2019 Australian Supercross Championship

Round Three – Wollongong, NSW

Report and Images by AM


CDR Monster Energy Yamaha’s, Luke Clout has broken through for his maiden SX1 round victory at the third round of the 2019 Australian Supercross Championship held at Win Stadium in Wollongong on Saturday the 9th of November.

Australian SX Rnd LukeCloutWin
Luke Clout wins in Wollongong

SX1 Qualifying

For the first time this season, Penrite Honda Factory Racing’s Justin Brayton was knocked off the top spot in qualifying as Clout made is intentions clear from the get-go, topping the time-sheets. 

Australian SX Rnd CloutQual
Luke Clout during qualifying

The track that was built from scratch in less than 24 hours after the original soil bought into the venue needed to be replaced. Despite the limited time to build the track, the Pro Traxx Australia team still produced a high quality full size Supercross track that produced a fastest lap time of 40.66 seconds for Clout, with his American team-mate Josh Hill posting the second-fastest lap time a fraction of a second behind at 40.702, while Brayton had to settle for the third fastest lap time.

Australian SX Rnd DustyHill
Wollongong SX


It was Oil Piping Services; Honda mounted privateer Jesse Madden who led the field out of the first turn in the opening SX1 heat, with Hill on his rear wheel.

By the conclusion of the first lap had Hill moved to the lead and was never headed as he quickly proved his worth to the CDR Yamaha outfit.

Australian SX Rnd SXHeat
SX1 Heat One

Team-mate Dan Reardon worked his way into second position and while he was able to close the gap to Hill he had to be content with second position.

Madden impressed holding on for a third-place finish. SB Motorsports Suzuki’s Jayden Rykers continued his good Supercross form crossing the line in 4th position, heading directly to the nights triple-header final event along with Rockstar Honda’s Jackson Richardson, Husqvarna backed Todd Waters and KSF Racing’s Gradie Featherstone.


Australian SX Rnd SXHeatstart
SX1 Heat Two

SB Motorsports Suzuki’s Cody Dyce shot out of the gate aboard his RM-Z450 in the second heat to secure the holeshot and lead the field. In an impressive ride for the former MXD champion, he held off three-time reigning SX1 champion Brayton for the opening three laps, before the American made his moved and raced to victory.

Australian SX Rnd CodyDyceLeadingHeat
Cody Dyce leading the heat race

Clout again showed great pace, moving his way into second position and closing in on Brayton in the final laps, with Penrite Honda Factory Racing’s Brett Metcalfe rounding out the top three.

Raceline KTM’s new American import Henry Miller made a late-race pass on Dyce to finish 4th.

Australian SX Rnd SXHeat
SX1 Heat Two

Empire Kawasaki’s Dylan Long finished sixth and Honda privateer Joel Wightman in 7th with the two riders taking the final two spots out of the heats directly into the finals.


Clout once again showed he was going to be the riders to beat, almost dropping under the 40-second lap mark with a lap time of 40.021 to top the timesheets in the Superpole event.

Australian SX Rnd LukeCloutSuperPole
Luke Clout in SuperPole

Brayton was able to improve his gate pick for the night’s main event, with the second-fastest time, followed by, Reardon, Hil and Madden while Metcalfe had his lap time annulled after cutting the track.

Australian SX Rnd BraytonSuperPole
Justin Brayton in Superpole


With 16 riders already qualified for the 20 gate three-race final, riders hit the line for the LCQ in a bid to claim one of the final four spots up for grabs.

South Aussie Yamaha privateer Elijah Wiese grabbed the holeshot, but it was Empire Kawasaki’s Lawson Bopping who quickly took control of the race out front and ran away for a comfortable race win.

Australian SX Rnd SXLCQStart

Behind him, Yamalube Yamaha’s Richie Evans had his work cut out for him, crashing early in the race and leaving himself a huge task just to make the finals. With a lap to go, Evans moved into 5th position and entered a three-way battle along with Weise and Kawasaki privateer Jamie Harvey for the final two transfer positions.

Ahead of the fight for the final transfer spots, Honda privateer Justin Carafa powered to second position.

