Yamaha MT-09 updated for 2017


2017 Yamaha MT-09 Key Features
  • Newly styled twin-eye 4-bulb LED headlights
  • 6-bulb LED position lights with winglets
  • 30mm shorter tail with integrated 3D light
  • Redesigned seat, flatter and 5mm higher
  • Rear fender/license plate holder with single-sided mount
  • Assist & Slipper (A&S) clutch
  • Quick Shift System (QSS)
  • Higher specification front suspension
  • Flat muffler surface with restyled end cap
  • Instruments integrated with headlight assembly
  • Radiator side fins and enlarged air intakes
  • Front turn signals relocated beside radiator

Launched to universal acclaim, the MT-09 has become the naked bike against which all others are judged. Powerful and agile, innovative and exciting, this game-changing model has shaken up the world of motorcycling.

Having powered to the top of the sales charts all over Europe, the MT-09 has become one of Yamaha’s best selling motorcycles but also helped to take Yamaha to the number 1 position in Europe since the end of 2015.


For 2017 Yamaha’s designers have created an even more dynamic look for this trend setting Hyper Naked, while also enhancing its performance potential and thrill factor. With its aggressive new styling and enhanced technology, the new MT-09 continues to push the boundaries and inspire and excite every thrill seeking rider.

2017-yamaha-mt-09-24New MT-09: Eyes of Darkness

The Dark Side of Japan never sleeps. Hidden by the infinite darkness, a dynamic force has evolved. With both of its eyes wide open, this seminal Hyper Naked is destined to see beyond the Dark Side of Japan.

Featuring menacing new twin-eye LED headlights and a dynamic new style, as well as an Assist and Slipper clutch and advanced electronics, the new MT-09 is ready to uphold the MT family’s honour.

2017-yamaha-mt-09-3Aggressively styled twin-eye LED headlights

Influenced by the uncompromising image of the flagship MT-10, the radically styled face of the MT-09 features an aggressive new LED twin-eye headlight design that underlines this bike’s forceful image as well as its compact and lightweight feel.

Each of the slanted twin-eye headlights is equipped with two LED bulbs, and the bold new face embraces the full width of the fork tubes, enhancing the bike’s densely compacted form to create a menacing and uncompromising street presence.

2017-yamaha-mt-09-9To accentuate the MT-09’s intimidating looks, a pair of slim position lights sit below the new twin-eye headlights – and a pair of sharp-looking winglets that follow the contours of the headlight assembly reinforces the charismatic new look.

For 2017 the multi-function instruments are moved closer to the new headlight assembly to create a more unified structure, and the turn signals are relocated next to the radiator.

2017-yamaha-mt-09-12Ultra-compact tail end

The new ultra-compact tail end design reinforces the MT-09’s athletic Hyper Naked stance and enhances the bike’s aggressive good looks. For 2017 the upwardly slanted subframe is shortened by 30mm, and to convey a feeling of lightness and agility, the shorter upswept tail cowl features new side grills.

To give this definitive Hyper Naked a distinctive and dynamic appearance, the bold tail end is equipped with a new integrated 3-dimensional LED taillight featuring a twin apex design that forms an ‘M’ shape when viewed from above.

The MT-09 is also equipped with a newly designed seat – which is flatter and 5mm higher than previously – and has been specifically shaped to enable the rider to hold their seating position during braking, cornering and acceleration.


Swingarm-mounted rear fender

To complement its shorter tail, the 2017 model is equipped with an all-new swingarm-mounted rear fender and licence plate holder featuring a single-sided lightweight forged aluminium stay. This MT-09 is the first Yamaha to benefit from this rear fender design, and when viewed from the rear or the side, the redesigned rear end gives a more compact and lightweight look that reinforces the feelings of torque and agility.

2017-yamaha-mt-09-10Sharper, stronger and more compact design

As well as developing a whole new expression for the new MT-09, Yamaha’s designers have also carefully reworked a number of the key stylistic features in order to underline the bike’s compact look and convey a strong impression of raw power.

New side fins are fitted to the radiator, and together with the larger tank-mounted air scoops they reinforce the MT-09’s brutal good looks and add to the feeling of compactness and mechanical beauty that characterizes the Yamaha Hyper Naked range.


Assist & Slipper (A&S) clutch

One of the most important performance enhancing changes for the 2017 MT-09 is the adoption of a new A&S clutch that enhances the overall sport riding experience and delivers a number of real benefits to MT-09 riders.

Featuring specially designed assist and slipper cams as well as new springs with an optimized rate, the A&S clutch engages more solidly when pulling away from a standing start and during acceleration.

The most important feature of this clutch is that it helps to ensure stable chassis performance during heavy engine braking. By minimizing the unsettling effects caused by high levels of back torque and excessive engine braking, this new A&S clutch gives improved control and gentler handling characteristics when downshifting aggressively – and its 20% lighter lever load reduces rider effort.


Quick Shift System (QSS)

With its strong, linear torque, compact dimensions and agile chassis, the MT-09 is built to deliver the ultimate in riding excitement. For 2017 this game changing Hyper Naked model is equipped with a Quick Shift System (QSS), enabling riders to enjoy faster and smoother clutchless upshifts.

This new mechanism is the same as the design featured on the multi award-winning YZF-R1, and features a sensor on the shift rod that momentarily cancels drive torque when an upshift is detected, giving more efficient and exciting acceleration through the gears.


High specification front suspension

The new MT-09 is also equipped with a high specification front suspension system. Its inverted 41mm forks now feature a new compression damping adjuster in the left fork tube, while the existing rebound damping function is located in the right tube. By locating the compression and rebound mechanisms in separate forks tubes the flow rate of hydraulic oil can be optimized, giving greater adjustability and more consistent performance.
Restyled muffler

From the twin-eye headlights through to the radiator side fins and the compact tail, the 2017 MT-09 conveys a real sense of strength, compactness and agility. To underline Yamaha’s attention to every detail, even the muffler receives a makeover for 2017, and features a flatter surface and a new end cap that contribute towards the MT-09’s impression of condensed mass and mechanical beauty.


Compact and lightweight 850cc 3-cylinder engine

The MT-09’s compact and lightweight 850cc 3-cylinder engine is the key element in making this Hyper Naked such an exciting and addictive motorcycle to ride. Equipped with forged pistons and offset cylinders, its special crossplane technology gives the MT-09 rider access to a wide band of raw and linear torque that is an essential part of this bike’s thrilling and rewarding character.


Equipped with a new A&S clutch and QSS, the 2017 MT-09 engine is fully EU4 compliant.

Enhanced range of Genuine Accessories

With its leading multi role potential, the MT-09 is one of the most versatile naked bikes in its class, and Yamaha will make a number of new and existing Genuine Accessories available for the 2017 MT-09.