Asia Road Racing Championship 2019

Round 4 – Suzuka Circuit

By Barry Russell & Nathan Russell

ARRC Rnd Japan Underbone Group ARRC Suzuka
Asia Road Racing Championship 2019 – Round 4, Suzuka

Of the 100 riders competing at Suzuka this year in the Asia Road Racing Championship, 17 were wildcards, from young Japanese riders looking for international experience to tough veterans of the All Japan series intending to teach the regular stars a lesson or two.

ARRC Rnd Japan Wet pits
Wet conditions added a further challenge -Asia Road Racing Championship 2019 – Round 4, Suzuka

Broc Parkes of Yamaha Racing ASEAN arrived at Suzuka leading the ASB 1000 Championship after retaining his position with second and fourth place finishes at Chang International in Round 3. Behind the Australian, Azlan Shah Kamuruzaman of ONEXOX TKKR SAG Team was heading to Japan on a wave of momentum after his double win at Buriram.

ARRC Rnd Japan Broc Parkes Grid ARRC Suzuka
Broc Parkes on the grid

Bryan Staring made his third appearance for Kawasaki Thailand, once again replacing the injured Thitipong Warakorn. Staring had placed seventh in both ASB 1000 races in the previous round.

14-year-old Travis Hall was returning to Suzuka for his second year in the Underbone 150 class, riding a Hi Rev SCK Honda Racing Team machine.

The premier ASB 1000 class was making its first appearance at the legendary Japanese track, having been announced there just one year ago.

ARRC Rnd Japan wet weather
Asia Road Racing Championship 2019 – Round 4, Suzuka

The full motorcycle circuit is 5.8 kilometres long, with 18 bends for the riders to manoeuvre. Suzuka has one of the most notable elevation changes in motorsport, with the highest point being at the infamous Spoon Curve, and the lowest 40 metres under it at turn 2, following the 900 metre, downhill straight.

ARRC Rnd Japan P Suzuka Map
Asia Road Racing Championship 2019 – Round 4, Suzuka

Uneasy weather looked set to play a part over the weekend, with rain forecast for all three days of racing.

ARRC Rnd Japan Pitlane girl Yamaha
Poor weather wreaked havoc with Race 2

Asia Superbike 1000

Broc Parkes’s experience and endurance racing credentials made this the closest thing to a home race for him in the ARRC calendar. With the far less familiar Zuhai, Sepang and Chang International circuits coming up for the last three rounds, Yamaha Racing ASEAN were aiming for nothing less than a double to set up his title run for the second half of the season.

By contrast, ASBK championship leader, Bryan Staring, was making his racing debut at the Suzuka Circuit, and therefore leaning on the advantage of superbike experience he held over most of the field.

ARRC Rnd Japan P Bryan Staring ARRC Suzuka
Bryan Staring – Asia Road Racing Championship 2019 – Round 4, Suzuka

Parkes’s main title rival, Azlan Shah Kamaruzaman, arrived at Suzuka with plenty of track time here too, from both the 8 Hours and holding the Supersport qualifying lap record, which he set in 2018.

Despite forecasts of rain and an overnight typhoon on Thursday, threatening clouds made way for blue skies on Friday, leaving a dry track and a sense of relief with teams and riders.

Honda Asia Dream Racing’s Zaqhwan Zaidi posted a strong 2:09.874 in free practice two to record the fastest time of the day, pipping Apiwath Wongthananon of Yamaha Thailand who stopped the clock at 2:09.893, and Yamaha ASEAN’s Yuki Ito who was less than a tenth further back.

ARRC Rnd Japan P Azlan Shah ARRC Suzuka
Azlan Shah Kamaruzaman – Asia Road Racing Championship 2019 – Round 4, Suzuka

Zaqhwan used track experience and skill to post the fastest time despite a heavy tumble in the third practice session, escaping unscathed. Similarly, Ito also crashed heavily in second practice but without injury.

Championship frontrunner Broc Parkes of Yamaha ASEAN placed fifth with a steady ride, under half-a-second off pacesetter Zaidi. Azlan Shah fared less well, placing seventh with a fastest lap time of 2:10.849, set in the third session of practice.

ARRC Rnd Japan P Zaqwan Zaidi ARRC Suzuka
Zaqwan Zaidi – Asia Road Racing Championship 2019 – Round 4, Suzuka

Kawasaki Thailand stand-in Bryan Staring ultimately finished twelfth, after wrecking his Kawasaki in FP1 and having to sit out FP2. Koji Teramoto of Teramoto@J-Trip was the best of the wildcards, recording the sixth fastest lap of the day in 2:10.84, under a second behind Zaidi.

Suzuka, as ever, had her say in free practice, claiming 28 fallers, the worst of which belonged to Yuki Ito, who broke an ankle and skinned his left little finger. However, Yuki’s well-tested lionhearted nature ruled out any suggestion him going home early. While podiums seemed unlikely, he resolved to ride for as many points as possible.

ARRC Rnd Japan Yuki Ito ARRC hero
Nothing could keep Yuki Ito down, racing despite injury – Asia Road Racing Championship 2019 – Round 4, Suzuka

Despite continuing rain forecasts, qualifying on Saturday also went ahead on a dry track. Zaqhwan continued his imperious run through to securing pole, improving his practice time by a hundredth of a second, relegating Yamaha Thailand teammates Ratthapong Wilairot and Apiwath Wongthananon to second and third.

Broc Parkes grabbed fourth spot, having been unable to better his practice time after losing much of the session due to a nasty crash on the spoon curve. The incident also caused plenty of damage to his Yamaha, placing his spot on the starting grid in jeopardy. His rival Azlan placed fifth, three-hundredths of a second down.

ARRC Rnd Japan Chaiwichit Nisakul Thitipong Warakorn ARRC Suzuka
Chaiwichit Nisakul with Thitipong Warakorn on the grid

Asia Superbike Race 1

The Suzuka veteran Broc Parkes claimed victory in his first race of the weekend, but he had to dig deep and use every morsel of his track knowledge to earn it following some mechanical issues.

