Moto News Weekly for July 23, 2019

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What happened this week

  • Webb & Cianciarulo top Spring Creek MX National
  • Sanders & Milner dominate 2019 Kyogle AORC
  • Australia third at 2019 Speedway of Nations
  • Toni Bou wins 2019 TrialGP Championship – Title Win #13
  • Dobson & Rowe top QLD MX Championships at Echo Valley
  • Junior MX wraps up in Victoria and Queensland
  • Sam Sunderland wins 2019 Silk Way Rally
  • Penrite Honda sign Chris Blose for AUS-X Open
  • Hayes to Serco Yamaha for Australian Supercross 2019
  • Dalton Gauthier joins AFT Production Twins
  • AFT announces Springfield Mile double-header in August

Webb & Cianciarulo top Spring Creek MX National

The Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship stormed into Spring Creek for Round 8 of the championship and was greated by storms and lightning, forcing delays as rainfall ensured challenging conditions for all riders.

AMA MX Rnd Webb Roczen Starts JK MX Spring Creek
Spring Creek National – AMA MX 2019 – Round 8 – Image by Hoppenworld

For the full report see:
Webb goes 1-1 at Spring Creek | Hunter Lawrence takes a win (link)


Cooper Webb dominated the 450 class with a 1-1 result, winning both motos and closing in on the championship lead, with Zach Osborne (4-3) and Eli Tomac (2-5) completing the round overall top three with 38-points apiece.

AMA MX Rnd Webb JK MX Spring Creek
Cooper Webb – Spring Creek National – AMA MX 2019 – Round 8 – Image by Hoppenworld

Marvin Musquin took a 3-7 result in fourth overall, while Ken Roczen was fifth overall on the back of a 14-2 result, with a rocky first moto.

The 450 standings now see Eli Tomac in the lead on 342-points, from Marvin Musquin (304) and Ken Roczen (293). Webb’s result has moved him to within five-points of Roczen, now holding 288 points, with Jason Anderson completing the top five on 272.

It was a weekend of records for Webb too, earning his first-career 450MX moto win in race one, only to double down in race two to claim his first overall podium, as well as first overall win, of his career in the premier 450MX class.

Cooper Webb

“I felt really good today. It’s incredible to go 1-1, I don’t know what happened to everyone else but I got two good starts, stayed out of trouble and it felt really awesome. It’s amazing what a moto-win can do for your confidence!”

AMA MX SpringCreek Webb Crowd
Cooper Webb – Spring Creek National – AMA MX 2019 – Round 8 – Image by Hoppenworld

For second in the standings Musquin, the day didn’t quite go as planned but the French rider salvaged as much as he could with the cards he was dealt.

Marvin Musquin

“I’m definitely not happy because the riding today was pretty good but the result is not what I wanted. I was looking forward to a good battle for the lead and to make up some points but that didn’t happen. Next week is Washougal and we’ll spend the week in California working with the team, so it will be good.”

AMA MX Rnd Musquin JK MX Spring Creek
Marvin Musquin – Spring Creek National – AMA MX 2019 – Round 8 – Image by Hoppenworld

450 Round Results

Pos Rider M1 M2 Pts
1 Cooper Webb 1 1 50
2 Zachary Osborne 4 3 38
3 Eli Tomac 2 5 38
4 Marvin Musquin 3 7 34
5 Ken Roczen 14 2 29

450 Standings

Pos Rider Total
1 Eli Tomac 342
2 Marvin Musquin 304
3 Ken Roczen 293
4 Cooper Webb 288
5 Jason Anderson 272


In the 250 class it was Adam Cianciarulo who took the round win, but it was Hunter Lawrence who claimed the opening race win, with a sixth place result in the second moto regulating Lawrence to third overall.

AMA MX Rnd Lawrence JK MX Spring Creek
Hunter Lawrence – Spring Creek National – AMA MX 2019 – Round 8 – Image by Hoppenworld

Cianciarulo proved consistent with a 3-1 result, as did Alex Martin with a 2-3 – claiming second overall, with just five-points separating the three for the round.

AMA MX SpringCreek Podium Cianciarulo Martin Lawrence
2019 AMA Pro Motocross – Round Eight – Spring Creek – 250 Podium – Image by Hoppenworld

In the standings Cianciarulo continues to lead with a 36-point advantage over Dylan Ferrandis who had to settle for fourth overall on the back of a 5-4 result. Justin Cooper sits third in the standings, with Hunter Lawrence fourth on equal points to Colt Nichols.

