Asterisk Junior Cell Braces arrive July 1

As every rider knows racing and riding are serious business, and thus rider protection also deserves serious consideration. While Seniors are generally well catered for, often Junior competitors can be somewhat overlooked when it comes to the latest breakthroughs in rider protection.  Asterisk have recognised this and as a result have produced the Junior Cell Knee Protection System (brace), designed specifically to protect one of the most vulnerable joints for any off-road rider, their knees.

Asterisk Junior Cell
Asterisk Junior Cell Brace

The design includes a simple, stress-free fastening to create a comfortable and user-friendly brace for the pros of tomorrow, while the addition of a special guard in the hinge area also ensures the motorcycle is protected from any contact in that area at the same time.

Undersleeves and tethers are included, and one size fits all, with the Asterisk Junior Cell Brace available for $499.95 RRP.

Asterisk Junior Cell Braces features

    • Telescoping Three piece design
    • Easily removable
    • High impact Nylon 6 material
    • Full range of motion coverage of the knee cap
    • Thermo-Formed EV50 shock absorbent foam padding
  • A.N.I. FRAME
    • Anatomically correct design
    • Glass fill Nylon 6 Injected composite
    • Rigid & lightweight, impact distributing structure
Asterisk New Junior Cell
Asterisk Junior Cell Brace
    • Tracks the natural “rolling-gliding” motion of the knee joint
    • Accurate track hole pattern
    • Adjustable ext. regulator from 10º to 30º
    • Links the brace to the boot, making them as one
    • Transfers forces of a lower leg rotation
    • Adjustable to suit each individual
  • D.A.U. CUFF
    • Dual Adjustment accommodates leg growth
    • Uniform rigid lateral support
Asterisk New Junior Cell
Asterisk Junior Cell Brace
    • Standard adjustable strapping
  • DUAL STAGE PADDING (included with braces)
    • Neoprene lined frame for greater comfort
    • Comes in two thicknesses to accommodate leg growth
    • Two sizes of joint pads for individual adjustment
    • Non-corrosive metals
    • Non-corrosive composites
    • Hand washable soft materials
Asterisk New Junior Cell
Asterisk Junior Cell Brace
  • UNDERSLEEVES (included with braces)
    • Conically tapered cut to match the legs’ natural contour
    • Ventilated mesh promotes air flow
    • Reduces heat build up by wicking moisture away from skin
    • Flat stitched quad seam for a smooth, durable finish
    • Durable fold-over elastic band
  • Sizing – 26.064cm – 32.70cm (Adjustable padding included)
  • Junior Cell sizes – L-XL
  • Price – $499.95 RRP (pair)