ARRC Rnd Japan Azlan Shah Zaqhwan Zaidi ARRC Suzuka
Azlan Shah Kamaruzaman – Asia Road Racing Championship 2019 – Round 4, Suzuka

Broc Parkes was quick out the blocks, quickly overtaking Apiwath Wongthananon and Azlan Shah Kamarusaman and slotting in nicely to second place behind poleman Zaqhwan Zaidi. Ratthapong Wilairot fell backwards through the field, uncomfortable on a new Dunlop medium compound rolled out for Suzuka.

As pressure on Parkes mounted on lap three, he seemed to find a false neutral under braking the Spoon corner, causing him to run wide and dropping back behind Apiwat and Azlan. Suzuka debutant Bryan Staring overcame a difficult start to the weekend to carve through to forth in the opening scramble. Staring slipped down into fifth shortly after, succumbing to a determined Broc Parkes.

ARRC Rnd Japan ASB whole pack
Asia Superbikes – Asia Road Racing Championship 2019 – Round 4, Suzuka

Zaqhwan also dropped back following a mistake of his own, yielding first place to Azlan and second and third to Apiwat and Parkes respectively. Broc Parkes moved into second as Azlan’s BMW struggled with his soft compound tyre choice, and then into the lead with a blistering drive around the outside onto the start-finish straight.

Meanwhile, there was an ongoing battle behind the top three for fifth place between Kawasaki Thailand’s Bryan Staring and Yuki Ito. After momentarily regaining the lead Azlan was swiftly passed by Broc, who rode two fast laps to create an impregnable three-second lead.

ARRC Rnd Japan Broc Parkes Win ARRC Suzuka
Broc Parkes celebrates the win – Asia Road Racing Championship 2019 – Round 4, Suzuka

In the meantime, Zaqhwan recovered from his losses to take second place from Azlan, and wrestle Apiwat off the podium. Bryan Staring claimed fifth place from a threatening Yuki Ito, while Ratthapong trailed a further eight seconds back in seventh place in front of the weekend’s best Superbike wildcard, Belgian Bastien Mackels.

ARRC Rnd Japan P Bastien Mackels ARRC Suzuka
Belgian Bastien Mackels

Broc further entrenched his lead with this win to 130 points, 17 in front of his nearest rival Azlan, who held on to second place over Zaqhwan.

ARRC Rnd Japan Broc Parkes Zaqhwan Zaidi Azlan Shah ARRC Suzuka
Broc Parkes topped the Race 1 podium – Asia Road Racing Championship 2019 – Round 4, Suzuka

Asia Superbike Race 2

Despite an eventful afternoon interrupted by torrential rain, wildcard Shinichi Nakatomi of HiTMAN RC-KOUSHIEN Yamaha took a brilliantly judged win on a wet track in the second ASB 1000 race of the weekend.

ARRC Rnd Japan Nakatomi victory
Shinichi Nakatomi celebrates – Asia Road Racing Championship 2019 – Round 4, Suzuka

Sitting on pole position was Zaqhwan Zaidi of Honda Asia Dream Racing, who got off to a solid start, but was soon passed by Yamaha Thailand’s Ratthapong Wilairot, followed by Nakatomi, who astonishingly shot up the standing after starting ninth on the grid.

ARRC Rnd Japan Broc Parkes Bryan Staring ARRC Suzuka
Broc Parkes – Asia Road Racing Championship 2019 – Round 4, Suzuka

Championship leader Broc Parkes, and the injured but not broken Yuki Ito followed, while Azlan Shah slipped to eighth despite a fifth place start. Yamaha Thailand’s Apiwat who also fell down the places after a weak start.

Ratthapong gripped on to the lead until lap three, when Nakatomi stormed through, spraying water from the damp track as he went. The courageous Yuki Ito claimed second place from Ratthapong, who slipped back to fourth.

ARRC Rnd Japan Yuki Ito Shinichi Nakatomi Ratthapong Wilairot
Yuki Ito leads Shinichi Nakatomi and Ratthapong Wilairot – Asia Road Racing Championship 2019 – Round 4, Suzuka

At mid-distance Broc Parkes sat in fourth place, with a sizeable gap between himself and Ratthapong in third, but progressively wound him in and claimed the third spot. At the front of the race meanwhile, Nakatomi was fleetingly passed by Ito, before regaining his place and heading away through the spray to victory.

With two laps remaining, Broc began closing in on his teammate, the second placed Ito. On the last lap he got a good drive out of Spoon and carried past Ito.

ARRC Rnd Japan Broc Parkes ARRC Suzuka
Broc Parkes – Asia Road Racing Championship 2019 – Round 4, Suzuka

While remaining close, Ito had to settle for third. Ratthapong ultimately finished fourth, five seconds behind the podium finishers, with a similar gap between himself and the fifth place Zaqhwan Zaidi. Azlan found his way past Apiwat and Victor Racing’s Ahmad Yudhistira to claim sixth.

ARRC Rnd Japan P Ahmad Yudistira ARRC Suzuka
Ahmad Yudhistira took sixth – Asia Road Racing Championship 2019 – Round 4, Suzuka

Apiwat placed eighth, winning a battle for the place with Victor Racing’s Kazuma Tsuda and Chaiwichit Nisakul and Bryan Staring of Kawasaki Thailand.

Broc Parkes had played his home advantage well, gaining 45 points, and extending his points total to 150, 27 clear of his nearest rival, Azlan who came away with 26.

