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Laverda Endurance Racer PA LaverdaEnd F

1979 Laverda 500 Endurance Racer | The ultimate Laverda 500 twin!

Laverda 500 Endurance Barcelona racer With Phil Aynsley Following on from the previous column (Link), here we look at the ultimate version of Laverda’s 500 twin. Four...
Laverda Parallel Twin PA LaverdaF bigF

Laverda 500 Alpino | Zeta | Formula 500

Laverda 500 Alpino & Formula racer With Phil Aynsley Released in 1977 Laverda’s 500cc parallel twin was designed to be a light-weight, sporty, everyday machine. A...
PA Laverda SFC Fritz Egli big

Laverda 750 SFC | Fritz Egli Racer as raced at Imola 200

Fritz Egli Laverda 750 SFC With Phil Aynsley This is one of two bikes commissioned in 1972 from Fritz Egli by the Swiss Laverda importer, Roland...
LaverdaMuseum big

Cor Dees’ Laverda Museum | Laverda heaven

Cor Dees' Laverda Museum With Phil Aynsley Cor Dees is a Dutchman with a serious Laverda addiction! He bought his first Laverda in 1988 and, as...
PA Laverda C Proto big

Laverda 1000C | Laverda’s 1000cc Triple

1971 Laverda 1000C Laverda Triple Cylinder Prototype With Phil Aynsley The Laverda 1000 triple was first seen at the Geneva Show in 1969. At this early stage...
Laverda's 650GT twin-cylinder

Laverda 650 Twin | The ‘modern’ Laverda story

Laverda 650 Twin The 'modern' Laverda story By Phil Aynsley What we have here is the beginning of the “modern” Laverda story - the 650 twin. It was...
PA American Eagle GT F

Laverda Motorcycles in the US branded American Eagle

American Eagle & Laverda By Phil Aynsley I have previously mentioned that the first Laverdas imported into the US were branded American Eagle by the US...
Phil Aynsley features the Laverda V6 1000

Laverda V6 1000 Racer looked even better naked….

Laverda V6 1000 Racer One of two restored and running models in existence Words & Images Phil Aynsley This is the second of the two Laverda 1000...
The Laverda 125cc GP

Laverda’s one and only Grand Prix bike | 68kg 40hp

1990 Laverda 125cc GP - With Phil Aynsley Here is a rarity! Laverda’s only entry into Grand Prix competition! During 1989 a group of Laverda employees...

The original Laverda prototype | With Phil Aynsley

The original Laverda prototype - With Phil Aynsley This 75cc four-stroke OHV Laverda prototype was built by Francesco Laverda in 1947 to 1949 It is not often...

Broadford Bike Bonanza 2016 Images H

Broadford Bike Bonanza 2016 Images H Broadford Bike Bonanza 2016 Images Gallery H – Images by Phil Aynsley Penrite Broadford Bike Bonanza 2016 By Marty Thompson –...
Laverda V6

Club Laverda Concours QLD this weekend

27th Anniversary Club Laverda Concours Venue Cleveland Show Grounds, Norm Price Park - Sunday July 19th, 2015 Presented by Club Laverda Qld Inc. (CLQ), Concours 2015...



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