Australian SX Rnd SXLCQFinaltransfer

At the line, Evans was able to work his way passed both Weise and Harvey to finish third, while Harvey held firm to secure the 20th and final gate pick for the finals.


The opening SX1 final was a Justin Brayton show, with the American leading from the start and dominating towards a two-second race win.

Australian SX Rnd SXFinalStartA
SX1 Final

Behind Brayton, Clout and Reardon went toe-to-toe for the opening half of the race, before Clout put an inside pass on his team-mate with the two riders bouncing off each other. The move would prove to be crucial for the night’s overall results, with Clout holding on to finish second ahead of Reardon, with Metcalfe in 4th. Josh Hill finished 5th with Miller 6th.

Australian SX Rnd BraytonFinalWin
Justin Brayton took the win in the first final


When the gates dropped on the second final, it looked as though Reardon had control of the first turn; however, it was Clout who exited turn two on the grass hill in first position, quickly opening up an unassailable race lead.

Australian SX Rnd SXFinalstart Cover
SX1 Final Two

Reardon settled into second position, followed by Dyce who continued his break out night, though he was quickly passed by Hill, who also then made his way by Reardon for second spot.

Behind the leading riders, Metcalfe sat in 5th position, while Brayton was buried deep in the field with plenty of work ahead of him.

Australian SX Rnd MetcalfeFinal
Brett Metcalfe

Things looked like they were all but done heading into the closes stages of the race, until Metcalfe stalled coming out of the final turn allowing Brayton to move into 5th behind Dyce, with the final result then taking a further turn after Hill made a mistake, slipping from second position.

Australian SX Rnd LukeCloutLeadingFinal
Luke Clout

At the line, it was Reardon who finished second to Clout, with Dyce celebrating an excellent third-place finish. Brayton salvaged a 4th place finish ahead of Hill who recovered for 5th, leaving Metcalfe to finish in 6th, just ahead of the Kawasaki pairing of Bopping and Long.


With everything on the line, it was once again Clout who took control of the race early, with his two CDR team-mates in Reardon and Hill running directly behind him, leaving Brayton with a freight train of Yamaha’s in front of him.

Australian SX Rnd CloutFinallead
SX1 Final Three

With the track breaking down and a single fast line created through the whoop section the race up front became a bit of a procession as the top four played followed the leader for the entire eight laps, leaving giving Clout his second straight win for the night ahead of Reardon, Hill, Brayton and Metcalfe.

Australian SX Rnd MillerFinal

Todd Waters had his best result for the night finishing in 6th position, just ahead of Long and Miller.

Australian SX Rnd CloutWinFinalOverall
Luke Clout takes the win and the overall

SX1 Summary

With his 2-1-1 race results, it was Clout who celebrated his maiden SX1 round win in front of a large contingent of family and friends who were on hand to witness the moment as the New South Welshman closed the gap to Brayton in the championship standings to just three points with two rounds of the championship remaining.

Australian SX Rnd LukeCloutMum
Luke Clout celebrates Wollongong win

Reardon made it a 1-2 result for the CDR Yamaha team, leaving Brayton to round out the podium for the evening.

Australian SX Rnd LukeCloutFriends
Luke Clout celebrates Wollongong win

Hill gave CDR Yamaha three of the top four positions for the round, finishing just off the podium in 4th, with Metcalfe in 5th.

Long’s consistent night of 7-8-7 results was enough to secure 6th position overall for the round, while just behind him in seventh, Dyce carded an 8-3-14 scorecard highlighting the close competition through the midfield.

Australian SX Rnd SXpodium
Reardon made it a 1-2 result for the CDR Yamaha team, leaving Brayton to round out the podium for the evening.

Bopping finished 8th, ahead of Waters who elevated himself to 9th off the back of his 6th place finish in the final race, while Miller rounded out the top ten in his first Australian outing.

Just six-points separate the top three riders in the championship, with Brayton leading Clout by three points, with Reardon a further three points back in third. With some world-class riders slotted into race the final two rounds of the series, the championship is still wide open, with Metcalfe still an outside chance 18-points down on Brayton.