ARRC Rnd Japan Nakatomi Podium
Broc Parkes took runner up in Race 2 behind Nakatomi, with injured Vito third – Asia Road Racing Championship 2019 – Round 4, Suzuka


Pos Rider Make Time
1 B.Parkes YAMAHA 23m59.503
2 M.Zaghwan Zaidi HONDA 24m02.425
3 A.Shah Kamaruzaman BMW 24m02.593
4 A.Wongthananon YAMAHA 24m03.707
5 B.Staring KAWASAKI 24m06.223
6 Y.lIto YAMAHA 24m06.286
7 R.Wilairot YAMAHA 24m14.124
8 B.Mackels KAWASAKI 24m15.756
9 S,Nakatomi YAMAHA 24m20.135
10 K.Tsuda YAMAHA 24m16.739
11 C.Nisakul KAWASAKI 24m50.056
12 T Joseph DUCATI 24m50.323
13 A.Adriansyah BMW 25m12.245
14 J.Serrapica DUCATI 26m18.454
DNF A.Yudhistira Yamaha 22m04.521
DNF K.Teramoto BMW 7m07.219
Pos Rider Make Total
1 S.Nakatomi YAMAHA 26m48.314
2 B.Parkes YAMAHA 26m50.448
3 Vito YAMAHA 26m50.898
4 R.Wilairot YAMAHA 26m56.597
5 M aqhwan Zaidi HONDA 27m04.355
6 A.Shah Kamaruzaman BMW 27m10.335
7 A.Yudhistira YAMAHA 27m13.115
A.Wongthartanon YAMAHA 27m27.066
9 K.Tsuda YAMAHA 27m28.056
10 C.Nisakul KAWASAKI 27m29.684
11 B.Staring KAWASAKI 27m30.591
12 B.Mackels KAWASAKI 27m56.688
13 T.Joseph DUCATI 27m58.356
14 K.Teramoto BMW 28m16.168
15 J.Serrapica DUCATI 29m22.685
DNS A.Adriansyah BMW DNS
Pos Name Nat Make Total
1 Broc Parkes AUS Yamaha 150
2 Azlan Shah Kamaruzaman MAS BMW 123
3 Md Zaqhwan Zaidi MAS Honda 115
4 Apiwat Wongthananon THA Yamaha 97
5 Yuki Ito JPN Yamaha 95
6 Bryan Staring AUS Kawasaki 79
7 Ratthapong Wilairot THA Yamaha 74
8 Ahmad Yudhistira INA Yamaha 57
9 Timothy Joseph Cua Alberto PHI Ducati 44
10 Thitipong Warokorn THA Kawasaki 40
11 Farid Badrul Hisham MAS BMW 35
12 Shinichi Nakatomi JPN Yamaha 32
13 Kazuma Tsuda JPN Yamaha 27
14 Chaiwichit Nisakul THA Kawasaki 25
15 Jonathan Serrapica SUI Ducati 24
16 Bastien Mackels BEL Kawasaki 12
17 K. Rajini Krishnan IND Yamaha 8
18 Yannis Shaw AUS Kawasaki 8
19 Stephanie Redman AUS Yamaha 4
20 Ali Andriansyah Rusmiputro INA BMW 3
21 Koji Teramoto JPN BMW 2
22 Mason Coote AUS Kawasaki 0

Supersport 600

Championship leader Peerapong Boonlert of Yamaha Thailand Racing Team went to Suzuka intending to beat a 14-year ARRC record of seven consecutive wins. Peerapong had exercised complete dominance over the 600 class, having won all six races of the season so far, and holding over double the points of his nearest rival. The Thai is also a two-time winner of the Suzuka 4 Hours Endurance race, further emphasising his advantage.

Despite strong showings in all three practices, Peerapong found himself edged out in Practice 2 by ONEXOX’s Ramdan Rosli, and more astonishingly by wildcard Soichiro Minamimoto of AKENOSPEED-Yamaha in Practice 3. Minamimoto set the fastest time of the day, lapping in 2:14.046 in Practice 3, narrowly overcoming Peerapong’s impressive 2:14.107 in the same session.

ARRC Rnd Japan Peerapong Boonlert
Peerapong Boonlert – Asia Road Racing Championship 2019 – Round 4, Suzuka

Minamimoto’s impressive and consistent showings in all three practice sessions made him look set to be Peerapong’s biggest challenge come Saturday and Sunday’s racing.

Qualifying saw a noticeable improvement in lap times, with the smooth, fast Peerapong leading the way with an impressive 2:13.248, pipping the striving Minamimoto by a tenth of a second. Hong Leon Yamaha Malaysia’s Kasma Daniel took the final front row spot, four tenths of a second down on the Japanese wildcard.

Peerapong’s distant but closest adversary Andi Farid Izdihar of Astra Honda seemed off colour in qualifying, nearly two seconds off the championship leader’s electric pace.

Supersport 600 Race 1

ARRC Rnd Japan Peerapong Boonlert Ramdan Rosli ARRC Suzuka
Peerapong Boonlert leading Ramdan Rosli – Asia Road Racing Championship 2019 – Round 4, Suzuka

Soichiro Minamimoto of AKENOSPEED Yamaha used his momentum from two fantastic performances in practice and qualifying to carry him to a surprise win in the first Supersport 600 race of the weekend. In doing so, he denied the consistent Peerapong Boonlert of Yamaha Thailand a would-be record-equalling seventh consecutive victory in the Asia Road Racing Championship.


ARRC Rnd Japan Soichiro Minamimoto Win ARRC Suzuka
Soichiro Minamimoto claimed the Race 1 win – Asia Road Racing Championship 2019 – Round 4, Suzuka

The championship leader Peerapong Boonlert had a fantastic start, asserting his lead over his rivals, and was seemingly on his usual, unstoppable form. The impressive wildcard Soichiro Minamimoto, who had a striking qualifying and practice, suffered from a meager start, whilst Peerapong and Kasma Daniel Kasmayuddin of Hong Leong Yamaha Malaysia led the race.

By the mid-point, it was clear that Peerapong was struggling with a handling issue, causing him to struggle to hold his line on Suzuka’s long curves. Second placed Kasma Daniel closed the gap and piled the pressure on Peerapong, and was joined shortly after by Soichiro Minamimoto in a three-way battle for the win.

ARRC Rnd Japan Soichiro Minimamoto Kasma Daniel Peerapong Boonlert
Soichiro Minimamoto took the Race 1 win from Kasma Daniel and Peerapong Boonlert – Asia Road Racing Championship 2019 – Round 4, Suzuka

Kasma soon passed the Yamaha Thailand rider, and was briskly followed by Minamimoto, who took the lead on the penultimate lap. The wildcard quickly created some distance between himself and Kasma, securing an astonishing victory and denying Peerapong’s tilt at history.

