fallen out with them, but they have a different view of things to what I have. Classic racing is full of that and I appreciate that…but yeah…I just feel certainly not as elated as I did this time last year.

“Well…to look after bikes again…looking after six bikes when you’re an old age pensioner as we are…is quite an effort and it’s not getting any easier…..I’m 67 now….and the guy that helps me is the same age…..and ummm…..I suppose in some respect it’s great that we can still achieve at this age, but it doesn’t get easier as we get older that’s for sure.”

Island Classic 2016 – Ken Wootton Memorial Trophy Individual Points
  1. Jed Metcher 156
  2. Jeremy McWilliams 156
  3. Steve Martin 148
  4. Conor Cummins 140
  5. John McGuinness 133
  6. Ryan Farquhar 132
  7. Glen Richards 132
  8. James Hillier 119
  9. Beau Beaton 118
  10. Craig Ditchburn 115
  11. Paul Byrne 102
  12. Ben Rea 96
  13. John Allen 89
  14. John Walsh 85
  15. Scott Webster 83
Island Classic 2016 – International Challenge Team Points
  1. Team UK 693
  2. Team Australia 594
  3. Team Ireland 421
  4. Team USA 355
  5. Team NZ 289