Dan Reardon to miss Wanneroo MX Nationals

CDR Yamaha’s Dan Reardon will miss this weekend’s round of the MX Nationals at Wanneroo, WA, as he continues to recover from a virus that has plagued him for the past few weeks.

Reardon was in hands of the RACESAFE medical team after race one at the Murray Bridge round after riding himself to near exhaustion whilst finishing sixth. His condition deteriorated with RACESAFE deeming him not well enough to race the second moto as his blood pressure dropped and his heart rate shot up.

Dan Reardon
Dan Reardon

With the three x 20 minute races this weekend in the deep sand of Wanneroo and by far the most physically demanding of all the tracks on the MX Nationals tour, Dan and the CDR Yamaha team elected not to contest this event and allow the 2015 Australian Supercross Champion to get back to 100% health. The heavy nature of a sand track demands 100% from both man and machine and with Reardon not even close to his physical peak, sending him out on a bike swallowing sand track would only risk his health further.

“It’s disappointing Dan won’t be on the start line this week in WA but we feel it’s the best decision for both himself and the team,” states team owner, Craig Dack. “Motocross is a tough sport and with Dan’s current health situation, sending him out to race wouldn’t be in his best interests so we come to the conclusion that he will skip this round with the break in the series, he will have a full six weeks to get back to full fitness.

Reardon currently sits eighth in the championship, despite missing the final moto at South Australia and was just starting to find form on the rough outdoor circuits.

“We have been pleased with Dan’s riding progress so far this year,” Dack continues. “His speed has improved and with each round he has been a little closer to the front. He was well on his way to achieving the goals we had set for him as a team but hopefully this is just a speed bump and he will be back in full force when we get to Nowra on July 3,” he ends.

That leaves Dean Ferris as the sole CDR Yamaha rider for the WA round. Ferris is second in the MX1 championship, just one point behind series leader, Kirk Gibbs. The three race format this weekend makes this a pivotal round in the championship and the CDR Yamaha rider knows that he will need to be on top of his game in the sand.

“With three motos this week, a rider can easily gain or lose a lot of valuable points in the championship,” Ferris comments. “A good round here will go a long way in establishing this years’ champion and we are focused on putting our best foot forward at Wanneroo.”

Dean Ferris
Dean Ferris
Thor MX1 Championship Standings

1) Kirk Gibbs – 252 points

2) Dean Ferris – 251 points

3) Todd Waters – 247 points

4) Matt Moss – 228 points

5) Brett Metcalfe – 225 points

6) Kade Mosig – 187 points

7) Dylan Long – 185 points

8) Daniel Reardon – 171 points

9) Jay Wilson – 152 points

10) Jacob Wright – 151 points

Motul MX2 Championship Standings

1) Jed Beaton – 232 points

2) Nathan Crawford – 231 points

3) Jake Moss – 216 points

4) Caleb Ward – 212 points

5) Wilson Todd – 198 points

6) Jayden Rykers – 188 points

7) Kyle Webster – 174 points

8) Dylan Wills – 173 points

9) Richie Evans – 162 points

10) Hamish Harwood – 161 points

Pirelli MXD Championship Standings

1) Connor Tierney – 252 points
2) Wade Kirkland – 227 points
3) Cooper Pozniak – 220 points
4) Jordan Hill – 215 points
5) Mitchell Evans – 212 points
6) Kaleb Barham – 210 points
7) Zak Small – 198 points
8) Lochie Latimer – 184 points
9) Hugh McKay – 140 points
10) Levi McManus – 137 points