Supersport 600 Race 2

Yamaha Thailand’s Minamimolo won the wettest race of the weekend, deploying the best of his measured, stoic style to put the previous day’s troubles behind him. The contest was shortened to five laps following a red flag due to heavy rainfall, followed by a long delay before the restart.

ARRC Rnd Japan Peerapong Okuda
Peerapong leads Okuda – Asia Road Racing Championship 2019 – Round 4, Suzuka

Peerapong led from the restart, but faced plenty of challenges from the chasing pack of Kasma Daniel, Minamimoto, Battle Factory’s Yuto Sano and wildcard Kyusuke Okuda of Team MF & Kawasaki.

Kasma led the group, and lost ground to the leader on lap two as Minamimoto and Okuda contested second place. This allowed Peerapong to increase his lead until Okuda got past Minamimoto, and chased down the leader.

Once Okuda had reached Peerapong, the two were lapping two-seconds faster than the rest of the field. They engaged in a nail-biting ‘cat and mouse’ battle for the front. Peerapong gripped the lead firmly, using his cool head and some clever lines to see off Okuda’s challenge. Peerapong crossed the line a tenth ahead of the wildcard, who finished a comfortable five-seconds clear of third place Minamimoto, who claimed his second podium of the weekend.

ARRC Rnd Japan Soichiro Minamimoto ARRC Suzuka
Soichiro Minamimoto returned to the podium in Race 2

Kasma took fourth ahead of Astra Honda’s Andi Farid Izdihar, Yuto Sano, Passawit Thitivararak of AP Honda Thailand, wildcard Hanshin Riding School + Nankai’s Katsuto Sano, Kota Arakawa of Motobum Honda and Musasi Boon Siew Honda’s Helmi Azman, who completed the top ten.

Peerapong further ingrained his lead in the standings, now with 191 points after claiming 41 at Suzuka. He stands 93 points of clear of Kasma in second place, who is 15 points up on Andi Farid.

ARRC Rnd Japan Peerapong team
Peerapong Boonlert celebrated with his team extending his championship lead


Pos Rider Bike Total
1 S.Minamimolo YAMAHA 22m23.031
2 K.Daniel Kasmayudin YAMAHA 22m23.836
3 P.Boonlert YAMAHA 22m26.289
4 Y.Sano HONDA 22m33.949
5 M.Adam Mohd Norrod YAMAHA 22m23.952
6 K.Okuda KAWASAKI 22m34.119
7 P.LAtif Amran YAMAHA 22m40.973
8 R.DanIca Ahrens HONDA 22m41.889
9 K.Kaewsonthi HONDA 22m46.478
10 P.Thitivararak HONDA 22m46.744
11 M.Helmi Azman HONDA 22m47.112
12 K.Sano KAWASAKI 22m47.349
13 F.Syakirin Rostam YAMAHA 22m47.522
14 J.Orellana Malloy YAMAHA 22m53.765
15 A.Farid lzdihar HONDA 23m06.597
16 L.Taylor MacDonald YAMAHA 23m29.585
17 M.Sai YAMAHA 23m58.292
DNF R.Toshlma YAMAHA 20m44.685
DNF A.Hakeem Anuar HONDA 2m748.161
DNF M.Ramdan Rosli YAMAHA 2m16.567
DNF K.Arakawa HONDA /
Pos Rider Bike Total
1 P.Boonlert YAMAHA 12m15.719
2 K.Okuda KAWASAKI 12m15.834
3 S.Minamimoto YAMAHA 12m21.000
4 K.Daniel Kasmayudin YAMAHA 12m25.318
5 A.Farid Izdihar HONDA 12m31.687
6 Y.Sano HONDA 12m33.740
7 P.Thitivararak HONDA 17m48.220
8 K.Sano KAWASAKI 12m48.614
9 K.Arakawa HONDA 12m48.789
10 M.Helmi Azman HONDA 12m52.852
11 J.Oreltana Malloy YAMAHA 12m58.441
12 R.Danica Ahrens HONDA 13m00.959
13 F,Syakirin Rostam YAMAHA 13m03.741
14 K.Kaewsonthi HONDA 13m06.193
15 R.Toshima YAMAHA 13m06.874
16 M.SaI YAMAHA 13m15.149
17 L.Taylor MacDonald YAMAHA 14m42.745
DNF M.Adam Mohd Norrod YAMAHA 9m10.141
DNF A.Afrf Amran YAMAHA 5m01.650
DNF M.Ramdan Rosli YAMAHA 2m35.890
ONE A.Hakeem Anuar HONDA /
Pos Rider Nat Bike Total
1 Peerapong Boonlert THA Yamaha 191
2 Kasma Daniel Kasmayudin MAS Yamaha 98
3 Andi Farid Izdihar INA Honda 83
4 Muhamad Adam Mohd Norro MAS Yamaha 80
5 Azroy Hakeem Anuar MAS Honda 69
6 Md Helmi Azman MAS Honda 58
7 Ahmad Afif Amran MAS Yamaha 57
8 Passawit Thitivararak THA Honda 50
9 Md Ramdan Rosli MAS Yamaha 49
10 Rheza Danica Ahrens INA Honda 48
11 Soichiro Minamimoto JPN Yamaha 41
12 Kritchaporn Kaewsonthi THA Honda 38
13 Javier Orellana Malloy ESP Yamaha 35
14 Fakhrusy Syakirin Rostam MAS Yamaha 35
15 Kyusuke Okude JPN Kawasaki 30
16 Md Ibrahim Md Norrodin MAS Yamaha 29
17 Yuto Sano JPN Honda 23
18 Liam Taylor MacDonald NZL Yamaha 22
19 Katsuto Sano JPN Kawasaki 12
20 Md Akid Aziz MAS Yamaha 11
21 Ma Sai CHN Yamaha 8
22 Kota Arakawa JPN Honda 7
23 Md Khairul Ikhwan Ajis MAS Yamaha 4
24 Rei Toshima JPN Yamaha 1
25 Troy Jacob Cua Alberto PHI Honda 0

Asia Production 250

AP Honda Racing Thailand’s Muklada Sarapuech arrived at Suzuka as the leader of the 250 class marginally ahead of Manual Tech KYT Kawasaki’s Andy Fadly. Both sit on 86 points, but Muklada was on top thanks to two wins to Fadly’s one.