Hunter Lawrence

“Gnarly weekend at Millville! 1-6 for third overall we’ll take it, massive thanks to the whole team for their efforts in these crazy conditions!”

AMA MX Rnd Lawrence JK MX Spring Creek
Hunter Lawrence – Spring Creek National – AMA MX 2019 – Round 8 – Image by Hoppenworld

250 Round Results

Pos Rider M1 M2 Pts
1 Adam Cianciarulo 3 1 45
2 Alex Martin 2 3 42
3 Hunter Lawrence 1 6 40
4 Dylan Ferrandis 5 4 34
5 Shane McElrath 4 5 34

250 Standings

Pos NAME Total
1 Adam Cianciarulo 352
2 Dylan Ferrandis 316
3 Justin Cooper 306
4 Hunter Lawrence 233
5 Colt Nichols 233
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Sanders & Milner dominate 2019 Kyogle AORC

The Australian Off Road Championship (AORC) returned over the weekend for Rounds 5 & 6 at Kyogle, with a much longer test route than normal being of note, as sunny conditions prevailed for some great racing by all involved.

AORC Rnd Kyogle Daniel Sanders
Daniel Sanders – Image by John Pearson

For the full report see:
Daniel Sanders rules supreme at Kyogle AORC (link)

Saturday’s Round 5 saw Daniel Sanders take the overall win, with Daniel Milner next fastest on combined times, followed by Fraser Higlett. Sunday’s Round 6 saw a similar result, with Daniel Sanders again taking the overall win from Milner, and this time Luke Styke in third.

AORC Rnd Kyogle Daniel Milner
Daniel Milner – Image by John Pearson

Leaving Kyogle the AORC Championship standings see Daniel Sanders (150 points) leading the E3 class from Beau Ralston (130) and Jesse Lawton (108), while in E2 it’s Daniel Milner (150) leading Joshua Green (132) and Jeremy Carpenter (109).

AORC Rnd Kyogle Luke Styke
Luke Styke – Image by John Pearson

Luke Styke (140) holds the E1 lead by 13-points from Lyndon Snodgrass (127), with Fraser Higlett only four-points behind on 123, while Kyron Bacon (150) holds a 22-point lead to Joshua Brierley (128) in the EJ class, with Korey McMahon (115) completing the top three.

E1 Standings – Top 5

Pos Name Total
1 Luke STYKE 140
2 Lyndon SNODGRASS 127
3 Fraser HIGLETT 123
4 Michael DRISCOLL 120
5 Lachlan ALLAN 89

E2 Standings – Top 5

Pos Name Total
1 Daniel MILNER 150
2 Joshua GREEN 132
3 Jeremy CARPENTIER 109
4 Brad HARDAKER 95
5 Harrison TEED 91

E3 Standings – Top 5

Pos Name Total
1 Daniel SANDERS 150
2 Beau RALSTON 130
3 Jesse LAWTON 108
4 Andrew WILKSCH 102
5 Matt MURRY 100

EJ Standings – Top 5

Pos Name Total
1 Kyron BACON 150
2 Joshua BRIERLEY 128
3 Korey MCMAHON 115
4 Cooper SHEIDOW 106
5 Nathan HOWE 100

For the full results see the full report link above.

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Australia third at 2019 Speedway of Nations

Team Australia claimed a solid third place finish at the 2019 FIM Speedway of Nations (SoN), held at the Anatoly Stepanov Stadium in Togliatti, Russia, marking the first medal in the SoN since finishing third in 2014 in Poland.

At the end of the first night on Saturday, the ‘Roo’s were sitting pretty on top of the order with 23-points, one point ahead of the host nation, Russia, while Poland was third on 21-points. The final night saw the Australian Speedway team scoring eighteen points, which handed them a total of 41, which was good enough for third place overall. Russia claimed the 2019 Speedway of Nations win from Poland.

The Aussie team consisted of Jason Doyle, Max Fricke and Jaimon Lidsey, with Doyle leading the team to the Day 1 lead with 23-points, laying claim to 16-points himself, while Day 2 saw the trio bring home 18-points, with Doyle once again leading the team with 14, in a strong performance.