SX1 Results/Standings


Pos Rider Bike Time/Gap
1 Luke CLOUT Yamaha 5m16.414
2 Daniel REARDON  Yamaha +1.853
3 Josh HILL  Yamaha +2.960
4 Justin BRAYTON Honda +4.495
5 Brett METCALFE  Honda +12.544
6 Todd WATERS  Husqvarna +12.559
7 Dylan LONG i Kawasaki +18.767
8 Henry MILLER  KTM +20.586
9 Jesse DOBSON  Husqvarna +22.953
10 Lawson BOPPING  Kawasaki +25.433
11 Jesse MADDEN Honda +26.868
12 Joel WIGHTMAN Honda +27.728
13 Dylan WOOD KTM +31.602
14 Cody DYCE Suzuki +37.468
15 Jamie HARVEY Kawasaki +1 Lap
16 Jayden RYKERS  Suzuki +1 Lap
17 Richie EVANS Yamaha +2 Laps
DNF Justin CARAFA Honda 1 Lap
Pos Rider Bike Time/Gap
1 Luke CLOUT Yamaha 5m14.542
2 Daniel REARDON Yamaha +7.820
3 Cody DYCE  Suzuki +11.139
4 Justin BRAYTON  Honda +12.462
5 Josh HILL  Yamaha +14.011
6 Brett METCALFE  Honda +14.334
7 Lawson BOPPING  Kawasaki +18.951
8 Dylan LONG  Kawasaki +24.599
9 Richie EVANS  Yamaha +32.001
10 Dylan WOOD  KTM +33.277
11 Todd WATERS  Husqvarna +34.520
12 Joel WIGHTMAN  Honda +35.692
13 Justin CARAFA Honda +36.816
14 Jayden RYKERS  Suzuki +36.889
15 Jesse DOBSON  Husqvarna +37.869
16 Jesse MADDEN  Honda +1 Lap
17 Jamie HARVEY Kawasaki +1 Lap
DNF Henry MILLER  KTM 7 Laps
Pos Rider Bike Time/Gap
1 Justin BRAYTON  Honda 5m18.196
2 Luke CLOUT Yamaha +2.763
3 Daniel REARDON  Yamaha +5.022
4 Brett METCALFE  Honda +6.288
5 Josh HILL  Yamaha +7.790
6 Henry MILLER KTM +16.000
7 Dylan LONG  Kawasaki +20.133
8 Cody DYCE  Suzuki +22.100
9 Lawson BOPPING  Kawasaki +26.100
10 Jayden RYKERS  Suzuki +33.364
11 Richie EVANS  Yamaha +34.739
12 Todd WATERS  Husqvarna +35.462
13 Justin CARAFA Honda +35.770
14 Joel WIGHTMAN  Honda +40.948
15 Jesse MADDEN Honda +42.406
16 Gradie FEATHERSTONE Yamaha +52.810
17 Jesse DOBSON Husqvarna +1 Lap
18 Dylan WOOD KTM +1 Lap
19 Jamie HARVEY Kawasaki +1 Lap
DNF Jackson RICHARDSON  Honda 1 Lap
Pos Rider Bike Time/Gap
1 Lawson BOPPING  Kawasaki 2m43.046
2 Justin CARAFA Honda +8.051
3 Richie EVANS Yamaha +10.649
4 Jamie HARVEY Kawasaki +11.508
5 Elijah WIESE Yamaha +13.616
6 Jono KRUSIC Husqvarna +16.812
7 Trent BROCHTRUP Kawasaki +19.957
8 Blake COBBIN Husqvarna +24.534
9 Thomas HILL / Kawasaki Yamaha +43.903
Pos Rider Bike Time/Gap
1 Luke CLOUT  Yamaha 40s021
2 Justin BRAYTON Honda +0.179
3 Daniel REARDON Yamaha +0.435
4 Josh HILL  Yamaha +0.727
5 Jesse MADDEN Honda +3.100
6 Brett METCALFE  Honda -40.021
Pos Rider Bike Time/Gap
1 Justin BRAYTON  Honda 4m01.690
2 Luke CLOUT  Yamaha +2.179
3 Brett METCALFE  Honda +5.676
4 Henry MILLER KTM +7.559
5 Cody DYCE  Suzuki +9.444
6 Dylan LONG  Kawasaki +17.042
7 Joel WIGHTMAN  Honda +21.391
8 Dylan WOOD  KTM +23.757
9 Justin CARAFA Honda +24.476
10 Richie EVANS  Yamaha +28.205
11 Jono KRUSIC Husqvarna +36.878
12 Elijah WIESE Yamaha +40.131
13 Trent BROCHTRUP Kawasaki +41.141
Pos Rider Bike Time/Gap
1 Josh HILL  Yamaha 4m01.619
2 Daniel REARDON Yamaha +1.925
3 Jesse MADDEN  Honda +13.708
4 Jayden RYKERS Suzuki +15.356
5 Jackson RICHARDSON  Honda +16.417
6 Todd WATERS Husqvarna +22.232
7 Gradie FEATHERSTONE Yamaha +24.749
8 Jesse DOBSON  Husqvarna +28.172
9 Jamie HARVEY Kawasaki +39.322
10 Lawson BOPPING  Kawasaki +1 Lap
11 Thomas HILL  Yamaha +1 Lap
DNF Blake COBBIN Husqvarna 4 Laps
Pos Name R1 R2 R3 Total
1 Justin BRAYTON 25 25 20 70
2 Luke CLOUT 20 22 25 67
3 Daniel REARDON 22 20 22 64
4 Brett METCALFE 18 18 16 52
5 Dylan LONG 16 11 15 42
6 Todd WATERS 15 13 12 40
7 Richie EVANS 13 16 10 39
8 Joel WHIGHTMAN 10 15 9 34
9 Jayden RYKERS 12 10 8 30
10 Jesse DOBSON 7 14 7 28
11 Lawson BOPPING 14 / 13 27
12 Cody DYCE 5 5 14 24
13 Dylan WOOD 8 6 6 20
14 Gradie FEATHERSTONE 11 7 2 20
15 Josh HILL / / 18 18
16 Caleb WARD 9 8 / 17
17 Justin CARAFA / 9 4 13
18 Jackson RICHARDSON / 12 1 13
19 Henry MILLER / / 11 11
20 Lochie LATIMER 6 4 / 10
21 Jesse MADDEN / / 5 5
22 Blake COBBIN 4 / / 4
23 Jamie HARVEY / / 3 3
24 Joel CIGLIANO / 3 / 3