ARRC Rnd Japan P Muklada Sarapuech Liu Junmei ARRC Suzuka
Muklada Sarapuech leading Liu Junmei – Asia Road Racing Championship 2019 – Round 4, Suzuka

Andy Fadly sat on top of the 250 class combined practice leader board, setting the fastest time in all three practices on Friday, and pressurising current leader Muklada. Fadly set the fastest time of the day in Practice 2, lapping in 2:28.450.

Championship leader Muklada Sarapeuch meanwhile placed fifth on Friday, with a fastest time of 2:29.639 in Practice 2. Her teammate Piyawat Patoomyos closely followed in sixth, lapping in 2:29.686.

Irfan Ardiansyah of the previously supreme Astra Honda team placed an impressive second in combined practice with a time of 2:29.382 in FP2. Teammate Lucky Hedriansya did not get the same good fortune, placing fourteenth.

ARRC Rnd Japan Irfan Ardiansyah ARRC Suzuka
Irfan Ardiansyah – Asia Road Racing Championship 2019 – Round 4, Suzuka

Honda Racing Vietnam’s Cao Viet Nam suffered a concussion in the second practice session, and therefore did not start Practice 3, ruling him out of the weekend’s action.

The qualifying session for the 250 class brought an epic three-way battle between Andy Fadly, Bike Corner SYS KYT’s Rafid Topan Sucipto and Irfan Ardiansyah for pole position. Irfan held pole for the majority of the session with a time of 2:29.685, prior to Fadly continuing his superb Suzuka form and demoting him to the second spot.

Fadly held pole until the chequered flag, when Topan astoundingly beat his time by three-tenths of a second, securing Pole and the psychological advantage in the knowledge that he had ended Fadly’s perfect run, albeit by the narrowest of margins.

ARRC Rnd Japan Andy Fadly Katsuake Fujiwara ARRC Grid Suzuka
Andy Fadly on the grid starting from P2 – Asia Road Racing Championship 2019 – Round 4, Suzuka

Muklada bagged a place on the end of the second row, qualifying in the sixth fastest time of 2:30.461, placing further pressure on her retention of her narrow championship lead. Teammate Piyawat Patoomyos qualified further down the leader board in twelfth place.

Contender Aiki Iyoshi of KYT Kawasaki had a calamitous qualifying session, leaving him at the back of the starting grid, in thirtieth place.

Despite an incident with BRP Racing’s Kevin Johnson in Practice 3 causing some medical concern, Tatchakorn Buasri of AP Honda lined up on Saturday morning for qualifying, gaining fifteenth spot on the grid.

Asia Production 250 Race 1

Despite carrying a 500rpm ‘equaliser’ cut to his rev limit and his defeat to Rafid Topan Sucipto of Bike Corner in qualifying on Saturday morning, Andy Fadly left his opponents in his wake in Race 1.

ARRC Rnd Japan P Andy Fadly ARRC Suzuka
Andy Fadly – Asia Road Racing Championship 2019 – Round 4, Suzuka

Topan started well from pole position, but was passed by Fadly at turn one. Muklada was third, and locked in battle with five Indonesian riders, Irfan Ardiansyah, Awhin Sanjaya and Lucky Hendriansya of Astra Honda, Topan and ONEXOX’s Rey Ratukore, who looked more intimidating each time he braked for the final chicane.

Struggling with handling issues, Muklada was unable to reach the front of the group and secure a podium position. Fadly passed the chequered flag 2.6 seconds ahead of Irfan, who had created enough of a gap to secure second place relatively unchallenged. Ratukore claimed third over Awhin, Muklada and Lucky. Rafid Topan ultimately placed seventh.

ARRC Rnd Japan Andy Fadly ARRC Suzuka
Andy Fadly on the Race 1 podium – Asia Road Racing Championship 2019 – Round 4, Suzuka

This victory secured Andy Fadly the leadership of the 250 class, and presented him a healthy lead over closest rival, Muklada.

Asia Production 250 Race 2

Awhin Sanjaya of Astra Honda stood above the rest in the second race of the day, keeping a calm, cool head to win by a sizeable margin in wet conditions. It was a good day for the Indonesian team, as Irfan Ardiansyah took second place, and another good day for championship leader Andy Fadly of KYT Kawasaki, finishing third and furthering the gap between himself and championship rival AP Honda’s Muklada Sarapuech, who did not finish the race.

ARRC Rnd Japan Wet race
Riders braved the wet conditions – Asia Road Racing Championship 2019 – Round 4, Suzuka

Rafid Topan Sucipto converted pole position into an early lead, resisting challenges from Irfan, Muklada and Piyawat Patoomyos of AP Honda, as well as ONEXOX’s Rey Ratukore and Fadly.

Muklada crashed on the second lap when she seemed to grab the front brake too hard and her race was done. This left Fadly with relatively little pressure, just needing to gain a reasonable amount of points to consolidate his lead over Muklada in the standings.

ARRC Rnd Japan Sanajaya leads
Awhin Sanjaya – Asia Road Racing Championship 2019 – Round 4, Suzuka

At the halfway point, Ratukore began falling back down the field, while Awhin got past Irfan to gain second place and Fadly got ahead of Piyawat. Meanwhile, 16-year-old Yamaha Thailand rookie, Sawapol Lillabong, made his way up the field and fight for a podium place.

Topan fell out of the lead on the seventh lap, leaving Awhin in the clear, finishing the race four seconds clear of teammate Irfan, who took second from Fadly, Piyawat and Suwapol. Despite a disastrous qualifying session that left him at the bottom of the starting grid, Aiki Iyoshi stormed through to finish in the sixth spot.

ARRC Rnd Japan Sanjaya win
Awhin Sanjaya claims the win in Race 2 – Asia Road Racing Championship 2019 – Round 4, Suzuka

Fadly’s first and third place finishes at Suzuka increased his tally to 127 points, 23 clear of Astra Honda’s Aiwin and Irfan. Muklada now finds herself in fourth, 30 points down on Fadly.