Speedway of Nations Team Australia
Team Australia at the 2019 Speedway of Nations – Image courtesy of FIM World Speedway Championship
Max Fricke

“We haven’t had a medal for a couple of years now, I think everyone is really happy. We couldn’t ask for much more. Jason was absolutely on fire this weekend and he scored an absolute bagful of points for us, and it was lucky we had a really good under-21 reserve (Jaimon Lidsey) to help us out!”

Team leading rider, Doyle explained in a post-race interview that the team had done Australia proud.

Jason Doyle

“We would like to thank all of our team members, mechanic and Mark Lemon for doing all of the organizing and not forgetting all of our sponsors back home in Australia and our personal sponsors. Hats off to the Russians. Its an amazing atmosphere out there when their team won. In saying that, they have not only supported their own, but they have supported every other rider and country. Fair play, thank you very much for everything, we have really enjoyed our time in Russia.”

Speedway of Nations Team Australia
Team Australia at the 2019 Speedway of Nations – Image courtesy of FIM World Speedway Championship

2019 Speedway of Nations Final Standings

  1. Russia 45
  2. Poland
  3. Australia 41
  4. Denmark 37
  5. Sweden 35
  6. Germany 30
  7. Great Britain 16
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Toni Bou wins 2019 TrialGP Championship – Title Win #13

Repsol Honda Team rider Toni Bou has been crowned 2019 TrialGP World Champion, triumphing in the French Trial to take his tally of consecutive title wins to 13 in TrialGP, in addition to the 13 indoor trophies.

trialgp auron france Toni Bou
Toni Bou claims the 2019 TrialGP championship title in France

The latest trial victory, the seventh of the season, meaning that Toni Bou mathematically seals the TrialGP World Champion title for the thirteenth time in a row.

Toni Bou was clearly feeling at ease as evidenced by the mere nine marks accrued throughout. The trial or the title never looked in question. The triumph is the 111th victory for Toni Bou in Trial World Championships as well as the thirteenth consecutive trial win since Andorra last season. The Repsol Honda Team star has made a clean streak so far in the 2019 Trial World Championship, with one event still to contest.

trialgp auron france Toni Bou
Toni Bou – TrialGP 2019 of France

The next trial for the Repsol Honda Team will be the final round of the TrialGP World Championship set to take place on 21st and 22nd September in La Nucia, Spain.

Toni Bou

“Today was a day where I had to work hard to make any difference, especially during the opening sections. But that is what we did and we made it to section eight on zero. I think I rode an intelligent trial. I felt very comfortable on the bike. As always, there is no better way to win a new title than with a victory and with good feelings. It was a short but intense world championship. I think that this season we have matured a lot. Last year we had so many injuries, this year we have been very comfortable on the bike, which we’ve seen reflected in the wins and the riding, so now it’s time to savour the moment and enjoy the holidays.”

trialgp auron france Toni Bou
Toni Bou celebrates the TrialGP title win with his Repsol Honda Team

TrialGP of France 2019 Result

  1. BOU, Toni SPA – Repsol Honda Team 9
  2. BUSTO, Jaime SPA – Vertigo Factory Team 23
  3. RAGA, Adam SPA – TRRS Factory Team 25
  4. FAJARDO, Jeroni SPA – Gas Gas 30
  5. FUJINAMI, Takahisa JPN – Repsol Honda Team 36
  6. CASALES, Jorge SPA – Vertigo Factory Team 42
  7. GELABERT, Miquel SPA – Sherco Factory Team 45
  8. DABILL, James GBR – Beta Factory Racing 54
  9. BINCAZ, Benoit FRA – Beta Factory Racing 57
  10. KADLEC, Franz GER – TRRS Factory Team 71
trialgp auron france Toni Bou podium
Toni Bou topped the French TrialGP 2019 podium from Jaime Busto and Adam Raga

TrialGP Rider Standings 2019

  1. BOU, Toni 140
  2. RAGA, Adam 113
  3. FAJARDO, Jeroni 95
  4. FUJINAMI, Takahisa 88
  5. BUSTO, Jaime 77
  6. DABILL, James 68
  7. CASALES, Jorge 65
  8. BINCAZ, Benoit 53
  9. KADLEC, Franz 53
  10. GELABERT, Miquel 50
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Dobson & Rowe top QLD MX at Echo Valley

Jesse Dobson and Mason Rowe have claimed 2019 maroon plates for at the final round of the Queensland Motocross Championships at Echo Valley. Toowoomba was bathed in sunshine and the the Toowoomba Club did a great job with track preparation, and all that was left was for the riders to enjoy the famous Skyline and the Matterhorn features.