In the SX2 ranks, Penrite Honda Factory Racing’s Chris Blose stood on top of the podium for the first time this season, as both championship classes points standings tightened up at the top heading into the final two be races in Auckland and Melbourne.

Australian SX Rnd BloseFocus
Chris Blose

SX2 Qualifying

As has been the case in the early rounds, it was the American contingent that topped SX2 qualifying with Serco Yamaha’s Jacob Hayes rebounding from his crash in Adelaide to top the timesheets, ahead of Penrite Factory Honda’s Mitchell Oldenburg and Chris Blose.

Australian SX Rnd HayesPreQual
Jacob Hayes

Points leader coming into the round Aaron Tanti was once again the fastest Australian, with the 4th fastest time as the SX2 field looked to replicate the SX1 qualifying with factory Honda and Yamaha riders leading the way followed by a Raceline KTM pilot in the mix as Joshua Osby laid down the 5th fastest time.

Australian SX Rnd OldenburgQual
Mitch Oldenburg


Penrite CRF Honda Racing’s Kyle Webster led the opening SX2 heat out of the gates, but it was Yamalube Yamaha’s reigning champion in Jay Wilson who would lead the field over the finish line at the end of the opening lap, followed by Webster and impressive Yamaha privateer Jayce Cosford. 

The first of two mistakes on lap two left Cosford eventually heading to the LCQ, while Tanti moved into third position, followed by Mat Maladin backed Husqvarna racer, Kaleb Barham and Oldenburg.
Wilson never relinquished his race lead, going on to take the win ahead of Webster and Tanti. Oldenburg moved his way up to fourth, ahead of Barham, and Geran Stapleton, while Jaxon Hadlow secured the final direct transfer to the mains, leaving Raceline KTM’s Regan Duffy to head to the LCQ.