ARRC Rnd Japan Andy Fadly Ahmad Yudhistira Hug Suzuka
Andy Fadly retained his overall AP250 championship lead


Pos Rider Make Total
1 A.Muhammad Fadly KAWASAKI 19m59.715
2 I.Ardiansyah HONDA 20m02.315
3 R.Chrisantho Ratukore YAMAHA 20m03.153
4 A.Sanjaya HONDA 20m03.241
5 M.Sarapuech HONDA 20m03.275
6 L.Hendriansya HONDA 20m03.299
7 R.Topan Sucipto HONDA 20m03.524
8 P.Patoomyos HONDA 20m03.746
9 M.Faerozi Toregottullah YAMAHA 20m04.000
10 N.Sasaki HONDA 20m04.110
11 Nizzat Md Bahauddin YAMAHA 20m06.184
12 M.Muzakkir Mohamed YAMAHA 20m09.753
13 M.Izam lima! KAWASAKI 20m17.140
14 T.Buasri HONDA 20m18.066
15 S.Rajiv HONDA 20m18.136
16 A.Setiawan YAMAHA 20m18.258
17 Y.Kasai HONDA 20m24.111
18 0.Tanimoto YAMAHA 20m24.311
19 S.Nillapong YAMAHA 20m73.746
20 S.Mori HONDA 20m33.980
21 K.Tomita HONDA 20m44.484
22 S.Syazras Shahrol Yuzy HONDA 20m44.708
23 M.Nakahara HONDA 20m57.320
24 L.Junmei YAMAHA 20m57.837
25 K.Goto KAWASAKI 20m58.142
26 M.Harith Haziq Zamri KAWASAKI 21m72.040
27 S.Johnson KAWASAKI 21m72.158
28 S.Chandrasekaran HONDA 22m39.829
DNF S Patchaeelron YAMAHA DNF
Pos Rider Make Total
1 A.Sanjaya HONDA 21m52.015
2 L. Ardiansyah HONDA 21m56.116
3 A. Muhammad Fadly KAWASAKI 21m57.084
4 P.Patoomyos HONDA 21m57.199
5 S.Nillapong YAMAHA 21m59.274
6 A.Iyoshi KAWASAKI 22m01.564
7 M.lzam lkmal KAWASAKI 22m12.748
8 R.Chrisanlho Ratukore YAMAHA 22m13.108
9 O.Tanimoto YAMAHA 22m13.423
10 S.Mori HONDA 22m13.701
11 A.Setiawan YAMAHA 22m14.524
12 K.Tomita HONDA 22m22.555
13 S.Patchaeetron YAMAHA 22m29.531
14 S.Rajiv HONDA 22m35.036
15 K.Goto KAWASAKI 22m37.799
16 L.Junmei YAMAHA 22m38.489
17 N.Izzat Md Bahauddin YAMAHA 23m06.881
18 M.Nakahara HONDA 23m07.207
19 M.Harith Haziq Zamri KAWASAKI 23m40,669
20 S.Chandrasekaran HONDA 23m44.402
21 L. Hendriansya HONDA 23m23.945
DNF N.Sasaki HONDA 19m6.740
DNF R.Topan Sucipto HONDA 16m22.103
DNF T.Buasri HONDA 17’m0.844
DNF Y.Kasai HONDA 14m21.276
DNF M.Muzakkir Mohamed YAMAHA 11m25.465
DNF S.Syazras Shahrol Yuzy HONDA 10m08.483
DNF M.Faerozi Toreqottullah YAMAHA 5m32.167
DNF M.Sarapuech HONDA /
DNS C.Viet Nam HONDA /
Pos Rider Nat Bike Total
1 Andy Muhammad Fadly  INA Kawasaki 127
2 Irfan Ardiansyah INA Honda 104
3 Awhin Sanjaya INA Honda 104
4 Muklada Sarapuech  THA Honda 97
5 Aiki Iyoshi  JPN Kawasaki 88
6 Tatchakorn Buasri THA Honda 76
7 Lucky Hendriansya INA Honda 71
8 Reynaldo Christiano Ratukore INA Yamaha 66
9 Muhammad Faerozy Toreqqo INA Yamaha 63
10 Piyawat Patoomyos THA Honda 58
11 Md Muzakkir Mohamed MAS Yamaha 44
12 Nazirul Izzat Mohd Bahauddin MAS Yamaha 36
13 Rafid Topan INA Honda 28
14 Cao Viet Nam VIE Honda 27
15 Sethu Rajiv IND Honda 25
16 Muhammad Izam Ikmal MAS Kawasaki 20
17 Anggi Setiawan INA Yamaha 20
18 Sawapol Lillabong THA Yamaha 17
19 Suttipat Patchaeetron THA Yamaha 16
20 Otojirou Tanimoto JPN Yamaha 7
21 Nobuteru Sasaki JPN Honda 6
22 Shunya Mori JPN Honda 6
23 Kazuki Tomita JPN Honda 4
24 Chiou Ke-Lung TPE Honda 4
25 Senthil Chandrasekaran IND Honda 2
26 Shahrol ShazrasShahrol Yuzy MAS Honda 2
27 Md Sharul Ezwan Mohd Shar MAS Kawasaki 1
28 Keiji Goto JPN Kawasaki 1
29 Yuta Kasai JPN Honda 0
30 Kevin Johnson THA Kawasaki 0
31 Stewart Johnson THA Kawasaki 0
32 Liu Junmei TPE Yamaha 0
33 Allan Harris Herman MAS Kawasaki 0
34 Mui Nakahara JPN Honda 0
35 Md Harith Haziq Zamri MAS Kawasaki 0

Underbone 150

Coming in to Suzuka, McKinley Kyle Paz of UMA Racing YAMAHA Philippine Team held a points total of 56 points. His closest rival, Wawan Wello of SND Factory Rapido, is in close pursuit with 51 points.