In the premier class Jesse Dobson took the win with a dominant final round performance, with Mason Rowe second in each moto on his way to the runner-up position in MX1. Jesse Madden grabbed the final step on the podium for the day, while Robbie Marshall and ‘King of the North’ Luke Weaver completing the top five.

Luke Weaver’s 5,4,5 result was enough to net third in the 2019 state championships for the man who currently leads both the Central Queensland and Tropical North Queensland series championships in both MX1 and MX2.

A battle for MX2 honours saw five riders share the podium finishes, with Aaron Tanti claiming 1-3-1 results, which gave first on the day and 12th from the one appearance. Mason Rowe’s second on the day (2- 4-2) was plenty enough to earn him the title of MX2 Champion.

Noah and Isaac Ferguson entered the final moto tied on points, and changed position three times before Noah decided the issue in his own favour by a single point, taking the Vice Champion position on the podium.


  1. Jesse DOBSON 193
  2. Mason ROWE 182
  3. Luke WEAVER 158
  4. Robbie MARSHALL 157
  5. Sam LARSEN 139
  6. Joel PHILLIPS 130
  7. Kye ORCHARD 129
  8. Cody HALL 115
  9. Darcy CAVANAGH 114
  10. Joshua MOHAMMED 112


  1. Mason ROWE 197
  2. Noah FERGUSON 171
  3. Isaac FERGUSON 170
  4. Joel EVANS 162
  5. Jayce COSFORD 156
  6. Luke REARDON 145
  7. Jake WILLIAMS 139
  8. Navrin GROTHUES 128
  9. Cody HALL 125
  10. Cody SCHAT 121
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Junior MX wraps up in VIC and QLD

Over the weekend the Victorian and Queensland state motocross championships wrapped up with plenty of Junior champions crowned and GYTR Yamaha Junior Racing putting in a particularly strong showing. South Australia still has a single round to go.

Victorian MX

The final round of the Victorian Junior Motocross Championship was ran, after earlier being postponed a couple of weeks ago due to weather. Some of the classes had already been decided with Alex Larwood having locked up the 125 A-Grade division on his YZ125. Ty Kean was runner up in the A-Grade 125cc class, while Kipp Adams completed the top three.

The weekend did however see the remaining classes finish their championships and it was Kipp Adams who came through for a championship win. Adams finished with 1-3-3 results at the final round to take second on the day but more importantly, wrap up the championship on his YZ250F in the 250cc A-Grade class. Ty Kean was runner up 19-points behind in the championship, with Ben Novak third.

Young Tasmanian Jay Jennings had been making the trek backwards and forwards across the Tasman for the Victorian championship in the 65cc A-Grade class and was rewarded with a second place in the series, despite taking the final round win with 2-1-1 results. It wasn’t enough to close the gap to the championship leader Cooper Rowe, who held a 44-point advantage, with Wil Carpenter completing the overall top three.

125cc A Grade

  1. Alex Larwood – 343
  2. Ty Kean – 300
  3. Kipp Adams – 282 

250cc A Grade

  1. Kipp Adams – 355 
  2. Ty Kean – 336
  3. Ben Novak – 323

65cc A Grade

  1. Cooper Rowe – 393
  2. Jay Jennings – 359 
  3. Wil Carpenter – 274 

South Australian MX

Alex Larwood continued his domination of South Australian racing, taking a clean sweep at the third round of the South Australian Motocross Championships, in Ceduna. Larwood took the perfect six from six on the weekend and comfortably won both the 13-15 years 125cc and 250cc classes. With one round remaining, Larwood is on the box seat to claim another two championships in his final year of Junior racing.

SA MX Alex Larwood
Alex Larwood – 2019 South Australian Motocross Championship

In the 125cc class Larwood leads Jack Mclean and Brodie Petschauser, both of which sit on 260 points, 55-points behind. In the 250cc class Larwood holds a similar lead over Jack Colbert on 260-points, with Jack Mclean on 256.

Jobe Dunne charged through to take the win in the 7-9 years 65cc class on his YZ65. Dunne needed a big finish to the series to claim the title as points were tight at the top, but the youngster pulled it out when it mattered most finishing with 2-3-1 race finishes to claim the round win. Dunne leads Jai Hay and Kye Little into the season final.