Blose who had been luckless throughout the opening two rounds of the championship was able to show his true form in the second SX2 heat, moving to the front of the field early and running away for a second and a half-second win.
Behind him, the racing was intense with Osby eventually getting the better of Empire Kawasaki’s Bradley Taft to finish second, while TLR Yamaha’s Ricky Latimer impressed with a fourth-place finish, ahead of Yamaha backed privateer of Connor Tierney.
Davey Motorsports KTM’s Dylan Wills and KTM privateer Tomas Ravenhorst rouned out the race in 6th and 7th making their way straight to the night’s main events.
The other big news to come out of the second heat was a crash that forced Hayes out of not just the race, but the remainder of the night’s event, giving the opening round winner his second DNF in a row.


Penrite CRF Honda Racing’s Rhys Budd made light work of the LCQ, grabbing the holeshot and walking away to a comfortable six-second race win ahead of Davey Motorsports KTM’s Morgan Fogarty.

Australian SX Rnd SXLCQStart

Cosford made up for his mistakes in the heat race finishing third, while McKenzie O’Bree rounding out the top four and the final spot in the night’s big show.


Jay Wilson looked to have his championship defence back on track in the first final, racing to the front early and holding on for an uplifting race win.

Australian SX Rnd SXmainstart
SX2 Final One

Behind him, while the positions did not change a great deal, the racing was first class with the lead riders exiting turns 2-3 riders wide making for a great spectacle.
In the end, it was Taft who finished in second position ahead of Blose in third and Tanti in fourth.
Oldenburg had to settle for 5th ahead of Osby who after running third early finished the opening final in 6th.


Blose continued his fine night out in final two, leading from start to finish and in doing so put himself in a great position to take the round win heading into the last race.

Australian SX Rnd SXfinalstart
SX2 Final Two

Oldenburg and Osby both improved on their positions in the second final, finishing in 2nd and 3rd respectively while Wilson had to settle for fourth.
Tanti who ran as high as third early, recovered from a mistake to finish 5th despite some close attention from Wills in the final turn with the two riders crossing the line side by side.


After struggling outside the top ten in the first two final’s Connor Tierney turned his night around, grabbing the final SX2 holeshot and leading the field through the first lap followed by Regan Duffy who had also finished down the field in the opening two finals.

Australian SX Rnd SXFinalStart
SX2 Final

Blose moved into second position and gave Tierney everything he had, but the young racer never flinched, handling the pressure from three different riders behind him all race long to cross the line in first position much to the crowd’s delight.

Behind him the battle for second chopped and changed from lap to lap, with Osby, Duffy and Blose going back and forth all race long, with Osby eventually finishing second with Duffy third and Blose fourth.

Wills once again impressed to finish in 5th position, while disaster struck for both Wilson and Tanti with both riders crashing on the opening lap. Tanti was able to recover to 9th position, but unfortunately for Wilson further trouble relegated him back to a 19th place finish and putting a big dent in his aspirations for back to back titles. 

SX2 Summary

With all three of the SX2 finals throwing up completely different results, it was Blose and his 3-1-4 result that was enough to take the round win ahead of Osby with a 6-3-2 with Oldenburg and his 5-2-7 rounding out the top three.

Tanti even with his crash and 9th place finish in the final race was able to hold on for 4th overall for the round, with Wills good results in the last two races enough for him to finish the night in 5th position.

Jay Wilson was able to salvage a crucial 6th place finish for the round, even with his 19th place result in the final race, while Tierney even with his win in the last race had to settle for 7th overall with only four points separating 5th through to 10th for the night.

Australian SX Rnd SXPodium
With all three of the SX2 finals throwing up completely different results, it was Blose and his 3-1-4 result that was enough to take the round win ahead of Osby with a 6-3-2 with Oldenburg and his 5-2-7 rounding out the top three.

The mixed results have also tightened up the SX2 championship standings, with Osby becoming the third rider in three rounds to hold the red plate, leaving round three with just a single point championship lead over Blose with Tanti one point furth back in third and Oldenburg right in the championship hunt only a further two points back in fourth.

With just two rounds of racing remaining, Wilson is still in championship contention, but with 13 points separating him from Osby, he will have his work cut out in Auckland and Melbourne to bridge the points gap.