ARRC Rnd Japan Peerapong Luiboonpeng ARRC Suzuka
Peerapong Luiboonpeng – Asia Road Racing Championship 2019 – Round 4, Suzuka

Peerapong Luiboonpeng of Team One For All led combined practice, clocking 2:36.723, which was the fastest time of the day for the monos. Peerapong led UMA Racing Yamaha’s Haziq Fairues by a convincing nine-tenths of a second. Current leader McKinley Kyle Paz placed fourth in the combined practice, a second down on Peerapong’s leading time.

The usual suspects finished in the top 15, with a notable inclusion of 13-year-old Japanese rider Gun Mie, finishing in twelfth with a time of 2:38.555.

Notable absences from the top 15 included Ahmad Fazli Sham, who won in race 2 at the Chang International in the previous round. He disappointingly finished eighteenth, and missed the cut.

ARRC Rnd Japan P ARRC Suzuka Underbone
Underbone 150 – Asia Road Racing Championship 2019 – Round 4, Suzuka

Also missing was Richie Taroreh, who managed an impressive second place finish in race 1 at Buriram, yet placed nineteenth in qualifying after struggling with the complex Suzuka Circuit. Shockingly former two-time underbone champion Gupita Kresna also did not make the cut despite performing well in Suzuka last year with a first and third place finish, and setting the lap record. 15-year-old Travis Hall finished in twenty third, four seconds down on Aziz, after breaking down and parking in the gravel.

ARRC Rnd Japan Underbone Group ARRC Suzuka
Underbone 150 – Asia Road Racing Championship 2019 – Round 4, Suzuka

The top 15 fought for grid positions in Saturday morning’s Superpole contest. UMA Yamaha Asia rider Akid Aziz posted the fastest time of 2:39.065 following a trailing practice day, just under three tenths of a second in front of practice leader Peerapong. McKinley Kyle Paz placed seventh, increasing the pressure to retain his lead later that afternoon.

13-year-old Gun Mie of HI REV SCK Honda posted the ninth fastest time, nearly three seconds down on the high pace set by Aziz. However, drama was not completely avoided, with ONEXOX TKKR SAG’s Wahyu Ali Trilaksana’s bike experiencing a mechanical error, therefore preventing a lap time from being posted.

ARRC Rnd Japan ARRC Underbone Suzuka
Underbone 150 – Asia Road Racing Championship 2019 – Round 4, Suzuka

Underbone 150 Race 1

SND Factory Racing’s Gupita Kresna made up for a poor qualifying performance, which saw him start from 22nd position on the grid, to take a brilliantly judged win in Underbone 150 race one which saw almost half the riders who started lead the race at some point.

ARRC Rnd Japan Gupita Kresna Wawan Wello ARRC Suzuka
Gupita Kresna celebrates with Wawan Wello – Asia Road Racing Championship 2019 – Round 4, Suzuka

In the morning’s Superpole contest, Akid Aziz, Friday’s fastest qualifier, confirmed his provisional pole position with a near perfect lap of 2’39.065 ahead of Peerapong Luiboonpeng and Wahyu Nugroho. Wahyu Aji Trilaksana broke down on his superpole lap and started 15th. 13 year-old Gun Mie impressed by qualifying ninth.

ARRC Rnd Japan Underbone Group ARRC Suzuka
Asia Road Racing Championship 2019 – Round 4, Suzuka

The first half of the six lap race saw UMA Racing Yamaha’s Akid Aziz contesting the lead with Ahmad Fazli Sham, Wawan Wello, Peerapong Luiboonpeng, Haziq Fairues, McKinley Kyle Paz and Wahyu Aji. With two laps remaining, Gupita completed his charge through the field to lead briefly, before settling into the first four of the leading group.

ARRC Rnd Japan P ARRC Underbone ARRC Suzuka
Underbone 150 – Asia Road Racing Championship 2019 – Round 4, Suzuka

As the leaders fanned out at the final chicane, Gupita placed himself perfectly to get ahead of team-mate, Wawan and Wahyu Aji to add another win at Suzuka to his resume.

It was an impressive team performance for SND Factory, as Syaruhl Amin finished fourth. Peerapong crossed the line fifth ahead of Fazli Sham and Amirul Ariff Musa. Non finishers included Gun Mie, Kyle Paz and both RCB YY Pang Yamahas of Adib Rosley and Izzat Zaidi.

ARRC Rnd Japan Gupita Kresna Wawan Wello Wahyu Aji Trilaksana ARRC Suzuka
Gupita Kresna tops the podium from Wawan Wello and Aji Trilaksana – Asia Road Racing Championship 2019 – Round 4, Suzuka

Wawan Wello’s second place finish won him the championship lead with 71 points, 15 up on former leader McKinley Kyle Paz.

Underbone 150 Race 2

An inspired performance from 13-year-old Aldi Satya Mahendra at a rain-soaked Suzuka saw him become the youngest ever winner of an ARRC race in the championship’s 23-year history.

ARRC Rnd Japan UB Front pack
Underbone 150 Race 2 – Asia Road Racing Championship 2019 – Round 4, Suzuka

After the scheduled start was delayed while oil dropped on the track on the sighting lap by Gupita Kresna was cleared up, Aldi made his presence felt from the start, staying within the top half of a group of eight bikes that broke away at the front.

By the end of lap two, it was clear that Aldi and YY Pang’s Adib Rosley were making the best of the conditions, while Akid Aziz and Fazli Sham moved up the order ahead of Team One for All’s Peerapong Luiboonpeng and Affendi Rosley. Meanwhile, half the 30 starters fell by the wayside. Gupita’s mechanical problem at the start prevented him from reaching the start line.

ARRC Rnd Japan P Idlam Haqimi ARRC Suzuka Crash
Idlam Haqimi was one of many DNF results across the weekend – Asia Road Racing Championship 2019 – Round 4, Suzuka

Adib spent most of the race at the front, but Aldi kept the pressure on and moved ahead on the last lap and held his advantage through the final chicane and on to the chequered flag to win by 0.297 from the red Yamaha, with Fazli close behind in third, just beating Akid to the final podium spot. Five seconds back, Affendi was fifth just ahead of Said, while Peerapong, Richie Taroreh, Haziq Fairues and Fitri Ashraff Razali completed the top ten.