SA MX Jobe Dunne
Jobe Dunne – 2019 South Australian Motocross Championship

Wil Carpenter wanted in on the podium action and managed to finish second on the day in the 10-12 years 65cc class. Carpenter rode well to finish with 1-2-2 results, but it wasn’t enough to peg back the series leader Ollie Gear who finished just six points ahead of him so the championship is on a knife’s edge for the final round. Nine-points seperate Gear and Carpenter, with Hudson Crothers a distant third 33-points behind.

SA MX Wil Carpenter
Wil Carpenter – 2019 South Australian Motocross Championship

13-U16 years 125cc

  1. Alex Larwood – 315 
  2. Jack Mclean – 260
  3. Brodie Petschauser– 260

13-U16 years 250cc

  1. Alex Larwood – 315 
  2. Jack Colbert – 260
  3. Jack Mclean – 256

7-9 years 65cc

  1. Jobe Dunne – 290
  2. Jai Hay – 263
  3. Kye Little – 252

10-12 years 65cc

  1. Ollie Gear- 301
  2. Wil Carpenter – 292 (Yamaha YZ65)
  3. Hudson Crothers – 259
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Queensland MX

The final round of the Queensland Motocross Championships took place in the picturesque Echo Valley circuit in Toowoomba on the weekend, with Levi Rogers forging ahead to claim the 125cc and 250cc wins in the 15 years classes.

Rogers won five out of the six motos contested over the weekend across the 15 years 125 and 15 years 250cc classes and only a spectacular fall in Moto 2 on his YZ125 prevented a clean sweep of the round and the series.

Qld MX Levi Rogers champion
Levi Rogers – 2019 Queensland Motocross Championship – 15 years 125cc & 15 years 250cc champion

Rogers won the 15 years 125cc class from Jake Kowal and Harrison Purdy, while taking the 15 years 250cc title from Jake kowal and Harrison Nolan. Rogers, as the highest junior point scorer in the championship, retains the number 1 plate for the second year in a row and keeps it in the possession of YJR riders for the fifth year running.

Jackson Camilleri also pulled down two class wins in the 13-14 years 125 and 250cc classes as well as a third place in the 14-15 years 85cc division in an ironman effort.

Camilleri took the 13-14 years 125cc title six-points ahead of Deegan Mancinelli, with Zac Watson completing the top three. Camilleri also took the 13-14 years 250cc win ahead of Jesse Holding with a 20-point lead, with Kobe Drew third overall.

Deegan Mancinelli laid claim to the 14-15 years 85cc title, ahead of Zac Watson and Jackson Camilleri, while in the 12-U14 years 85cc class Braden Plath took the title from Kobe Drew and Charli Cannon.

15 years 125cc

  1. Levi Rogers – 207
  2. Jake Kowal – 179
  3. Harrison Purdy – 160

15 years 250cc

  1. Levi Rogers – 210
  2. Jake Kowal – 188
  3. Harrison Nolan – 163

13-14 years 125cc

  1. Jackson Camilleri – 191
  2. Deegan Mancinelli – 185
  3. Zac Watson – 181

13-14 years 250cc

  1. Jackson Camilleri – 210 
  2. Jesse Holding – 190
  3. Kobe Drew – 182

14-15 years 85cc

  1. Deegan Mancinelli – 201
  2. Zac Watson – 174 
  3. Jackson Camilleri – 167 

12-U14 years 85cc

  1. Braden Plath – 202
  2. Kobe Drew – 198
  3. Charli Cannon – 173 
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Sam Sunderland wraps up 2019 Silk Way Rally

KTM’s Sam Sunderland has won the 2019 Silk Way Rally on the back of a sixth place finish in the final round across the Gobi Desert. Having built up an advantage over the earlier stages Sunderland was able to wrap up the Rally with a 20-minute advantage over Andrew Short, with Adrien Van Beveren third overall.

Silk Way Rally Sunderland
Sam Sunderland wins the Silk Way Rally ahead of Andrew Short and Adrien Van Beveren

Sunderland now leads the FIM Cross-Country Rally World Championship following the first two rounds on 83-points, with Andrew Short second in the standings on 56-points and Luciano Benavides third on 51.

The next rally will be the Atacama Rally, round three of the FIM Cross-Country Rallies World Championship, held in Chile from September 1 – 7.