SX2 Results

Pos Rider Bike Time/Gap
1 Connor TIERNEY Yamaha 4m43.944
2 Joshua OSBY KTM +1.132
3 Regan DUFFY KTM +1.229
4 Chris BLOSE  Honda +2.966
5 Dylan WILLS  KTM +6.669
6 Kyle WEBSTER Honda +8.383
7 Mitchell OLDENBURG  Honda +9.866
8 Geran STAPLETON Honda +13.427
9 Aaron TANTI  Yamaha +15.254
10 Kaleb BARHAM Husqvarna +16.000
11 Jaxson HADLOW Honda +17.720
12 Tomas RAVENHORST KTM +18.074
13 Ricky LATIMER / TLR Yamaha +19.958
14 Rhys BUDD Honda +20.738
15 Jayce COSFORD  Yamaha +22.328
16 Bradley TAFT Kawasaki +32.774
17 Caleb GOULLET Honda +33.986
18 Morgan FOGARTY KTM +34.234
19 Jay WILSON Yamaha +39.037
20 McKenzie O’BREE Yamaha +1 Lap
Pos Rider Bike Time/Gap
1 Chris BLOSE Honda 4m39.592
2 Mitchell OLDENBURG  Honda +1.120
3 Joshua OSBY KTM +7.796
4 Jay WILSON  Yamaha +8.708
5 Aaron TANTI Yamaha +13.322
6 Dylan WILLS KTM +14.505
7 Tomas RAVENHORST KTM +15.231
8 Bradley TAFT  Kawasaki +16.780
9 Ricky LATIMER  Yamaha +18.790
10 Rhys BUDD Honda +20.714
11 Regan DUFFY  KTM +21.900
12 Geran STAPLETON Honda +23.730
13 Connor TIERNEY  Yamaha +23.835
14 Kyle WEBSTER  Honda +24.246
15 Jaxson HADLOW Honda +28.604
16 Morgan FOGARTY  KTM +32.442
17 McKenzie O’BREE Yamaha +43.429
18 Kaleb BARHAM  Husqvarna +57.546
19 Jayce COSFORD Yamaha +59.659
20 Caleb GOULLET  Honda +1 Lap
Pos Rider Bike Time/Gap
1 Jay WILSON  Yamaha 4m45.294
2 Bradley TAFT  Kawasaki +1.595
3 Chris BLOSE  Honda +2.521
4 Aaron TANTI  Yamaha +2.921
5 Mitchell OLDENBURG  Honda +3.325
6 Joshua OSBY KTM +4.706
7 Kyle WEBSTER  Honda +10.038
8 Rhys BUDD  Honda +13.123
9 Ricky LATIMER  Yamaha +15.563
10 Tomas RAVENHORST  KTM +17.063
11 Connor TIERNEY Yamaha +19.646
12 Dylan WILLS KTM +21.056
13 Regan DUFFY KTM +24.515
14 Jayce COSFORD  Yamaha +25.996
15 Jaxson HADLOW Honda +26.616
16 Geran STAPLETON Honda +29.472
17 Morgan FOGARTY  KTM +33.146
18 Kaleb BARHAM Husqvarna +36.185
19 McKenzie O’BREE Yamaha +36.680
20 Caleb GOULLET  Honda +41.907
Pos Rider Bike Time/Gap
1 Rhys BUDD Honda 2m44.397
2 Morgan FOGARTY KTM +5.917
3 Jayce COSFORD  Yamaha +7.408
4 McKenzie O’BREE Yamaha +12.049
5 James BROWN Yamaha +22.982
6 Dylan MARCHAND  Yamaha +26.149
7 Jack O’CALLAGHAN Yamaha +29.653
Pos Rider Bike Time/Gap
1 Chris BLOSE Honda 4m09.543
2 Joshua OSBY KTM +2.520
3 Bradley TAFT  Kawasaki +8.546
4 Ricky LATIMER Yamaha +21.261
5 Connor TIERNEY Yamaha +22.635
6 Dylan WILLS KTM +25.718
7 Tomas RAVENHORST  KTM +28.747
8 Caleb GOULLET Honda +36.847
9 Morgan FOGARTY  KTM +37.826
10 McKenzie O’BREE Yamaha +44.601
11 Jack O’CALLAGHAN Yamaha +1 Lap
Pos Rider Bike Time/Gap
1 Jay WILSON Yamaha 4m08.587
2 Kyle WEBSTER  Honda +1.631
3 Aaron TANTI Yamaha +5.607
4 Mitchell OLDENBURG  Honda +6.014
5 Kaleb BARHAM  Husqvarna +11.324
6 Geran STAPLETON Honda +16.053
7 Jaxson HADLOW Honda +17.303
8 Regan DUFFY  KTM +17.861
9 Jayce COSFORD  Yamaha +20.245
10 Rhys BUDD Honda +28.488
11 James BROWN Yamaha +30.577
12 Dylan MARCHAND Yamaha +36.086
Pos Rider R1 R2 R3 Total
1 Joshua OSBY 18 22 22 62
2 Chris BLOSE 20 16 25 61
3 Aaron TANTI 22 20 18 60
4 Mitchell OLDENBURG 13 25 20 58
5 Jay WILSON 16 18 15 49
6 Bradley TAFT 15 12 13 40
7 Dylan WILLS 12 10 16 38
8 Connor TIERNEY / 14 14 28
9 Regan DUFFY / 15 12 27
10 Ricky LATIMER 8 8 9 25
11 Jacob HAYES 25 / / 25
12 Tomas RAVENHORST / 13 10 23
13 Kyle WEBSTER 11 / 11 22
14 Jayce COSFORD 10 6 4 20
15 Rhys BUDD / 11 8 19
16 Kaleb BARHAM 7 7 5 19
17 Geran STAPLETON / 9 7 16
18 Wilson TODD 14 / / 14
19 Morgan FOGARTY 9 / 3 12
20 Jack KUKAS 5 4 / 9
21 Jaxson HADLOW / / 6 6
22 Hugh McKAY 6 / / 6
23 Chandler BURNS / 5 / 5
24 McKenzie O’BREE / / 2 2
25 Caleb GOULLET / / 1 1


