ASBK at Winton 2001-2008

With the next round of the 2019 Australian Superbike Championship set to take place early next month at Winton, I decided last night to trawl through some of the archives from Winton Motor Raceway and bring back some memories.

These images would be a mix of mine and some from the likes of Keith Muir, Phil Smith and Stephen Piper. 

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2001 Winton ASBK

Shawn Giles won all three Superbikes race at Winton in 2001 en route to his second championship title. Giles had also won both Superbike races at Winton the year before. 

ASBK Superbike Winton Shawn Giles
Shawn Giles – Winton 2001

2002 Winton ASBK

ASBK Superbike Winton Jamie Stauffer
Jamie Stauffer – Winton 2002

Jamie Stauffer won the Superbike round at Winton in 2002 from Shawn Giles and a teenage Josh Brookes. 

ASBK Superbike Winton Podium Stauffer Giles Brookes
2002 Superbike podium at Winton

Shawn Giles though made it three championships in a row when he took the title again in 2002. Shannon Johnson was the 2002 Australian Supersport Champion after winning the series by 98-points from Scott Charlton.  Johnson also won the RK Chains Samurai Trophy in 2002. 

Shannon Johnson Supersport Champ Samurai
Shannon Johnson won the 2002 Australian Supersport Championship and the RK Samurai Trophy

2003 Winton ASBK

Here is the Superbike podium from Winton in 2003 where a 20-year-old Shepparton rider Craig Coxhell emerged from the downpours as the new championship leader. Coxhell went on to win the championship that year. 

ASBK Superbike Winton Podium Stauffer P Coxhell P Charlton P
2003 Winton Superbike podium

Daniel Stauffer though was the round winner at Winton in 2003 while Scott Charlton rounded out the overall Superbike podium.

ASBK Superbike Winton Stauffer Giles Curtain
Daniel Stauffer leading Shawn Giles and Kevin Curtain at Winton in 2003

2004 Winton ASBK

ASBK Superbike Winton Bugden Cudlin Giles George
The Superbike field at Winton in 2004

Adam Fergusson did the Superbike/Supersport Championship double in 2004, a feat his team-mate Josh Brookes would emulate in season 2005. Here at Winton in 2004 we can see Shawn Giles leading Adam Fergusson, Shannon Johnson and Jamie Stauffer.  

ASBK Superbike Winton Giles Fergusson Johnson Stauffer
Shawn Giles leading the field at Winton in 2004

This next busy picture from Winton in 2004 shows Josh Brookes leading Adam Fergusson in a Supersport race in a 38-rider field that also included the likes of Josh Waters, Glenn Allerton, Jamie Stauffer, Russell Holland, David Anthony, Jordan and Deon Coote, Chris Seaton, Mark Aitchison, Jeremy Crowe, Brendan Clarke, Alex Cudlin, Robbie Baird and Judd Greedy, just to name a few….

ASBK Supersport Winton Brookes Fergusson
Winton Supersport – ASBK 2004

2005 Winton ASBK

Anthony Gobert was back in Australia and riding a Fireblade in the 2005 Australian Superbike Championship season and can be seen here ahead of Glenn Allerton, Robert Bugden, Shawn Giles and Josh Brookes.

ASBK Superbike Winton Gobert Allerton Bugden Giles Brookes
Anthony Gobert leads Robbie Bugden, Shawn Giles and Josh Brookes at Winton in 2005

It was Adam Fergusson though that won the Winton round from Robert Bugden and Daniel Stauffer.

ASBK Winton Adam Fergusson
Adam Fergusson won the Winton round in 2005

Both the Superbike and Supersport Championships in 2005 were wrapped up by Josh Brookes. 

ASBK Superbike Josh Brookes Supersport
Josh Brookes did the Superbike and Supersport Championship double in 2005

2006 Winton ASBK

ASBK Winton Giles Stauffer Bugden Holland
ASBK Superbike – Winton 2006

Jamie Stauffer won the Winton round of the Australian Superbike Championship in 2006 with pole position followed by two race victories over Robbie Bugden. Kiwi Andrew Stroud pipped Shawn Giles for third overall for the round.

ASBK Winton Jamie Stauffer Giles Bugden Holland Stroud Allerton
Jamie Stauffer leads Shawn Giles, Robbie Bugden, Russell Holland, Andrew Stroud and Glenn Allerton at Winton in 2006

The 2006 Australian Superbike Championship would also go to Jamie Stauffer by 56-points over Russell Holland. Stauffer also took the Supersport Championship in 2006, and successfully defended the Superbike #1 plate again in 2007. 

Australian Superbike Champion Jamie Stauffer
Jamie Stauffer did the Superbike and Supersport double in 2006 for Yamaha

2007 Winton ASBK

The Winton round of the 2007 Australian Superbike Championship was a double-header event with a full championship round held on Saturday, and then another championship round on Sunday.  

ASBK Winton Jamie Stauffer Dan
Jamie Stauffer won the Saturday at Winton in 2007

Jamie Stauffer won the Saturday Winton round ahead of brother Daniel, while Glenn Allerton’s two fourth place finishes earned him the third step on the rostrum.  On Sunday Jamie won the round from Craig Coxhell. 

ASBK Winton Dan Stauffer Jamie Giles Coxhell
Dan Stauffer leading Jamie Stauffer, Shawn Giles and Craig Coxhell at Winton in 2007

2008 Winton ASBK

In 2008 it was Daniel Stauffer’s turn to take the Winton round victory ahead of Craig Coxhell and Shawn Giles. Jamie had taken pole and the race one win but suffered a DNF in the second race.

ASBK Glenn Allerton Jason Ohalloran
Glenn Allerton leads Jason O’Halloran in 2008

The Australian Superbike Championship in 2008 went to Glenn Allerton (Honda) who took the first of his three ASBK Titles.

ASBK Champion Glenn Allerton
Glenn Allerton – 2008 Australian Superbike Champion
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