Sam Sunderland

“For me I’m so happy to get the win, it makes it two-out-of-two this championship and it’s a really important one because of the points earned this round. I felt really good at the beginning of the event and was able to create a good gap. I felt a bit sick during the middle stages but was able to manage the race and stay on a good pace right to the end. I’m really pleased for Andrew, who has ridden a great race, and also Luciano and Laia. Now I’m looking forward to a bit of rest.”

Silk Way Rally Sunderland
Sam Sunderland – Silk Way Rally 2019

2019 Silk Way Rally Results

  1. SUNDERLAND Sam (GBR) Red Bull KTM Rally Factory Team 26:12’47
  2. SHORT Andrew (USA) Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing +20’22
  3. VAN BEVEREN Adrien (FRA) Yamalube Yamaha Official Rally Team +21’01
  4. BENAVIDES Kevin (ARG) Monster Energy Honda Team +21’37
  5. BENAVIDES Luciano (ARG) KTM Factory Racing Team +36’50
  6. MENA Oriol (SPA) Hero Motorsports Team Rally +51’50
  7. SANZ Laia (SPA) Red Bull KTM Rally Factory Team +1:56’26
  8. TOMICZEK Adam (POL) KTM Orlen Rally Team +2:08’04
  9. BARREDA Joan (SPA) Monster Energy Honda Team +2:54’25
  10. GIEMZA Maciej (POL) KTM Orlen Rally Team +3:10’31

Provisional FIM Cross-Country Rallies World Championship Standings

  1. Sam Sunderland (GBR), KTM, 83 points
  2. Andrew Short (USA), Husqvarna, 56 pts
  3. Luciano Benavides (ARG), KTM, 51 pts
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Penrite Honda sign Chris Blose for AUS-X Open

Penrite Honda has started Supercross preparation, signing 2017 AUS-X-Open winner Chris Blose to race the up and coming Australian Supercross Championship, with Blose coming off a successful AMA Supercross campaign where he finished ninth overall, with his best round finish a fifth place. Blose is no stranger to Australia having competed here several times and is looking forward to chasing a championship win down under.

Chris Blose

“The Honda Australia Factory program is a professional and successful team and I am sure we will be competitive. I have raced the current CRF250R and am confident we have a strong package, there are going to be several contenders and I can’t wait for the championship to start.”

Aus X Open Chris Blose
Chris Blose joins Penrite Honda for the upcoming Australian Supercross season

Penrite Honda also remain focused on the completion of the Motocross season, where Brett Metcalfe is aiming for the overall win, with Yarrive Konsky sharing:

Yarrive Konsky

“American Honda has been fantastic with Brayton and the like and we couldn’t do this without their ongoing support. Whilst we are preparing for Supercross we can’t take our focus off Motocross. We believe Brett is capable of winning and we are in the pursuit of an overall win. We have regrouped following Maitland and devised a plan to be better prepared for the final three rounds.”

MX Nationals Rnd Maitland MX Brett Metcalfe ImageBellaMaurer
Brett Metcalfe continues to spearhead the Penrite Honda MX effort
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Hayes to Serco Yamaha for Australian Supercross 2019

US based, Jacob Hayes will return to Australia and join the Serco Yamaha Team to contest the 2019 Australian SX2 Supercross Championship, starting in Brisbane on October 12. Hayes, who came to Australian for the first time in 2018, finished the season in third place in the SX2 category on his Serco Yamaha YZ250F, shared he is pleased to return and looking forward to racing the Australian Championship again.

Jacob Hayes

“I had an amazing time in Australia last year and the Serco Yamaha team really looked after me so it was good to be able to hook up with Gavin and his team again and build on our relationship. This year I feel I will be a little more prepared on several levels as I have raced the 2019 season in the US on a YZ250F as well as I now know how the Australian series works as well as a better understanding of the level of racing there. There are some quality riders in SX2 in Australia and I loved racing them last year. I’m planning on them being even better again in 2019 so my preparations will need to be good. Last year I was third after a bit of a slow start to the season, so this year the goal is to improve and try and win the championship for myself and the Serco Yamaha team.”

Australian Supercross Jacob Hayes
Jacob Hayes joins Serco Yamaha Team

The Australian Supercross Championship kicks off on October 12 in Brisbane before moving to Adelaide, Wollongong, Auckland in NZ and the finale at Marvel Stadium in Melbourne on November 30.

