One-Touch Lock-On and Release Tank Bags

The need of an easily accessible petrol tank has always made tank luggage impractical… Until now. Think of the possibilities of a tank bag that could be taken on and off in seconds. Oxford, leaders in essential rider equipment, have developed just that. Tank bags combined with a genius universal Quick Release (QR) Mechanism designed for the space-savvy and functional rider in mind.

Oxford Quick Release TankBag
Oxford Quick Release TankBag underneath

Your phone, wallet, tablet, maps and valuables under your safe watch, and reachable without having to set your stand and get off your bike. The user friendly One-Touch lock-on system securely attaches the bag in place thanks to the special fuel tank ring which replaces the stock ring. The One-Touch release mechanism easily clicks off with one swipe of the thumb and re-attaches with zero fuss. Whether you’re on a road trip or commuting to work, the new Oxford Tank Bags are a game-changer for motorcycle transport.

The quick release is not the only great feature these bags boast; They are available in four size capacities (4L, 15L, 20L & 30L) to fit most make bikes (Suzuki, Triumph, Honda, Kawasaki & Yamaha). All bags feature waterproof zips, rip-stop nylon, the larger bags come with carry straps supplied, backpack straps and a roll top waterproof internal bag that ensures items remain dry, regardless of the weather! A handy see-through top section on the tank bags is ideal to keep a map, or even ipad, visible and safe from elements when you are on the go.

Oxford Quick Release TankBag
Oxford Quick Release TankBag

It’s an easy two-step process; first pick a QR Tank Bag style/volume, or upgrade your existing tank bag with a compatible QR base then; choose the compatible QR Tank Ring mechanism adaptor for your motorcycle.

Tank Rings – Suzuki, Triumph, Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha RRP: $29.95

QR Tank Bags
  • Oxford X4                              RRP$169.95               Colours: Black, Blue, Red
    Oxford X15                            RRP$189.95               Colours: Black, Blue, Red
  • Oxford X20                            RRP$199.95               Colours: Black
  • Oxford X30                            RRP$199.95               Colours: Black, Blue, Red
Oxford Quick Release TankBag system
Oxford Quick Release TankBag system

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