USA win ISDE 2016

World Trophy ISDE 2016 - Image by Jake Miller
World Trophy ISDE 2016 – Image by Jake Miller
Aussie Women #1 – Daniel Sanders second outright and E3 class winner
ISDE 2016 Final Day  – Key Facts 
  • USA seal first ever World Trophy class win
  • Sweden are crowned World Junior Trophy champions
  • Australia make it four Women’s World Trophy victories in a row
  • USA’s Taylor Robert is overall individual winner
  • Daniel Sanders top finishing Australian in second outright
  • Daniel Sanders E3 category winner
  • Australia sixth in FIM Junior World Trophy
  • Lachlan Stanford 12th in E1 category, 31st outright
  • Nic Tomlinson 16th in E3 category and 71st outright
  • Jack Simpson 17th in E1 category and 47th outright
  • Tom McCormack 18th in E2 and 43rd outright
  • USA’s Fred Hoess wins first ever FIM Vintage Trophy
  • Early exit of Milner and Strang meant Team Australia never in the running
  • France will host 2017 ISDE – 92nd Edition of the event
Daniel Sanders - Image by Jake Miller
Daniel Sanders – Image by Jake Miller
ISDE 2016 – Top Finising Individuals Outright Results
  1. Taylor Robert
  2. Daniel Sanders +17.9 secs
  3. Josep Garcia +46.24 secs
  4. Giacomo Redondi +74.05 secs
  5. Luis Correia +88.70 secs
  6. Daniel McCanney +140.45
  7. Kailub Russell +155.86 secs
  8. Jame McCanney +207.33 secs
  9. Nathan Watson +230.62 secs
  10. Jonathan Barragan +244.32
ISDE 2016 - Image by Jake Miller - Taylor Robert
ISDE 2016 – Image by Jake Miller – Taylor Robert

The final day of competition at the 2016 FIM International Six Days Enduro (ISDE) in Navarra, Spain saw the USA World Trophy team make history as Taylor Robert – KTM, Kailub Russell – KTM, Thad Duvall – Husqvarna and eleventh hour replacement rider Layne Michael – Husqvarna claimed their nation’s first ever class win. Sweden and Australia were the day’s other big winners as Mikael Persson – Yamaha, Albin Elowson – Husqvarna and Jesper Borjesson – Husqvarna secured the Junior World Trophy win for Sweden while Jessica Gardiner – Yamaha, Tayla Jones – Yamaha and Jemma Wilson – Yamaha claimed a fourth consecutive Women’s World Trophy team win for Australia.

Women Trophy ISDE 2016 - Image by Jake Miller
Women Trophy ISDE 2016 – Image by Jake Miller – Jessica Gardiner, Tayla Jones and Jemma Wilson too victory for Australian in the FIM Women’s World Trophy

The final day motocross races saw close action in all classes, with all of the category leaders making it to the end of the event without any problems. Led by Taylor Robert – KTM the USA World Trophy team put the finishing touches to their impressive week-long performance to secure a well-deserved World Trophy team win. With the likes of Australia and Italy failing to get all four of their team riders to the finish Great Britain claimed the final runner-up result with the Czech Republic claiming third and with it the Watling Trophy for the most improved nation. Sweden ended up fourth with Estonia fifth.

ISDE 2016 - Image by Jake Miller
ISDE 2016 – Image by Jake Miller
Taylor Robert

“I’ve been so stressed the last few days, this is a huge deal for me and for the USA,” commented a delighted Taylor Robert – KTM “I kept trying to tell myself that everything would work out, but I know anything can happen during the final motos. This is my sixth ISDE and it feels so good to have won with team USA and also to have got the overall individual result. My final moto went well, I got a good start and quickly worked my way into the lead. Then half an hour after my race was over was the worst because I was waiting for a phone call to tell me how Daniel Sanders got on, to find out if I’d got the overall. The team’s been great, we’ve been getting closer and closer to this year-on-year. This one’s for Kurt Caselli.”

ISDE 2016 - Image by Jake Miller
ISDE 2016 – Image by Jake Miller
ISDE 2016 – FIM World Trophy Results
  1. USA
  2. GB
  3. Czech Republic
  4. Sweden
  5. Estonia
  6. Argentina
  7. Mexico
  8. Switzerland
  9. Ecuador
  10. Norway
World Trophy ISDE 2016 - Image by Jake Miller
World Trophy ISDE 2016 – Image by Jake Miller

With just twenty-two seconds separating the USA from Junior World Trophy class leaders Sweden at the start of day six everything was to play for. But with each of their three team riders performing well in their respective final motocross races Sweden extended their lead to forty-five seconds and with it claimed the 2016 Junior World Trophy team win. With the USA in second Italy placed third with Finland fourth and France fifth.

ISDE 2016 – Junior World Trophy Results
  1. Sweden
  2. USA
  3. Italy
  4. Finland
  5. France
  6. Australia
  7. Mexico
  8. Chile
  9. Austria
  10. Poland
Junior Trophy ISDE 2016 - Image by Jake Miller
Junior Trophy ISDE 2016 – Image by Jake Miller

Not expected to do anything other than win, Australia’s women showed exactly why they are the nation to beat in the Women’s World trophy class as each of their three riders safely reached the end of their motocross races to claim a fourth class win in as many years. Host nation Spain held on to the runner-up result with Germany third.

ISDE 2016 – FIM Women’s Trophy Results
  1. Australia
  2. Spain
  3. Germany
  4. USA
  5. Sweden
  6. Canada
  7. Slovakia

KTM topped the manufacturers award with Nathan Watson, Kailub Russell and Taylor Robert, ahead of Husqvarna 1 and Beta Boano 1.