2019 Australian Supercross Championship Calendar

  • Rd1: Brisbane Entertainment Centre – October 12
  • Rd2: Adelaide – Gillman Speedway – Oct 19
  • Rd3: Wollongong – Win Stadium – Nov 9
  • Rd4: Auckland NZ- Mt Smart Stadium – Nov 16
  • Rd5: Melbourne – Marvel Stadium – Nov 30
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Gauthier joins AFT Production Twins for remainder of season

Black Hills Harley-Davidson which currently runs a Vance & Hines Harley-Davidson XG750R in the AFT Production Twins class piloted by James Rispoli, has announced signing current AFT Singles points-leader Dalton Gauthier to ride a second XG in the AFT Production Twins class for the remainder of the AFT season.

Gauthier, who will continue to contest the AFT Singles championship aboard a Rob McLendon-tuned Husqvarna FC450, will join Rispoli on the Black Hills AFT Production Twins squad when the two-man team debuts at the upcoming Black Hills Half-Mile on August 6 at Black Hills Speedway in Rapid City, SD during the annual Sturgis Rally.

Dalton Gauthier

“I’m extremely excited to get this opportunity with Harley-Davidson and the Black Hills team. I’ve seen what the bike can do and I feel I can win races on the thing. My goal is to ride the AFT Twins series next year, and I want to show everyone that I can ride a twin as well as a Single. Just have to stay consistent and put in some good rides. I’ve raced the Production Twins class twice this year and did pretty well, so I know what to expect and am quite confident.”

Dalton Gauthier AFT Singles New York ST
Dalton Gauthier – Image by Scott Hunter

Seven races remain in the 2019 AFT Production Twins season, Half-Miles at Black Hills and Williams Grove, and Miles at Sacramento, Springfield (2), Minnesota and the Meadowlands. Cory Texter leads the series, with Rispoli and Gauthier currently 9th and 11th, respectively.

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AFT announces Springfield Mile double-header in August

AFT will take over the Illinois State Fairgrounds in Springfield, beginning with the AFT Singles class sparring on the Springfield Short Track on Friday, August 30, followed by a highly-anticipated AFT Twins Springfield Mile Double-Header on Saturday, August 31 and Sunday, September 1.

AFT Springfield Mile II Twins Main FA
Springfield Mile II – AFT Twins 2018 – Image by Scott Hunter

One of the tightest, wildest short tracks of the season, the Springfield Short Track will feature the AFT Singles going handlebar-to-handlebar as the championship race heats up. Friday night event hosts many races in multiple classes, culminating in the AFT Singles Main Event.

Known as the world’s fastest Mile, the Springfield Mile, typically run twice a season in May and August, will now run back-to-back so that fans may experience twice the excitement in a single weekend. Fans holding tickets from May’s postponed event may use their tickets for Saturday’s Mile race.

Harley-Davidson announce 2019 AFT Production Twins Contingency Program

Harley-Davidson has announced a 2019 American Flat Track Contingency Program for the AFT Production Twins class to begin with the 2019 Black Hills Half-Mile running Tuesday, August 6 in Rapid City, S.D.

The momentum behind the XG750R as an AFT Production Twins machine has been growing as James Rispoli took his first class podium aboard the Black Hills Harley-Davidson ProBEAM XG750R at the Lima Half-Mile.

James Rispoli AFT Production Twins Lima Half Mile
James Rispoli – Lima Half Mile 2019 – Scott Hunter
Eric Jensen – Global Brand Marketing Lead for Harley-Davidson

“We are very excited to see the growth and emerging talent within the AFT Production Twins class. Harley-Davidson motorcycles go back to the very foundation of professional flat track and we see the AFT Production Twins class as an opportunity to expand the legacy of Harley-Davidson within the sport.”

The per-race contingency payouts are available to non-factory riders in the AFT Production Twins class and is broken down as follows by finishing position:

  1. $2,500
  2. $1,500
  3. $1,000
  • Per-Race Subtotal $5,000
  • Races 7 races
  • Per-Race 2019 Total $30,000

To be eligible for contingency payouts, riders must run an eligible XG750R in the AFT Production Twins class. To remain eligible, all machines must maintain stock bodywork and riders must wear a Harley-Davidson logo on the upper-chest portion of their leathers.

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