Yamaha Junior Racer Alex Larwood proved he would be a rider to keep an eye on next year when he hits the senior ranks, comfortably winning the Junior Lites main event by 17 seconds, running lap times in the 44-second range.

Australian SX Rnd JuniorLitesStart
Junior Lites

Brock Devenson showed consistency was vital to finish in second position ahead of Ryan Alexanderson.
Jake Kowal crossed the finish line in 4th ahead of Steel in 5th.

Australian SX Rnd AlexLarwoodJuniorWin
Alex Larwood

Junior Lites Round Results

  1. Alex LARWOOD – 25 Pts
  2. Brock DEVESON – 22 Pts
  3. Ryan ALEXANDERSON – 20 Pts
  4. Jake KOWAL – 18 Pts
  5. Cameron STEEL – 16 Pts
  6. Ryder KINGSFORD – 15 Pts
  7. Seth HARDMAN – 14 Pts
  8. Brad WEST – 13 Pts
  9. Riley ARABIN – 12 Pts
  10. Matt RUSSELL – 11 Pts

85cc FINAL

Ryder Kingsford was on double duty racing both the Junior Lites and 85cc class proved to be the pick of the junior racers with an impressive win in the 85cc class and was in contention for a top three in the junior lites class until a small crash put an end to any double podium hopes.

Australian SX Rnd Juniorccstart
Junior 85cc start

Behind Kingsford, the racing was tight, with Byron Dennis holding on to finish second ahead of Jett Alsop, while Seth Burchell and Tyler Collins rounded out the top five.

Australian SX Rnd Kingsfordwinner
Ryder Kingsford

85cc Round Results

  1. Ryder KINGSFORD – 25 Pts
  2. Byron DENNIS – 22 Pts
  3. Jett ALSOP – 20 Pts
  4. Seth BURCHELL – 18 Pts
  5. Tyler COLLINS – 16 Pts
  6. Liam OWENS – 15 Pts
  7. Ben CAIAFA – 14 Pts
  8. Travis LINDSAY – 13 Pts
  9. Jonty HATTON – 12 Pts
  10. Blake GALLOWAY – 11 Pts