The fastest rider in the E1 class on day six was Great Britain’s World Trophy team rider Nathan Watson – KTM. Claiming a start to finish win the former MXGP racer placed ahead of Australia’s Jack Simpson – KTM with Josep Garcia – Husqvarna battling his way to an eventual third place result. Although unable to end his impressive week-long performance with a motocross win Garcia nevertheless secured a well-deserved Enduro 1 class overall win, placing three minutes ahead of Watson. Third went to Spain’s World Trophy team rider Victory Guerrero – KTM.

Enduro 1
  1. Josep Garcia (Husqvarna), 3:23:32.89
  2. Nathan Watson (KTM) 3:26:37.27
  3. Victor Guerrero (KTM) 3:27:14.71
  4. Pascal Rauchenecker (Husqvarna) 3:28:12.57
  5. Davide Soreca (Honda) 3:28:26.09
  6. Layne Michael (Husqvarna) 3:30:01.36
Josep Garcia – 3rd outright and E1 category winner

“This has been the third and by far the best ISDE of my career. I felt very good on my bike as soon as the race started and I decided to push for the win. The dry conditions during the first two days suited my style so I managed to get the overall victory on day two. When the rain came on day three, it made things a bit more complicated for everybody. But I’m really happy I got away with a second outright victory on day five. That was the best day for me as I could battle for the top in each and every special test. I really couldn’t think of a better way to end this season.”

ISDE 2016 - Image by Jake Miller - Josep Garcia
ISDE 2016 – Image by Jake Miller – Josep Garcia
Nathan Watson – 9th outright and second in E1 category

“It was difficult and the first two days were a disaster. It was a good experience but I could have been better.”

ISDE 2016 - Image by Jake Miller - Nathan Watson
ISDE 2016 – Image by Jake Miller – Nathan Watson

Taylor Robert – KTM rounded out a near perfect week with a controlled win in his motocross race, finishing ahead of Jaromir Romanick – KTM with Denny Philippaerts – Beta third. Comfortably topping the Enduro 2 class overall result Robert placed ahead of countryman Kailub Russell – KTM with Jamie McCanney – Yamaha rounding out the top three.

Kailub Russell – 7th outright and 2nd in E2 category

“I really wasn’t prepared as I could have been with my bike and I missed my setup by miles. I struggled and I got pushed back as the tracks got rougher so I definitely need to do a bit more preparation with the bike and figure out the terrain. But I had a few good tests and I was pretty consistent all week. I’m happy we got the win. Its been out goal since 2013, but I’m frustrated with how I was 20 seconds off in some tests I know I could do well in.”

Kailub Russell
Kailub Russell
Jamie McCanney – 8th outright and 3rd in E2 category

“This has been an amazing way to end the season. It was a last minute decision to race the WR450F. We’ve had a completely stock bike and despite only getting a few hours on it before the event everything went well here in Spain. To finish such a tough event and get on the podium on a standard bike is great. The first two days when it was dry were good for me. I could control my pace and push hard to improve my times. When the rain came on day three things became harder. I had a big crash in the enduro test and lost over one-minute. The damage was done there so I kept pushing as hard as I could to improve my overall result. Overall, it’s been a good ISDE and I really enjoyed it. I’m also happy that Team Great Britain came away with a runner-up result in World Trophy.”

ISDE 2016 - Image by Jake Miller - Jamie McCanney
ISDE 2016 – Image by Jake Miller – Jamie McCanney
Enduro 2
  1. Taylor Robert (KTM) 3:22:46.65
  2. Kailub Russell (KTM) 3:25:22.51
  3. Jamie McCanney (Yamaha) 3:26:13.98
  4. Albin Elowson (Husqvarna) 3:28:13.99
  5. Jaromir Romancik (KTM) 3:28:36.25

Spain’s Jonathan Barragan – Gas Gas brought his ISDE participation to a close in the best possible way by winning his Enduro 3 class final motocross race. Second off the start Barragan caught and passed Danny McCanney – Husqvarna for a convincing win. McCanney held on to the runner-up result with Jaume Betriu – KTM third. For the Enduro 3 class overall result Australia’s Daniel Sanders – KTM held on for the win, finishing close to one-minute ahead of Giacomo Redondi – Honda. Third went to Portugal’s World Trophy team rider Luis Correia – Beta.

Enduro 3
  1. Daniel Sanders (KTM) 3:23:04.55
  2. Giacomo Redondi (Honda) 3:24:00.70
  3. Luis Correia (Beta) 3:24:15.35
  4. Daniel McCanney (Husqvarna) 3:25:07.10
  5. Jonathan Barragan (Gas Gas) 3:26:50.97

The first ever FIM Vintage Trophy was won by America’s Fred Hoess – Husqvarna.

ISDE 2016 – Vintage Trophy
  1. Fred Hoess (Husqvarna)
  2. Peter Lenselink (SWM) +98.43 secs
  3. Risto Limatainen (Yamaha) +125.35 secs
  4. Ian Barnett (Husqvarna) +130.34 secs
  5. Thibault Massardier (Cardel) +148.15 secs
  6. Jonathan Stobbs (KTM) +189.17 secs
  7. Swen Schiller (KRAM) +204.23 secs
  8. Riccardo Terranova (Cagiva) +227.53 secs
  9. Michael Hirschhmugl (KTM) +259 secs
  10. Jesus Pradas (Montesa) +277 secs