Double Simpson crossing on Yamaha WR250R

Yamaha WR250R in the desert
Yamaha WR250R in the desert

Yamaha’s super reliable WR250R is rapidly becoming the bike of choice for canny Australian adventure riders.

“These bikes are incredible. A bulletproof engine that can sit at high speeds all day long combined with lightweight, agile handling?

“Seriously, they are the best adventure bike out there,” says Greg Yager, head of Ride ADV.

Yager and his good buddy Pete Marshall recently rode non-stop and unsupported across the Simpson Desert in nine hours, passing many larger capacity bikes on the way. The next day they turned around and rode back in another ten hours straight. Fully loaded – and with some 120kg of rider in gear. Most riders take two to three days to cross the Simpson. And most would run a support vehicle for fear of breakdown or getting bogged in the deep red sand.

“This bike has done 10,000kms now and I’ve hardly laid a spanner on it. I would have no hesitation in using this model for a round-the-world ride. In fact it would be my bike of choice,” continues Yager.

Yager hires his WR250R ‘trail finder’ to Ride ADV customers and sets them up to handle the harshest Aussie conditions. First stop is Teknik for a suspension tweak. Then a large IMS tank, Barkbusters, raised bars, bashplate and racks are next. Gearing is up a few teeth at the back but the engine is not touched.

Greg Yager torture testing the WR250R in the Simpson. Despite regular floggings, his fleet of bikes have not missed a beat

Yager’s antics with the WR250R follow Aussie adventure rider Steve Crombie’s unsupported ride from Darwin to Sydney a few years ago.

With a 10,000rpm redline and 40,000km recommended intervals for valve checks, the WR250R is no ordinary trail bike. It has carved an extraordinary reputation for itself as the model of choice for Aussie ADV riders…

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