ARRC Rnd Japan Mahendra crosses finish
Satya Mahendra crossing the Race 2 finish line – Asia Road Racing Championship 2019 – Round 4, Suzuka

Despite being among the non-finishers, SND’s Wawan Wello still leads the standings with 71 points to the 59 held by both McKinley Kyle Paz and Akid Aziz.

Young Travis Hall of HI REV SCK Honda did not finish the race, joining thirteen other casualties, taken by the poor weather conditions.


Pos Rider Bike Total
1 G.Kresna YAMAHA 16m02.232
2 W.Wetto HONDA 16m02.278
3 W.Aji Trilaksana YAMAHA 16m02.544
4 S.Amin YAMAHA 16m02.888
5 P.Luiboonpeng YAMAHA 16m03.169
6 A.Fazli Sham YAMAHA 16m03.570
7 M.Amirul Ariff Musa HONDA 16m03.600
8 R.Md Said YAMAHA 16m03.722
9 M.Murobbil Vitoni YAMAHA 16m04.083
10 M.Aiman Azman HONDA 16m04.237
11 M.Fitri Ashraff Razali YAMAHA 16m04.641
12 M.Faiz Zekri Sabri YAMAHA 16m04.677
13 M.Akid Aziz YAMAHA 16m12.710
14 F.Masato YAMAHA 16m5.340
15 M.Izzat Md Raduan YAMAHA 16m15.803
16 W.Nugroho YAMAHA 16m16.224
17 M.Affendi Rosli YAMAHA 16m16.292
18 T.Hall HONDA 16m17.047
19 M.Idlan Haqimi Raduan HONDA 16m17.412
20 N.Duc Thanh HONDA 17m06.718
DNF R.Richie Taroreh YAMAHA 13m21.109
DNF A.Satya Mahendra YAMAHA 13m21.655
DNF M.Agung Fachrul YAMAHA 13m21.975
DNF M.Kyle Paz YAMAHA 10m41.770
DNF G.Mie HONDA 10m42.810
DNF M.Izzat Zaidi YAMAHA 10m42.852
DNF M.Ad ib Rosley YAMAHA 2’m0.235
DNF M.Haziq Md Fairues YAMAHA 2’m0.888
DNF N.Vu Thanh HONDA 2’m9.045
Pos Rider Bike Total
1 A.Satya Mahendra YAMAHA 14m15.462
2 MAdib Rosley YAMAHA 14m15.759
3 A.Fazti Sham YAMAHA 14m16.085
4 M.Akid Aziz YAMAHA 14m16.277
5 M.Affendi Rosli YAMAHA 14m21.682
6 R.Md Said YAMAHA 14m22.809
7 P.Luiboonpeng YAMAHA 14m29.398
8 R.Richie Taroreh YAMAHA 14m30.013
9 M.Haziq Md Fairues YAMAHA 14m30.558
10 M.Fitri Ashmff Razali YAMAHA 14m31.399
11 M.Izzat Zaldl YAMAHA 14m35.611
12 F.Masato YAMAHA 14m47.054
13 M.Kyle Paz YAMAHA 14m59.104
14 M.Murobbil Vitoni YAMAHA 15m14.783
15 N.Vu Thanh HONDA 16m22.763
DNF M.Amirul Ariff Musa HONDA 11m36.685
DNF W.Ai Trilaksana YAMAHA 11m36.979
DNF MAiman Azman HONDA 11m56.645
DNF T.Hall HONDA 12m18.657
DNF W.Nugroho YAMAHA 10m47.551
ONE S.Arnin YAMAHA 5m43.719
DNF MAgung Fachrul YAMAHA 5m43.775
DNF W.Wello HONDA 5m43.1366
ONE M Md Raduan YAMAHA 4m32.402
DNF M.Faiz Zekri Sabri YAMAHA /
DNF M.Idian Haqimi Raduan HONDA /
ONE N.Duc Thanh HONDA /
Pos Name Nat Make Total
1 Wawan Wello INA Honda 71
2 McKinley Kyle Paz PHI Yamaha 59
3 Md Akid Aziz MAS Yamaha 59
4 Md Affendi Rosli MAS Yamaha 55
5 Peerapong Luiboonpeng THA Yamaha 54
6 Ahmad Fazli Sham MAS Yamaha 51
7 Richard Richie Taroreh INA Yamaha 44
8 Fernando Masato PHI Yamaha 42
9 Aldi Satya Mahendra INA Yamaha 40
10 Md Amirul Ariff Musa MAS Honda 40
11 Wahyu Aji Trilaksana INA Yamaha 38
12 Md Haziq Md Fairues MAS Yamaha 34
13 Wahyu Nugroho INA Yamaha 32
14 Gupita Kresna Wardhana INA Yamaha 31
15 Md Adib rosley MAS Yamaha 30
16 Rozaiman Md Said MAS Yamaha 28
17 Mohammad Murobbil Vitoni INA Yamaha 23
18 Gun Mie JPN Honda 21
19 Md Faiz Zekri Sabri MAS Yamaha 20
20 Syahrul Amin INA Yamaha 16
21 Md Hafiza Rofa MAS Yamaha 11
22 Md Fitri Ashraff Razali MAS Yamaha 11
23 Md Aiman Azman MAS Honda 11
24 Md Izzat Zaidi MAS Yamaha 9
25 Travis Hall AUS Honda 5
26 Md Agung Fachrul INA Yamaha 3
27 Md Izzat Md Raduan MAS Yamaha 1
28 Nguyen Vu Thanh VIE Honda 1
29 Md. Afiq Asyraf Zulkifli MAS Honda 0
30 Md Idlan Haqimi Raduan MAS Honda 0
31 Md Shah Khairil Hisham MAS Honda 0
32 Le Khanh Loc VIE Honda 0
33 Md Harith Farhan Baharin MAS Honda 0
34 Md Fareez Afeez MAS Yamaha 0
35 Luth Harith Erwan MAS Honda 0
36 Azrulaffendi Hadi MAS Honda 0
37 Nguyen Duc Thanh VIE Honda 0
38 Chepy Armansyah INA Yamaha 0