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Phil has been a Ducati rider for 45 years and professional photographer for the last 27. Best of both worlds really!
PA Morini S big

Moto Morini 350 & 500 air-cooled V-twins

A history of Moto Morini and their 350 & 500 V-twins With Phil Aynsley Here are...
PA Laverda C Proto big

Laverda 1000C | Laverda’s 1000cc Triple

1971 Laverda 1000C Laverda Triple Cylinder Prototype With Phil Aynsley The Laverda 1000 triple was first seen...
PA Collezione Moto Poggi Museum big

Pierluigi Poggi’s Motorcycle Collezione Moto Poggi

Collezione Moto Poggi With Phil Aynsley Earlier this year I had the opportunity to photograph the Collezione...
Capriolo PA Cento big

Capriolo Cento 50 flat twin | An early boxer with a difference

The Capriolo Cento 50 flat twin With Phil Aynsley The previous column talked about the Capriolo 75. This...
PA Capriolo big

Capriolo 75 | Capriolo 75 Sport

Capriolo With Phil Aynsley Capriolo was the motorcycle division of the famous Italian aircraft manufacturer Caproni...
PA Sanvenero big

Sanvenero 125 and 500cc GP Racers from the 1980s

Sanvenero 125cc & 500cc GP Racers With Phil Aynsley Emilio Sanvenero (a building contractor) was an enthusiastic...
PA Soriano big

Soriano Tigre | Obscure Spanish motorcycles | R.Soriano SA

R. Soriano SA Obscure Spanish motorcycle marques 1944 96cc Soriano Tigre With Phil Aynsley As a change from...
PA Heron Suzuki big

1986 Heron Suzuki TSR08 GP Racer

1986 Heron Suzuki TSR08 GP Racer Ciba-Geigy Bonded Aeroweb frame made by Nigel Leaper With Phil...
PA Kawasaki KR F

Kawasaki KR500 Grand Prix Motorcycles | A Short History

Kawasaki's KR500 two-stroke racer With Phil Aynsley The Kawasaki KR500 was one of those “almost, but...
PA Ducati Gran Sport

Ducati 100 Gran Sport

Ducati 100 Gran Sport With Phil Aynsley It was the 100 Gran Sport that started Ducati’s...
PA Mondial OHC Single TV

Mondial 175 | Turismo Veloce | Sport | Gran Sport

Mondial 175 OHC Mondial Turismo Veloce Mondial Sport - Mondial Gran Sport With Phil Aynsley Mondial is best...
PA Jawa cc big

Jawa 350 Racer | Four-stroke parallel twin from 1961

1961 Jawa 350 Racer With Phil Aynsley Jawa was by far the most active of the...
PA Aprilia Starck big

Aprilia Moto 6.5 Starck | One polarising motorcycle

Aprilia Moto 6.5 Starck With Phil Aynsley Aprilia approached famous French designer Phillipe Starck to come...
PA ParillaGP rotary disc valve fed horizontal cylinder big

Parilla 1960s rotary disc-valve 125 | 60kg | 21.5hp

Parilla Motorcycles With Phil Aynsley Parilla is best known for its long line of four-stroke singles...
PA Moto Guzzi four cylinder racer big

Moto Guzzi’s 500/4 Racer from 1954

Moto Guzzi's 1954 in-line 500/4 Racer With Phil Aynsley In a recent column I looked at...
Laverda's 650GT twin-cylinder

Laverda 650 Twin | The ‘modern’ Laverda story

Laverda 650 Twin The 'modern' Laverda story By Phil Aynsley What we have here is the beginning...
PA American Eagle GT F

Laverda Motorcycles in the US branded American Eagle

American Eagle & Laverda By Phil Aynsley I have previously mentioned that the first Laverdas imported...
PA Moto Guzzi cozette supercharger F

Moto Guzzi supercharged 500/4

Moto Guzzi supercharged OHV 500cc four With Phil Aynsley This is one of those bikes that...
PA Kawasaki HR F

1970 Kawasaki H1R 500 Triple

Kawasaki H1R 500 Kawasaki's first racing triple It’s always nice to be able to photograph an...
PA Harley Davidson XR F

Harley-Davidson XR750 Dirt Track Racer

Harley-Davidson XR750 One of the most recognisable of all American motorcycles are the Harley Davidson...
The Moto Comet 175

Moto Comet | Brevetti Drusiani Bologna

Moto Comet Brevetti Drusiani Bologna With Phil Aynsley Yet another pretty obscure Italian marque was Moto Comet. Alfonso...
MV Agusta 350 Scrambler

MV Agusta 350 Scrambler | Motorcycle History

MV Agusta 350 Scrambler The lesser known sibling of the 350 Sport With Phil Aynsley The reasonably...
The Sammy Miller Motorcycle Museum

Exploring the Sammy Miller Museum | Part Two

Sammy Miller Museum Part 2 | With Phil Aynsley PART ONE HERE ⇒ The AJS E90 500cc...

Exploring the Sammy Miller Museum | Part One

Sammy Miller Museum Part 1 | With Phil Aynsley Sammy Miller is a genuine motorcycling legend...

The Bimota Tesi 1D | An 851 in an even sexier body

Bimota Tesi With Phil Aynsley Way, way back in 1990 I paid a visit to the...
Aermacchi 175 Chimera

Aermacchi 175cc Chimera | First Aermacchi four-stroke

Aermacchi 175cc Chimera (Dream) Aermacchi's first four-stroke With Phil Aynsley For a famous and enduring engine design,...
The Alchemy Vee Two SV-1

Vee Two Alchemy SV-1

Vee Two Alchemy SV-1 With Phil Aynsley Australia was Ducati’s largest export market back in the...
Ducati Polizia Urbana 600TL Pantah

Ducati ‘Polizia Urbana’ 600TL Pantah | Police Bikes

Ducati's 'Polizia Urbana' 600TL Pantah With Phil Aynsley Following on from the Police bike theme in...
The LAPD Moto Guzzi 850 T3

LAPD Moto Guzzi 850 T3 Police Bikes

LAPD Moto Guzzi 850 T3 1976 Moto Guzzi 850 T3 Indiana Police Department bikes With Phil...
The Ducati 500GP

Ducati 500GP V-Twin Desmo Racer | A very rare bike!

Ducati Desmodromic 500GP With Phil Aynsley Well who’d a thought it! My 100th column. To mark...



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