Yuki Ito claims ARRC Supersport Race 2 win

Rheza Danica Ahren takes 250 Production R2 win

Haziq Fairues dominates Underbone 150 class

Ito completes the job with Race 2 Supersport victory

Yuki Ito, who had been the first the ARRC’s Supersport contingent to learn the fastest way round The Bend’s 4.95km track layout, took a fully justified victory in Race 2 on Sunday.

The Supersport field sets off in Race 2 at The Bend Motorsport Park
The Supersport field sets off in Race 2 at The Bend Motorsport Park

There was a lot of pride at stake and tension on the grid after two red flags on Saturday had led Race 1 to be abandoned. Casualties from the previous day’s wreckage unable to make the start were Decha Kraisart and Broc Pearson, whose positions were filled by the riders who qualified behind them.

Yamaha Racing Asean’s Ito led the field into Turn 1, chased by Idemitsu Honda’s Taiga Hada, Yamaha Thailand’s resurgent Ratthapong Wilairot and Hong Leong Yamaha’s Kasma Daniel Kasmayuddin. A tense fight for supremacy was shorted, when Astra Honda’s Irfan Ardiansyah crashed at Turn 10 and the red flag was shown when marshals and paramedics were unable to get the bike and rider to safety in time.

The restarted race, to be run over eight laps, was led away by Kasma from Ratthapong and Ito, who had swapped places by the end of lap 1. Kasma’s moments  of glory ended on the third lap when he ran off the track and the rest of the pack swept past him.

Yuki Ito claimed the Supersport Race 2 win
Yuki Ito claimed the Supersport Race 2 win

Ratthapong was slightly off the pace of the leading Yamaha and ran out the rest of the race to claim his first podium in the class with a fine second from Ramdan Rosli, who made it a Yamaha 1-2-3 on the Hong Leong YZF-R6.

AP Honda Racing Thailand’s Keisuke Kurihara completed and excellent race in fourth from Keminth Kubo, Andi Farid Izdihar and another impressive rookie, Azroy Hakeem, who finished just ahead of Kasma.

Joe Francis, who rode the absent Anthony West’s WeBike Ikazuchi Yamaha, finished 10th, while the sole remaining Australian wildcard, Scott Nicholson came home in 14th position. Tom Toparis was forced to retire with a fried clutch.

Scott Nicholson

“I’m really happy to gain the experience of racing in the Asian Championship. Picking up a couple of points in my first international meeting is a bonus and a great way to start my international career.”

Tom Toparis

“The experience was good and I learnt a lot yesterday. The ARRC riders definitely showed me a different way of riding but I have enjoyed the experience and have learnt a lot to take with me up to Darwin for the next round of ASBK.”

Tom Toparis
Tom Toparis
ARRC 2018 - The Bend Motorsport Park - Supersport Race 2 Results
ARRC 2018 – The Bend Motorsport Park – Supersport Race 2 Results
Ito topped the Supersport podium from Wilairot and Rosli
Ito topped the Supersport podium from Wilairot and Rosli

Asia Supersport Championship Standings

  1. Anthony WEST 45
  2. Yuki ITO 42
  3. Azlan Shah KAMARUZAMAN 38
  4. Ratthapong WILAIROT 32
  5. Keminth KUBO 27
  6. Andi Farid IZDIHAR 26
  7. Thitipong WAROKORN 25
  8. Md Ramdan ROSLI 23
  9. Azroy Hakeem ANUAR 22
  10. Tomoyoshi KOYAMA 20
  11. Decha KRAISART 20
  12. Keisuke KURIHARA 16
  13. Ahmad YUDHISTIRA 16
  14. Taiga HADA 15
  15. Md Zaqhwan ZAIDI 14
  16. Kasma Daniel KASMAYUDIN 9
  17. Irfan ARDIANSYAH 9
  18. Joseph FRANCIS 7
  19. Md Muzakkir MOHAMED 4
  20. Passawit THITIVARARAK 4
  21. Muhammad Ibrahim NORRODIN 3
  22. Scott NICHOLSON 2
  23. Md Afiq AZMI 1

Astra Honda locks out podium in shortened AP250 contest

Indonesia’s Astra Honda completed a memorable weekend in South Australia for their AP250 team by converting their perfect front row into a perfect podium.

The 250 Production class saw an exciting Race 2
The 250 Production class saw an exciting Race 2

Rheza Danica Ahrens made a perfect start from pole position and literally never looked back to complete his first ever double win of the weekend. His 14-year-old team mate, Mario Suryo Aji, was slow off the grid and was lucky to stay upright as he clattered into Rafid Topan Sucipto in Turn 1, running wide and giving himself extra work to get back into contention from the middle of the pack.

By lap 3, ‘Super’ Mario had clambered back up second position and put the hammer down to get clear of an intense 10 bike battle. Anuparb Sarmoon, Rafid Topan, Andy Fadly and then Awhin Sanjaya took turns to lead the fight for third, before Muklada Sarapuech forced her way to the front and made a break for the final place on the podium, following a crash at Turn 1 on the eighth lap by Anggi Setiawan.

