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Phil Aynsley
Phil has been a Ducati rider for 45 years and professional photographer for the last 27. Best of both worlds really!
Carlo Guzzi C Supercharged PA GuzziC

Carlo Guzzi Supercharged 250C speed record machine

Carlo Guzzi Supercharged 250C With Phil Aynsley Carlo Guzzi designed this supercharged 250cc machine in 1937,...
Ducati Supermono PA Supermono big

Ducati Supermono | ‘Sounds of Singles’ Supermono

Ducati Supermono 'Sounds of Singles' With Phil Aynsley Ducati began its motorcycle history with a single cylinder...
Bialbero PA Mondial

Mondial 125 Bialbero GP Racer

Mondial 125 Bialbero GP Racer With Phil Aynsley F.B. Mondial had its origins with the F.B....
MotobiPA Motobi big

MotoBi 175 Catria | MotoBi’s first four-stroke

1956 MotoBi 175 Catria MSDS Moto Sportive Derivate della Serie (MSDS) junior racer model With Phil Aynsley MotoBi...
1978 Moto Guzzi 250 TS

Moto Guzzi 250 TS two-stroke twin

1978 Moto Guzzi 250 TS With Phil Aynsley The 250 TS (along with its badge engineered...
Aermacchi Lino Tonti PA Linto big

Lino Tonti | The Linto 500 GP

Lino Tonti Linto 500 GP With Phil Aynsley The Italians seem to have provided more than their...
Hunwick Hallam XR PA XR big

Hunwick Hallam X1R Racer

Hunwick Hallam X1R With Phil Aynsley One of the most exciting 'could have beens' I ever...
Ducati PA big

Ducati 916 Strada | 25th Anniversay

Ducati 916 Phil Aynsley's last column featured the ultimate Ducati V-twin superbike - the 1299...
Ducati Panigale Superleggera PA Superleggera big

Ducati 1299 Superleggera

Ducati Panigale 1299 Superleggera With Phil Aynsley The ultimate model in a long, long line of...
Bimota BB SupermonoPA BimotaBB big

Bimota BB1 Supermono

Bimota BB1 Supermono With Phil Aynsley The BB1 Supermono was Bimota’s only single cylinder motorcycle. First...
PA AermacchiHD big

Aermacchi 250 GP Racer | A two-stroke Harley GP machine!

Aermacchi saw a GP renaissance in the '70s with their 250 racers The name ‘Aermacchi’...

A brief history of DKW | ‘Damf Kraft Wagen’

DKW A brief history of DKW 'Damf Kraft Wagen' With Phil Aynsley It seems hard to believe now...
PA Hockenheimring Museum Part big

The Hockenheimring Museum | Part Two

Hockenheimring Museum Part Two With Phil Aynsley In Part 2 of our look at the Hockenheimring Museum...
PA Hockenheimring Museum big

The Hockenheimring Museum | Part One

The Hockenheimring Museum Part One With Phil Aynsley The Hockenheimring Museum contains a treasure-trove of interesting two-wheeled...
PA Mototrans big

1967 Mototrans 250cc four-cylinder Grand Prix racer

1967 Mototrans 250 Four With Phil Aynsley The Spanish Mototrans company was formed in 1958 with...
PA Villa big

Moto Villa 250/4 | 4-cylinder 2-stroke 250cc Grand Prix racer

Moto Villa 250/4 Racer With Phil Aynsley The Moto Villa company was founded by Francesco Villa...
PA Barry Sheene Suzuki XR big

Barry Sheene’s 1979 Suzuki XR27 500 Grand Prix racer

Barry Sheene's 1979 Suzuki XR27 With Phil Aynsley Suzuki began its challenge for the 500cc World...
PA NortonSF big

1974 Norton 750 Space Frame | John Player Special

1974 John Player special Norton 750 Space Frame With Phil Aynsley A few columns ago I...
PA MV big

The six-cylinder MV Agusta 500 Grand Prix racer of 1957

MV Agusta Six-Cylinder 1957 500cc six-cylinder racer Competition in the 500cc Grand Prix class was reaching...
PA Gilera Saturno Piuma Corsa SM big

Gilera Saturno Piuma Corsa | 569cc single-cylinder racer

Gilera Saturno Piuma Corsa With Phil Aynsley Gilera debuted its new Bialbero (DOHC) single cylinder engine...
PA Wildcat big

1963 Moto Parilla 250 Wildcat | 114kg | 26hp

1963 Moto Parilla 250 Wildcat With Phil Aynsley Giovanni Parrilla was born in southern Italy in...
PA Piaggio Museum Part big

Piaggio Museum Revisited | Part 2

Piaggio Museum Part Two With Phil Aynsley Continuing the tour of the Piaggio Museum with a look...
PA Piaggio Museum

Piaggio Museum Revisited | Part 1

Piaggio Museum Part One With Phil Aynsley I’ve been lucky enough to have had the run of...
Benelli Sei PA BenelliSei big

Benelli 750 & 900 Sei six-cylinder | With Phil Aynsley

The first six-cylinder production motorcycle! With Phil Aynsley Argentine car designer and entrepreneur Alejandro de Tomaso...
PA KawasakiFR big

Kawasaki F9-R | And a short early Kawasaki GP history

Kawasaki F9-R Rotary-valve Racer With Phil Aynsley Kawasaki began its international road racing campaign a little later...