2020 Yamaha Tenere 700 Unifilter Pre-Filter

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Unifilter have announced the availability of a new Tenere 700 pre-filter, a feature specific to Australian models, which comes supplied pre-oiled and ready to go, and simply fits over the end of the inlet snorkel and is held in place by a supplied re-usable zip tie. The pre-filter makes for an effective way to trap dirt before hitting the main filter, in a location that’s quick and easy to change on the road.

Unifilter Tenere Pre Filter AU Fitted Web
Unifilter pre-filter fitted to the Tenere 700

Spare pre-filter foams can also be carried in your bag or back pack to be quickly and easily swapped on very dusty rides after just removing the seat.

The Unfilter pre-filter is currently available for the 2020-on Yamaha Tenere 700 (XTZ690 T7) for $27.50 RRP (part number AU6250), with spare foam available separately for $15.00 RRP (part number AU6250FOAM).

Unifilter Tenere Pre Filter AU Web
The Unifilter pre-filter assembled

Unifilter air filters are available from all good motorcycle stores around Australia and New Zealand, and for best results use with Unifilter Filter Fix air filter oil.

Unifilter Tenere Pre Filter AU FOAM Web
Pre-filter foam can be purchased separately for $15

Unifilter’s heavy weight, mineral based red foam filter oil is available in a variety of options, from a 500ml bottle through to 20L and will not dry out like synthetic filter oils. Designed and made in Australia, you can purchase Unifilter Filter Fix in the following: UBHR02 500ml $17.50; UBHR03 1L $27.50; UBHR05 5L $85.00; UBHR20 20L $279.95.

Unifilter Tenere Pre Filter UBH Edit
Unifilter Filter Fix is also available for servicing your air filters and pre-filter

Here’s some Tenere 700 air filter care tips from Unfilter, to get the most out of your filters:

  • When refitting the lid of the air box, seal it with a coating of high temperature bearing grease.
  • When fixing the air box lid screws, screw all four down evenly, then tighten them snug, to ensure the air box lid seats squarely.
  • The bottom end of the snorkel inside the air box can be trimmed by 12mm to allow improved dust spread around the filter element, rather than concentrating dust on the very bottom of the element.