Honda’s LAMS naked triumvirate

Honda’s new naked family makes stripping down and becoming more appealing than ever before. The new Naked CB650FL, CB500F and CB300F are a team ready for action.

New aggressive street fighter appearances, sleek body work and bold colours offer serious crowd stand outs.

With the all new CB500F most recently joining the colony.

Honda CB500F
Honda CB500F

The CB500F encapsulates a host of rider-focused upgrades with new LED lighting, spring preload adjustable front forks, a larger fuel tank of 16.7L and lightweight exhaust.

For those who want a little more grunt, the CB650FL has a smooth and controllable power delivery with excellent stability at speed, capturing Honda’s true spirit of reliability and quality.

With a sporty but relaxed rider position and DOHC 4-cylinder engine with a full bodied sports bike howl, the CB650FL has a serious bark and means business.

Honda CB650F
Honda CB650F

Aggressive in looks as well as engineering the lightweight CB300F offers new and experienced riders outstanding Honda performance at an ultra affordable price.

Nimble and punchy the CB300F packs a lively single cylinder fuel-injected engine allowing for responsive power throughout the rev range.

The CB300F’s exhaust system features larger internal volume for a mean throaty exhaust note, demanding respect as a tough lightweight champ.

All three motorcycles are LAMs and available with ABS as standard and offer riders of all levels a thrilling ride.

For more information about the 2016 Naked Family; the CB650FL, CB500F or the CB300F visit your nearest Honda Dealer, ring 1 300 1 HONDA or go to