Ahrens took an early lead and never looked back
Ahrens took an early lead and never looked back

Fate took a hand when track marshals were not able to clear Anggi’s bike out of harm’s way and the red flag came out to stop the race. Positions were counted back to the end of lap 7 and, as more than two-thirds of race distance had been completed, results were declared, depriving Muklada of a likely third place and dropping her back to sixth, behind Awhin, Anuparb and Fadly. Ahmad Afif was seventh and Rafid Topan, Peerapong Boonlert and Krithaporn Kaewsonthi completed the top ten.

The results at the end of ARRC Round 2 leave Rheza on top of the championship ladder with 73 points, from Mario’s 66 and Anuparb’s 62, with Muklada a further one point behind her Thai compatriot.

ARRC 2018 - The Bend Motorsport Park - 250 Production Race 2 Results
ARRC 2018 – The Bend Motorsport Park – 250 Production Race 2 Results
Ahrens topped the Race 2 podium from Aju and Sanjaya
Ahrens topped the Race 2 podium from Aji and Sanjaya

Asia 250 Production Championship Standings

  1. Rheza Danica AHREN 73
  2. Mario Suryo AJI 66
  3. Anupab SARMOON 62
  4. Muklada SARAPUECH 51
  5. Rafid Topan SUCIPTO 46
  6. Andy Muhammad FADLY 42
  7. Peerapong BOONLERT 34
  8. Awhin SANJAYA 31
  9. Kritchaporn KAEWSONTHI 29
  10. Kanatan JAIMAN 29
  11. Anggi SETIAWAN 24
  12. Richard TAROREH 19
  13. Ahmad Afif AMRAN 17
  14. M. FAEROZI 14
  15. Md Hafiz Nor AZMAN 13
  16. Md Hafiza ROFA 4
  17. Anish Damodara SHETTY 2
  18. Md Khairul Ikhwan AJIS 1

Haziq leads Underbone 1-2-3 for UMA Racing

In a race full of surprises, Haziq Fairues took a convincing win in Underbone 150cc Race 2 at The Bend Motorsport Park on Sunday. In doing so he headed a podium lockout with UMA Racing Yamaha Maju Motor Asia team mates McKinley Kyle Paz and Akid Aziz.

Md Haziq Md Fairues took the Underbone 150 win
Md Haziq Md Fairues took the Underbone 150 win

The 17-year-old Malaysian made the most of starting from the outside of the front row to slot in behind the SCK Rapido Hi Rev Honda of Helmi Azman as the field went into Turn 1, the two of them immediately putting daylight between themselves and the chasing group. Working together, the two riders kept up the pace and had built up a lead of four seconds by the end of lap three. UMA Racing’s Filipino wildcard, McKinley Kyle Paz, spearheaded the chasing group, hounded by Affendi Rosli, Wahyu Aji Trilaksana, Gupita Kresna and others.

On lap four, 2016 champion, Wahyu Aji, went down after clipping the rear wheel of Akid Aziz , before straightening his handlebars and rejoining the race, eventually finishing 13th.

Helmi’s excellent weekend came to a halt along with his motorcycle on lap five when his engine let go, leaving Haziq to manage the lead for the remaining two laps to give himself a winning margin of 6.2 seconds. McKinley broke free as the rest of the pack leaving defending champion, Akid Aziz to fight off Yamalube SND’s Syahrul Amin and Gupita Kresna to win an historic 1-2-3 for UMA Racing.

Md Akid Aziz
Md Akid Aziz celebrates his podium placing position

Australian wildcard, Travis Hall, followed up his ninth place on Saturday, with a fighting 10th place in Race 2.

Team One for All’s Affendi Rosli finished sixth from Race 1 winner, Izzat Zaidi, who now heads the championship with 67 points to Helmi’s 56. Affendi moves to third with 44 points, three points ahead of Syahrul and Akid.

ARRC 2018 - The Bend Motorsport Park - Underbone 150 Race 2 Results
ARRC 2018 – The Bend Motorsport Park – Underbone 150 Race 2 Results

Asia Underbone 150 Championship Standings

  1. Md Izzat ZAIDI 67
  2. Md Helmi AZMAN 56
  3. Md Affendi ROSLI 44
  4. Md Akid AZIZ 41
  5. Syahrul AMIN 41
  6. Wahyu Aji TRILAKSANA 39
  7. Md Amirul Ariff MUSA 36
  8. McKinley Kyle PAZ 30
  9. Md Haziq Md FAIRUES 25
  10. Md. Aiman AZMAN 25
  11. Md Haeikal AKMAL 25
  12. Ahmad Fazli SHAM 25
  13. Fakhrusy Syakirin ROSTAM 19
  14. Md Adib ROSLEY 18
  15. Gupita KRESNA 17
  16. Travis HALL 13
  17. Nguyen Vu THANH 8
  18. Huynh Minh SANG 6
  19. Suttipat PATCHAREETRON 5
  20. Nattawut SUNGKIJSAWAD 3
  21. Suttipaj PATCHAREETRON 2